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RssD. C, Ericson Profile

I am retired from a successful career in Information Technology and am seeking, for an extended period of time, a contract or direct hire leadership position commensurate with my experience and capabilities to supplement our retirement income. This action is forced upon us due to the extensive losses exacted on our retirement savings.


Livingston, TX

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Information Technology



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Livingston, TX

Work Experiences

2/1985 - 7/1997



  • ● Provided a high level of Data Processing management, consultation and support to Company personnel and to Customer Management in pre and post sale environments. ● Participated in sales calls, defining requirement solutions (hardware and software), oral presentations, competitive analysis, proposal preparation in response to RFPs/RFIs, benchmark preparation and execution, contract negotiations, implementation of selected requirement solutions, and customer support. Compliance with stringent mandatory availability and processing requirements. Short time schedules. Change management. ● Consulted on and participated in numerous projects [IRS, HUD, VA, NASD, many others]. ● Designed nationwide, statewide, countywide and local WAN/MAN/LAN and Client Server topologies for over 40 Multi-Million dollar procurement efforts.  The solutions consisted of the integration of up to 15,000+ PC workstations accessing central site Unisys 2200 systems, Unix, and NT standalone and clustered database servers with RDMS/2200, Oracle, or Sybase databases and local office Unix, NT, and NetWare fileservers with Oracle or Sybase databases. Central databases replicated to remote backup sites. WAN/MAN/LAN structures included 56Kbs, T1/T3, OC1/OC3, ISDN, PPP, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, FDDI, 10/100 Ethernet, Token Ring, TP, UTP, Fiber Optic, and other technologies. Peripheral devices (such as printers, fax machines, data storage drives, etc.), were included for deployment in operational environments. Vendor selection: Communications equipment, Servers, Workstations, and Software packages. The following are samples of the projects. Amounts in [$] indicate total project values of which $5 Million to $50 Million constituted my direct responsibility.  LA County LEADER [$125 Million] - Integration of 15,000+ PC workstations accessing Unisys 2200 systems at a central site and Tricord NT fileservers at remote sites. ISDN backup topology. Unisys RDMS/2200 and Sybase Databases. PowerBuilder client.  New York State Child Welfare [$85 Million] - Integration of 13,000+ PC workstations accessing UNIX host systems at a central site and UNIX application servers at remote sites. ISDN backup topology. Oracle Databases. IEF client/application generation.  American Red Cross ($20 Million) - Integration of 1,000+ PC workstations accessing IBM RS/6000 AIX servers at a central site and regional sites.  Texas TDPRS [$85 Million] - Integration of 5,800+ PC workstations accessing Unisys 2200 systems at a central site. Dial backup topology. Unisys RDMS/2200 Databases.  Michigan ASSIST [$60 Million] - WAN solution, supporting 5,500+ users, accessing Unisys 2200 systems at a central site. Dial backup topology. Unisys RDMS/2200 Databases.  California SFIS [$85 Million] - Fingerprint and photo LAN and Client Server topology. Integration of 280+ PC workstations accessing IBM RS6000 Unix systems with Oracle database at a central site. Workstations were NT based with proprietary fingerprint and photo application. Access to a State provided network.  Maine CPS [$25 Million] - LAN/WAN solution integration of 650+ PC Win95 workstations accessing U6000/85 systems with Oracle database at a central site. Dial backup topology. Integrated Network Management System.  Designed an Integrated Network Management System [INMS] – The INMS consisted of Sun SPARCservers with HP-Openview, NetLabs NerveCenter and AssetManager, Legent Networx Paradigm Help Desk and Trouble Ticket, automated interface from Paradigm Trouble Ticket process to the Unisys RESPOND system, Tivoli software distribution and system management products, Oracle or Sybase SQL database, LAN/WAN products element managers, and Windows based INMS workstations with X-Term software.  Developed modeling tools in EXCEL to support the design process. ● Designed and implemented a proposal management system based on PC's attached to a Usernet2 (Novell) Omninet LAN. Menu driven local and remote access for technical staff, proposal managers and program management. Migrated the proposal system to Novell Netware 386 SP III mirrored system.

8/1983 - 2/1984



  • ● Managed Customer Support department with 16 support analysts. ● Supported Perkin-Elmer (OS/32), Stratus (VOS), and Convergent Technologies (CTOS) hardware and software; FORTRAN, COBOL, PL1, Pascal, Assemblers, Multiplan, DMS, Word Processors. ● Implemented procedures and controls for timely response to customer problems. Designed and implemented automated incident tracking system. ● Designed and implemented automated operating system release procedures for Perkin-Elmer equipment.

5/1981 - 8/1983



  • ● USCG PMIS source data entry application [$1 Million] using Convergent Technologies (CTOS) hardware and software. Directed 9 development staff in the design, analysis and programming of the application. The application, written in PASCAL, was a table driven source edit program for 18 input forms. A communications package and support programs were developed. ● Navy SPLICE [$150 Million] benchmark effort using Stratus hardware/software. Installed operating systems and support software. Defined and implemented modifications and enhancements to Stratus standard software releases. Defined, directed and developed 70+ functional tests (all passed). Converted 20+ timed test programs and associated files (all passed). ● Large scale Navy [$50 Million] benchmark effort using Perkin-Elmer equipment. Designed and implemented 81 DMS (Seed) timed test programs (all passed). Collaborated on the design and creation of large data base with 20+ files accessed direct, calc and via set.

1/1979 - 5/1981

Sperry Univac Commercial Marketing Branch


  • ● Managed 20 systems analysts supporting Sperry 1100 and Series 90 computers in the Washington, DC area. ● Successful installation of 3 1100/60 (Plumbers Union, SBC, Capitol Credit), 1 1100/80 (AAA), 1 1100/10 (ITEC), and 1 90/80 (DC Schools). ● Major conversion projects for Plumbers Union, SBC, AAA. ● System and database design and implementation for Capitol Credit. ● Supported additional installed sites (Univ. MD, Ironworkers Union, Bakers Union, and others).



Associate Degree

Frederick Community College

  • Data Processing, General Business


Associate Degree

Montgomery Jr. College

  • Mathematics, Data Processing, General Business