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Dear Sir: PHONE NUMBER: 469-387-4745 I am writing to introduce myself and to seek employment through your firm. I have experience in accounting and finance, and I also have a broad knowledge of financial and computer software. I would like to find out more about your organization and tell you more about myself. Please review my resume and highlights as attached and hopefully someone from your organization will contact me. I have 15 years experience in controller-related capacity for publicly-held financial services, manufacturing and distribution companies. Thank you very much for your consideration. My salary requirements are negotiable and will consider your strongest offer. Sincerely, Lucy Langevin Career Objective: To be associated with a stable and reputable company that allows for growth, advancement and various responsibilities in financial reporting, supervision, general accounting and operational analysis; a reputable organization where I can make positive contributions such as process improvements; one that I may eventually call home. What I Can Bring To The Table: I am meticulous, results and deadline oriented, process improvements oriented, a quick-learner, take ownership of my function and I do what it takes to get the job done. I have 15 years experience in the combined functions: Application of independent judgment and initiative in recognizing and, or resolving problems and discrepancies, management of accounting staff, corporate reporting and consolidations, maintenance of general ledger, internal control, A/P, A/R, inventory control, inter-company reconciliation and elimination, financial and operational variance analysis, budgets, external and internal audits, quarterly and yearly SEC reports, and project management – full life cycle systems conversions. I am a CPA, have a BSBA in Accounting and an MBA in Corporate Finance. I have over three years of experience in the preparation of footnotes for the 10Q and 10K, as well as SOX requirements, over ten years experience in month-end closing and preparation of financial statements, as well as the preparation of SEC and audit schedules. I have a broad knowledge of financial and computer software as well as about three years of experience with PeopleSoft, Cognos and Hyperion Enterprise. SELECTED CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1. Full Life Cycle Systems Conversion While working as an Accounting Supervisor and supporting the financial and management reporting for four divisions at NEC America, Inc., I had the opportunity of leading a systems conversion team. Management decided to change from the legacy system to a canned package called Symix (an ERP system) which was ran on a UNIX platform. System developers were brought in to customize the program and tailor it to each of the division’s needs. My project began with a kick off meeting with the divisional managers discussing with them their reporting needs. I designed the reports that they needed and upon their concurrence, I discussed the reports with the lead developer. Upon a mutual agreement with the lead developer, I established milestones for the project, with prepared explanations should a particular milestone was not met. I worked with the developers on account mapping, data integration, data testing, training of employees, implementation and systems enhancements. 2. Inventory Related The entity had been performing its physical inventory process on a semi-annual basis and had been yielding a 25% variance between book and actual. The entity had been realizing losses of approximately $625,000 (25% of inventory valued at $2,500,000.) I determined that the cause of variance was lack of internal control in the transactional processing during the customization of finished goods inventory. During the completion of customized sub-assemblies, the depletion of main parts and option kits from the General Ledger inventory account had been inadvertently unrecorded. Customized finished goods had been shipped with no associated cost of goods sold. Every 6 months a 25% adjustment was made to cost of goods sold. This exercise went on for a long time without anybody actually looking into the issue. I took the liberty of discussing with the lead system developer an idea of a system enhancement that would serve as an internal control mechanism that we would call ‘Parts Tracking System.’ The system would disallow invoicing for customized finished goods without a proper audit trail for the relevant general ledger depletion of main parts and option kits. I then presented the idea to management which was approved and implemented. This exercise gradually decreased the physical inventory variance where it actually went as low as .7%. At this level of variance, management decided to change the semi-annual physical inventory to annual. As a result, the efficiency of the customization process was improved, and, the number of customers requesting customized products increased by approximately 20%. I was able to save the entity about $35,000 a year on travel expenses and I was able to give management a better tool in forecasting cost of goods sold, as it related to sales forecast. The cost of the system enhancement was minimal. Therefore, the ROI related to this venture was close to 100%. In addition, at NEC America, Inc. the divisions that I supported sold and purchased components to and from other divisions in such a way that I had to record intercompany purchases and sales. Components purchased through intercompany are taken into consideration in the pricing of goods sold to external customers. 3. Employee Related During a senior level supervisor’s resignation I was approached by my manager if I would like to take over the potential vacancy’s position and the manager would find a replacement for me. The senior level supervisor supported the financial reporting for two bigger divisions and had four in his staff. I supported the financial reporting for two smaller divisions and had three in my staff. I recommended to the manager to combine all four divisions and seven members of the staff into one group for financial reporting and supervision. My manager accepted the suggestion. In addition, my manager received a buy-in from his own manager who at the time was the corporate controller. As a result, I was able to save the entity another supervisor’s salary which is approximately $60,000 a year, and through cross-training, employee empowerment (**giving the staff authority to make decisions at their level), I was able to prove to my manager that I could take ownership and manage the financial reporting for four divisions and meet deadlines with no problems or issues. ** I am a firm believer of the notion that an employee at any level has a certain degree of autonomy to make decisions; that an employee can bring issues and solutions to his or her manager and discuss the best solution; and that when an employee is given this privilege, that he or she will be more productive and proactive because he or she feels she is part of the company. 4. More Inventory Related The entity had issues in the inventory process from receiving, sub-assembly manufacturing, shipping and invoicing. I determined that there was no mechanism for internal control in the transactional processing for the functions as mentioned. I recommended cost improvement measures such as the implementation of sales and cost by product, designation of a general cost of sales account for non-sales related depletion of inventory items such as scrap and physical adjustments. With this process, the entity was able to have records of scrapped items that the entity was able to sell for about $50,000 and was also able to properly assess the allowance account for slow-moving and obsolete inventory. Since the sale of scrap items was booked as other income, it really did not have any effect on the ROI. However, the effect of the process improvement enhanced the overall efficiency of the inventory process.


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