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Rssi;m a scheduler

Summary: I am seeking a challenging position that I can grow with. My experience is in Project Controls and Scheduling of Industrial Construction Projects, Commercial Base Building and Renovation Projects, Developing Construction Delay Claims, Time Impact Analysis, Maintenance Turn-Around Schedules and Co generation Construction Projects. I have also worked as an independent contractor in training others on how to develop and monitor CPM Schedules utilizing the Primavera Software. . Professional Full Time Employee Employment: P2S Corp.; Pasadena Refinery, Pasadena, TX Senior Project Scheduler Software used Primavera P3e & 3.5 July 06-May-07 Developed Construction Schedule for Mechanical Contractor Schedule was developed down to the Work-Package Stage for Commissioning of each Turn-Over System. Schedule was Resource Loaded. Schedule was updated on a weekly basis and many reports, trends, graphs, Performance Measurements. Performance measurements was based on Tons of steel planned vs. actual earned, Planned spools of Pipe erected vs. Actual Erected,----- Scaffolding, Painting, Grouting, these were also tracked too. Further into job I had to Re forecast or anticipated finish dates. I developed a Time Impact Study to show why the Project slipped out 42 days, due to another contractor not releasing an area and there scaffolding in the way. I developed a weld planned broken down into days, this included what size what type and class of weld. This was (weld plan) further developed with a detail plan on individual Foreman work plan according to most critical system to be turned-over per week. Cajun Constructors: Chevron Texaco Refinery; Pascagoula, MS Senior Civil Scheduler Software used Primavera Enterprise 4.0 & 5.0 February 2005- November 2005 Planned and Scheduled New Construction Civil Activities. Developed complete WBS & OBS structures and Resource Hierarchies for Primavera Enterprise for Construction 5.0 Version. Managed and tracked resource and performed cross-project analysis. Prepared, baseline/target plan and comprehensive layouts for accurate reports on progress and resource usage. Developed ‘What-If Analysis” on shifting Resources between project area’s Updated activities daily recording percent complete, earned value and remaining duration until completion. Developed different Templates in Primavera Enterprise 5.0 Methodology Manager Alpha Corp: U.S. State Department (Kabul Afghanistan Embassy) Dulles, VA Senior Scheduler Claims Consultant Software used Primavera P3 Version 3.0 & 3.1, P3E, Claim Digger December 2003- December 2004 Review and analysis of periodic schedule updates and Time Impact Analysis submitted by Contractor Evaluated Contractor Resource Schedule against actual contemporaneous performance Preparation of Contractor’s Recovery Schedule Conserve, Inc.: Department of Navy; Washington, DC Scheduling Consultant/Project Manager Software used Primavera P3 Version 3.0, Suretrax, and Claim Digger Value of work was $200,000,000 November 1999 - September 2002 Special work process studies using fragnets in relationship of the Critical Path Network. Individual studies on contractor performance of planned vs. actual manpower. Responsible for one-week back and two-week look ahead schedule meetings for Navy. Prepared several detailed key reports on contractors’ schedule for Navy. Reviewed Baseline Network Schedule and existing monthly updates. Change Order and Claims Analysis. Review of shop drawings, RFI’S, Contracts, and Change Order Exxon/Entergy; Baton Rouge, LA Scheduler/Cost Engineer Software used Primavera P3 Value of work was $300,000,000 March 1998 - October 1999 Planned and scheduled work schedules for all construction contractors on site. Tracked manpower, quantity instillation, equipment cost for field construction manager. Prepared special work process studies on negative float activities, and made recommendations. Prepared and analyzed of several monthly reports for Senior Management. Devoted special attention to Piping and Electrical Department Schedules, and cost analysis Turner Industries: Various Job Locations; Baton Rouge, LA Planner/Scheduler February 1995 - March 1998 Trained in Primavera, Open Plan, Material Take Off, and Cost Estimating. Worked on many turnarounds, performed field studies of pipe equipment installation. Worked with General Foreman on various scheduling conflicts. Assisted the Quality Control department in various jobs Kept records on pipe welds and pipe installation on men per hour ratio Assisted in updating the maintenance control system for two separate units in plant. Maintained the company’s computer system for plant history of equipment and parts. Contacted vendors for product information for current information on parts and availability. Assisted in pre turnaround planning and scheduling of individual unit sections in plant Worked on the development stages of the planning and scheduling of construction. Worked with Electrical and Piping department on assigning of cost codes and material takeoff. Provided support to management and other members of construction. Tracked manpower in all disciplines of construction and prepared detailed graphs of explanation. Tracked and maintained equipment cost, also scheduled equipment for craft disciplines Contract Project Management Consultant September 2002 – 2009 Projects I Worked on as an Independent Contractor Engineering Scheduler Software used Primavera P3e & 3.5 March 2006 - July 2007 Developed schedules using P3e an engineer and procure schedule for a clean fuels project. Integrated Shaw track resources to P3e schedule Developed progress measurement reporting as to clients’ request, per engineering discipline and ISO curve Updated schedule with key engineering leads activity information Created Tracked the status P3e schedule according to procurement report Issued letter/memo on delays to schedule to appropriate engineering lead. Developed a sequencing of foundations per construction prioritization and sequence of areas schedules using P3 Motive Convent: Convent, LA Contract Position Project Control Consultant Software used SAP, Primavera P3 3.1, Excel, Etc. November 2005- February 2006 Development and implementation of an integrated project controls system for the refinery. Held meetings, interviews and gathered data to obtain alignment with Motiva Project Services regarding the implementation path forward Developed a data and management chart to show major system components of the project controls system. Developed a standard template of the level 1 task and logic was defined. Developed a methodology of resource and activity definition for portfolio cash flow Created the input screens to maintain mapping of both SAP data to cost report item Id's and cost report item Id's to Primavera activity Id's. Imported SAP data into Primavera to forecast cash flow Developed general procedures for the management of changes to a project Bell BCI Corp: Alexandria Sanitary Authority; Alexandria, VA Contract Position Project Scheduler (Contract # 3) Software used Primavera P3 Version 3.0 & 3.1, P3E, Claim Digger Value of Claim was $12,000,000 May 2003 - November 2003 Preparation of summaries of correspondence, memorandums, logs diaries, and weekly meetings Preparation of claim listings for change orders, bulletins, RFI, photographs and shop drawing submittal and Coding of claim summaries and claim listing to delay issues files, claim areas, and areas of possible defense Preparation of cost analyzes, Concurrent Schedule Delays Material, equipment, job site expense cost analysis Preparation of overall time and cost impact report Preparation of summary as-planned, as-built, and as-adjusted schedules Preparation of final claim compilation schedule Coastal Refinery Aruba; Aruba Contract Position Project Scheduler (Contract) Software used Primavera P3 Version 3.0 Value of Turn-Around & New Construction was $2,000,000 & 25,000,000 December 2002 - February 2003 Planned and Scheduled shutdown for turn-around Developed schedules for various unit outages Developed complete packages for turn-around, P&Id's, and various documents for successful outage Scheduled and tracked work progress on: heat exchangers, process heater repairs, pressure vessels and tower maintenance activities. Prepared the bill of materials referencing required accessories needed for repairs, from piping and equipment specifications and process design requirements Estimated durations for pipe fabrication, installation, testing and resource allocation for capital projects Assigned and tracked resource use to individual activities. Prepared precedence diagramming matrix, baseline/target plan and comprehensive layouts for accurate reports on progress and resource usage Tracked actual duration and actual resource use during work progress Updated activities daily recording percent complete, earned value and remaining duration until completion Bombardier Transportation; West Miff Lin, PA Contract Position Project Scheduler (Contract) Software used Primavera P3 Version 3.0 & 3.1, P3E Value of work was $300,000,000 September 2002 - November 2002 Prepared, updated and maintained detailed project resources loaded schedules and perform progress measurement reporting for engineering, procurement and field construction activities Performed detailed schedule variance and critical path analysis; implemented corrective recovery plans Provided the project team with decision support and tracking reports Clista Electric Company; Plum, PA Contract Position Scheduling Consultant Claims Consultant Software used Primavera P3 Version 3.0, & Suretrax, Claim Digger Value of Claim was $100,000.00 May 2002 - November 2002 Developed detailed information on acceleration claim Worked closely with School Superintendent to resolve claim Developed overall delay claim analysis for loss of efficiency and out-of-sequenced work Monitored overall project critical path and develop what-if analysis Worked closely with legal defense. Produced ad hoc reports to investigate specific issues (Baseline Resource Plan, Budget Process Reports, and Cost) Foreman Construction Managers; Zelienople, PA Contract Position Scheduling Manager Software used Primavera P3 Version 3.0, P3E & Suretrax, and Claim Digger Value of work was in the range of $50,000.00- 3,000,000 October 2001 - April 2002 Designed and maintained all project schedules for the company Re-wrote and maintained scheduling and specification manual Developed procedures for fragnet analysis and time-impact studies Handled change order reviews and negotiated change orders Prepared analytical scheduling reports; monitored schedule progress Preparation of Field changes, Extra Work Orders, Assessment of Impact on Project Schedule & Budget. Continuously monitored schedule and practiced risk mitigation by visiting construction sites daily and conducting weekly 2 week/3 month "look ahead" meetings with all disciplines Education: Southeastern University; Hammond, LA Graduated December 1995 I Received a Bachelor in Science, with emphasis on Construction Management and a Minor in Economics. Computer Training & Schedule Training Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Power Point, Project, Lotus Notes Project Management Training II, 1998 Primavera Project Planner Advanced Training, August 1997 I have Extensive Software Knowledge with Primavera Enterprise, Primavera Project Primavera Planner versions 3.0, 3.1 3.5 EC & 5.0EC 6.0 Primavera Expedition 8.0, 8.5, Primavera Sure-Track, and Microsoft Project. Capabilities: Scheduling - able to prepare a coordinated, timed plan for procedure, this entails making arrangements for events and processes as well as ensuring that goals and deadlines are met. Researching - I'm able to undertake careful, systematic study and investigation specifically in the field of resource and budget management. Teaching - I'm able to give instructions and lessons enabling others to learn via explanation, demonstration and supervised practice. Areas of Special Study: Production Planning and Control; Accounting; Information Systems and Procedures Statistical Quality Assurance; Construction Law; Policy and Decision-Making. Critical Path Method Management; Production management; Industrial Economics. Heavy Construction Estimating and Planning Methods; Hazardous Site Evaluation/Redemption

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