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Custodial,Sanitation dept,Line-Cook,Housekeeper,Host,Bagggage Porter,Cashier/Cleri


Food Service Assistant


Battle Creek, MI

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High School/GED

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• To • Employer Address: City, State, Zip-code Attn: Human Resources dept; (Attach to application please!) Graves A.Dwight Sr: Place of Residency: #204 Howland st. Battle Creek , Mich 49037 Driver license:G-612-157-067-993(c) Present I.D Status;058-325-834 Mich I.D- G-612-157-067-993 Soc Sec: 367-70-4803 Birth date: 12-29-66 G.P.A: 3.0+ E-mail address: ( Fax number: 1-269-96-58862 Unemployment agency: 1-517-636-427 Cell Phone: 1-269-(274-9335) Message Phone: 1-269-96-48133, 1-269-96-38272 (Emergency) Emergency Phone: 1-770-402-0838 (cell) Hello! How are you? Fine I hope. Basically I’ve prepared this cover letter for the familiarizing of myself to you regarding past employment experiences and those of a Part-time and Full time basis obtained manually as well as thru Employment agencies containing references and those of an on hand Experience within my cover letter which can prove possibly to be of value too your corporation or franchise as well as informing you of my status regarding my citizenship withen Battle Creek, Mich I,m a Oldest brother of a gentleman my ceased younger whome is the son of a local music group which originated out of Calhoun county whome where recognized later within Detroit mich and became a major part of the Motown sound. My interest is to obtain a Full-time or Part-time Peak-time, Probationary position with your Franchise, Corporation with an Opportunity for advancement. As for benefits I'm accepting wages for waiters wage too Min.wage. Where applicable seven-days a week including Holidays and weekends possibly eight hours per. day if not less on a Bi-weekly or weekly basis until otherwise informed within a twenty four hr. period if possible? If necessary additional safety equipment can be obtained if necessary. I’ve been a resident of Calhoun county, Mich for forty three years & continuing persuing goals such as college I’ve obtained my Equivalency Diploma from the Miller stone Building Adult Educational Center of Battle Creek, Mach Under the Under the Direction of J. Karenna The Director Phone: 1-269-96-59514 for confirmation. Afterward attending such classes as the Miller Stone Adult computer course familiarizing me with Typing of a W.P.M of 65. That turned out possibly unsuccessful. The Battle Creek Vocational Center familiarizing myself with Lotus 1-2-3, The Ten-key Calculator with a N.P.M of 750. As well as a continuation of experience with typing although unsuccessful containing experience with Word perfect 5.0 which can prove to be valuable through the Wattle Park Adult computer course. As for my present status I’ve enlisted within the K.C.College institute for the second time with hopes obtaining assistance soon regarding for Tuition purposes. Pg.#2 Additional Occupational experiences; Obtained within a Full-time, Temporary hire, Peak-time, Probationary basis experience only of Custodial, Clerical, Inventory, Culinary Arts are as follows; Wendy’s old Fashion Hamburgers of S.W. Capitol & Columbia aver, Burger King of North aver and Beckley rd. Kentucky fried Chicken of Columbia aver & Winch aver, Pizza Hut of Beckley rd.& Winch, Meier thrifty acres Bakery & Bulk foods div., Pelly shoe shop once located within, Sib leys Shoe store of Lakeview square Mall, Taco bell of S.W Capitol &Beckley rd. Which I participated in the Grand opening! Under the direction of Mr. Woodson (know a district manager) additional listing regarding past employment can be provided upon possible interviewing regarding past employment on a probationary basis. Present employment status associated with Volunteer/Trade labor under the Direction of Roger first name, Location Battle Creek Party store/Drive thru Battle Creek, Mich #250 Washington aver 49037, Phone: 1-616-96-22098. As well as on hands labor whenever needed from the Share Center location #120 Grove st. Battle Creek, Mich that provides emergency meal & Special classes for the needy regarding obtaining employment and transportation if necessary. Phone; 1-616-96-48133. My third page of my cover lists a brief description of past employment experiences for your convenience. As for my last employment experience Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital envolving Landscaping,Planting flowers gardening to make a long story short at Min.wage per.Hr. locations #1312 Oakland dr. Kazoo, Mich 49008 Phone; 1-616-337-3000. Under the direction of Gajar M.D Chief of Clinical Affairs. Hobbies; Reading, Cooking, Computer maintenance, Computer Programming, Chess Bicycling, Walking, listening to Music( All Kinds)As well as participating on occasions. Special references; Are as follows; Summit Point community mental hospital with Ms.Rao (Pshyciatrist) Phone: 1-269-62866. Family Health Center with Dr. Chang as my Physician. Child Enforcement officer Petrulio H.M. phone; 1-269-96-96500. I’ve been a life time resident of Battle Creek , Mich for forty-five years encluding past employment references. if needed! If additional information is needed I can be reached by ordinary mail, E-Mail, Or by phone provided on the first page of my cover letter. Yours Truly, Graves A. Dwight Sr. Delete Reply Reply All Forward Move Spam Actions Next Previous ");





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