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RssIC Mask Layout Designer - 3 years Working with Caliber to floor plan from scratch with area estimates, integrate sub-block signal flow, preliminary device placements, run my own layout design reviews using the projector with Virtuoso XL, complex wiring st

I am a well-qualified mask layout designer with over 2 years of working experience with a fantastic team of highly experienced designers at the Colorado-RFMD design center. It is through Layout Design that I have found my passion for problem solving. I feel I have found my calling with Mask Layout design and look forward to my future in this profession. My fresh prospective and motivation bring new ideas to complex layout. Enforcing the use of methodology has enabled me to keep blocks organized through my responsibility for chip level floor planning. I am confident in running my own layout design reviews and believe that I can effectively lead or work well with a layout team. I believe I am now producing senior quality work and look forward to what I have yet to learn.

Aerospace Engineer

Arvada, CO

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Aerospace Engineer

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Arvada, CO