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ERIC MANZIANO | 551.574.3165 | I would be honored with the opportunity to pursue this unique career. I make every attempt to further my contributions to any challenge I undertake and seek to better myself with every opportunity granted. Given my learning background as well as my collective practical, creative and technical experience, this position and its requirements are consistent with my combined instruction and tutelage in both the professional and educational arenas. I am motivated in every way to begin a fulfilling profession that nurtures the passion for learning and growing. I strive to expand my relative knowledge and abilities on a daily basis. Finally, I continue to learn from my professional co-workers and I am always willing to offer my skills for the benefit of others, on any scale. Thank you for your time, Eric Manziano EXPERIENCE 2004- Pres: GLOBAL-SOFT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS (Mahwah, NJ) PRE-MEDIA PRODUCTION MANAGER • Developing and managing workflows for digital output of printed materials on an Indigo press, large format and offset printers, Web to print and e-mail marketing campaigns. • Implementing a bar-code based inventory tracking system paired with handheld laser devices enabling warehouse managers to tag, read and track each item through the facility. • Maintaining consumables for digital presses, large format printers, disc-duplication robots and materials distributions. • Creating a Quality Control 'Traveler' sheet to accompany job tickets through the facility, interacting with every department to ensure the job leaves the building correct. • Built, launched and actively manage an internet web-portal used by management and the executive team to maintain contact, receive updates and view information, scheduling and milestones of high-level projects. • Design of an interactive web to print solution for the online ordering of meeting materials featuring variable data • Expert-Level knowledge of the desktop publishing workflow and software as well as experience in output to plate and film and general print-house machine work such as cutting, scoring, folding, drilling, laminating and mounting. • Engineering of documents, tagging them for Variable Text and Imagery; layout/imposition of assets for digital presses. • Physical maintenance and small repairs on large format printers and complete troubleshooting and repair of company workstations and terminals. • Creation, Deployment and Management of "Virtual Storefront" Web Sites using Microsoft .NET: Taking a customer’s vision of providing their field with global access to various types of items (from Marketing Collateral that can be personalized online in real-time to static Reference Literature and even Promotional Items) and deploying a solution using Microsoft’s .NET-based Active Server technology (ASPX), HTML AND small amounts of JavaScript, • Development and Management of MassMarketing Email Campaigns w/ Reporting Technologies: Taking a list of contacts and using web-based Java technologies to push pURLS (Personalized URL’s) to capture responses from potential customers using surveys and other general questions unique to the campaign and then posting the results, responses and statistics to the web to be shared by the Sales & Executive teams. 2003 -04: COMMERCE FINANCIAL PRINTERS (Roselle Park) CREATIVE SERVICES SPECIALIST • Total creative control over the creation of Business Systems (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, annual reports etc) exclusively for financial institutions using the Adobe Suite for output to offset presses. 2001-03: NORTH JERSEY MEDIA GROUP (West Paterson, NJ) PAGINATOR * Won 1st Place for "Feature Page Design" from NJ Press Association (2003) * • Layout and imposition of tabloid and broadsheet newspapers using content from a state-wide editorial database, styled in Quark with the use of Quark’s libraries and style sheets. 2000-01: HYPNOTICS, INC. (Little Falls, NJ) CHARACTER MODELER * Artist on "Ripley's Believe it or Not" PC Game (2001) * • Building characters, background objects and other level elements out of polygons in Maya and then lighting, texturing them before rendering out to 2D and 3D gaming software. 1998-99: COLOR-NET GRAPHICS/CLARK PRINTING (Saddle Brook, NJ) GRAPHICS ASSISTANT • Desktop Publishing utilizing photographs retouched in Photoshop and type set in Quark. • Printing to Agfa film and then shooting that film to make offset plates. *** With a complete education in the humanities and liberal arts, I have won awards in both poetry and painting. I have been employed, performing many different tasks under the Creative banner…’living a life’ in this industry from Fine to Commercial Art. I possess complete knowledge of all of the major principles and concepts of composition, form and design; this combined with my creative experience in animation and film, should lend nothing but precision and productivity to your company’s projects. I have a complete traditional arts background, as well as being certified by the state to teach this curriculum. Presentation is critical Overlooking the design of branding, ensuring styles are compliant for all projects. I direct the creative process, ensuring proper communication of customers’ corporate identity across any/all media platforms. Quality through responsibility Accustomed to working in a fast paced atmosphere, I function best along the tightest of deadlines and 24-Hour ‘Turn-Arounds.’ I maintain thorough organization of all projects; possessing total mastery of the Adobe Suite of products as well as Quark Xpress. I have complete knowledge of all the leading computer platforms (hardware and software). I am very experienced in all aspects of preparing graphic work for print and web production; accustomed to taking any asset (Analog or Digital) and re-formatting that object for its respective use. I am confident enough to take on any concept and educated enough to make it work. I have experience managing a team of creative people to deliver Deadline-Critical material and know firsthand the role Positive Morale plays in getting the job done. I remain ‘in touch’ with the ‘corporate’ side of projects following the scope and overall business plan. I am experienced in the Marketing applications of Creative work. Creative approaches to complex problems By introducing unprecedented levels of communication for the coordination of high-level executive meetings using such tools as WebEx & Go2Meeting (not excluding Tele/Video-Conferencing) I keep teams in contact worldwide with the deployment of Microsoft’s Share Point Services and Team Site Application running alongside Apple’s OSX in a network spanning the Eastern States, reaching across the sea to Switzerland. These applications enabled the successful launch of 11 dynamic web-applications servicing customers as far away as Europe and Asia. I have an educated eye for design and possess a well-rounded understanding of the consumer. I highly value insight into the psychology of the desired target, being the most critical aspect of any Advertising or Marketing campaign. My thought process goes hand-inhand with the ‘out of the box’ dynamic. A key contributor to the formulation of strategies; I follow through on the Process, Presentation and Execution, operating against the most strict deadlines. EDUCATION 1996-01: WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY (Wayne, NJ) BACHELORS OF FINE ART & DESIGN • Computer Animation Drawing characters with attention to musculature and it’s deformation along with the physics of motion and kinematics, digitizing them in polygons with Maya, binding them to skeletons and posing/animating them in a lighted and textured scene output to video. • Graphic Design Application of Typographic/Image concepts to a projected audience. • Traditional Art Drawing, painting, etc. - Presented work in various gallery shows • Filmmaking Lighting/Staging, Shooting 8mm Film, Exporting to Avid

Graphic Designer

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