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I'm looking for an opportunity to assist companies in need of experienced, reliable development and engineering services for embedded systems and driver development

Application Support

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Information Technology


Application Support

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Any startup needing quick assistance from an experienced engineer

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Work Experiences

2/2009 - Present


Director / VP

  • Designing and developing the following technologies for telecom vendors : • PacketPool, an advanced routing and packet aggregation system capable of recognizing RTP packets by a suitable metric, analyzing their destination, and grouping them into a single larger packet to reduce overhead. Bandwidth savings in real world tests show bandwidth savings of approximately 55% - 65% vs. traditional RTP routing. • An extremely high density, low power, low cost G.729 and G.723.1 vocoder solution for transcoding plug in boards. Based on a Spartan 3A 3400 FPGA, it promises to be the lowest cost, highest density, and lowest power consumption vocoder solution on the market today.

2/2002 - 2/2009


Director / VP

  • Brought the company from initial concept all the way to becoming Thailand's largest VoIP carrier, processing over 3 million minutes per day at peak. Designed, built, monitored and maintained VoIP network. Established multiple sites in Bangkok, Vientiane and New York comprising over 12,000 ports. Developed unique and efficient custom monitoring tools for quickly recognizing gateway faults without waiting several minutes for traditional ASR and ACD metrics. Designed a completely fault tolerant network with no single point failures subject to financial constraints. Developed Asterisk applications for registration and customer self care for DeeDial, Sawasdeeshop's pinless calling product. Network included Cisco AS5300 and Quintum CMS VoIP gateways, Nextone softswitch, Portaone SIP server and billing solutions, and several Asterisk and Freeswitch platforms for external integration.

10/2001 - 2/2002


Individual Contributor

  • Developed simulator for OR1K soft processor and corrected flaws in the port of GCC and binutils. Ported the eCos operating system to OR1K environment. All work was performed in C and OR1K assembly.

8/2000 - 10/2001

Teryx Communications

Director / VP

  • Designed, developed and oversaw manufacturing of an extremely high density telecom interface card for PC based programmable switches. Maximum density allowed for 64 E1's on a single PCI card using external protection circuitry, and up to 4 mezzanine boards allowing for 32 320C6201 DSP's. DSP development included: • A novel and highly reliable, efficient DTMF and general purpose tone detection algorithm using elliptical filters. • A G.729 Vocoder optimized for the 6201 VLIW architecture • Digital filters for implementing a Trellis Coded Quadrature Amplitude Modulation system Host development included: • A graphical, extensible programming environment based on Java Studio from Sun Microsystems. • A fully redundant, high availability client/server architecture for development of audiotext services • A packetized, ethernet based virtual switching bus for interconnecting timeslots between independent PC based switches

1/2000 - 8/2000

Telemedia Asia, Co. Ltd.

Director / VP

  • Designed and developed custom applications providing enhanced services for the Thai telecom market. Major projects included a real time, DTMF voting system with live broadcast display for the 07 Show, and a automated song request system for radio stations including on air playback of recorded messages. Projects implemented in C, Java and SQL.

11/1994 - 1/2000

APEX Voice Communications

Individual Contributor

  • Responsible for design and development of customer applications and general enhanced options for OmniVox, a Dialogic based toolkit for development of value added telecommunications services. Developed: • OmniView, a graphical programming language running under X11 on SCO Unix • OmniNet, an SNMP based management application for control and configuration of a distributed network of telecom intelligent peripherals • APEX Prepaid System, a complete calling card solution built on OmniVox • APEX Billing System, an extensible billing environment with interfaces to Siemens EWSD and Nortel DMS-100 Additionally held primary responsibility for design and implementation of all customized value added solutions. Duties included but were not limited to, obtaining requirements from the customer, writing project specifications and proposals, preparing appropriate time and cost estimates, programming of solutions, and on site analysis, installation and integration of final product. Signalling protocols utilized included Feature Group D, R2/MFC, ISDN, SS7 TUP, ISUP, and TCAP parts, FRF.11 and H.323. Application interfaces were specified by the customer and varied dramatically with each project. Projects were implemented in C, TCL, SQL, and various scripting languages as required.

7/1993 - 11/1994

Farsight Studios

Individual Contributor

  • Developed and co developed several games for the Sega Genesis, Super NES, and Sega 32x entertainment platforms. Titles included Art Alive, NFL '95, NBA Action '95, NBA Action 32x, Rampart and additional library and game play engines used in several other products. Various projects written in 65816 assembly, 68000 assembly, SH- 2 assembly, and C.

9/1991 - 7/1993


Contractor / Freelance

  • Designed host interface software for Near Infrared Camera for Keck Telescope in Hawaii. Developed scripting language using YACC for rapid implementation of telescope and servo control functions. Used client/server based socket mechanism over TCP and UDP for remote observing. Developed novel, rudimentary graphical display system for select Keck pictures to be shown worldwide using original release of NCSA Mosaic over HTTP. Additionally assisted in porting GCC and writing a simple microkernel for the J machine, a joint project between Caltech and MIT. After completing microkernel, worked with Sun Microsystems to implement a parallel implementation of Verilog. Included development of a graph partitioning algorithm to simulate a hardware desgin on the 512 node machine at Dr. Stephen Taylor's lab at Caltech.

5/1991 - 9/1991


Individual Contributor

  • Designed graphical management tool for a network of bridges and routers running under X11 on Solaris. System used ASN.1 library to communicate via SNMP to routers and display statistics and control functions. Written in C on Solaris using Motif libraries.

10/1989 - 8/1990

Salk Institute

Individual Contributor

  • Maintained network of MIPS and SGI workstations responsible for advance face recognition research. Implemented double buffered graphics display library to assist researchers. Implemented in C on SGI.



Bachelor Degree


  • Computational Neural Systems