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RssInternational Business Analyst

I can best fulfill the duties and responsibilities for the current position given that I will have my Masters in Business. I am currently a Rating Analyst in Key Accounts Large Group Underwriting. I evaluate the risk and exposures of the prospective clients. I decide how much coverage the client should need and how much they should pay for it and whether to even accept the risk to insure them. I have training in the elements of income statement and it’s determining net worth of a business. I have knowledge of balance sheets and break-even analysis. I am trained in adjusting claims which is done in real-time collaboration also enables an accountant to help clients recognize business opportunities and more rapidly anticipate and respond to changing tax laws and emerging regulations that represent either a potential benefit to seize or a negative impact to minimize. This enables an accountant and Marketing Representative to stay in closer contact with clients and their financial results on a more frequent basis. Also due to my extensive customer service experience that has given me the overall knowledge of what our customers need and expect from a company when it comes to new programs and products. I have great analytical, verbal, and written communication skills. I have been working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for 9 years and have extensive knowledge of their benefits. During my tenure in my current department I have developed and maintained an effective working relationship with the customers. I have experience with 3270 and NASCO systems. I have general knowledge of claims, data processing and health care benefits as they impact the rating process. I’m capable of researching inquiries and special requests for underwriting exception and policies. I have the ability to analyze and perform routine computations. I’m able to demonstrate my ability to analyze data and recommend alternative solutions. I have acquired my Bachelors degree in Management, which has given me the knowledge of what it takes to be a team player. I am capable of getting the job done when it comes to planning, developing, implementing and coordinating of an assigned project. I have claims processing and inquiring experience. I am proficient in the Microsoft environment including creating spreadsheets, word processing, and cash flow projection worksheets. I have great knowledge of with PC applications (i.e. XP, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and system knowledge in TSO, SQL, HDMS and Nasco.) I handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast paced environment meeting all required deadlines. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from your soon. Sincerely, Melladonna Jones

Administrative Services Manager

Atlanta, GA

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