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Telecomm Specialist - 18 Years of Experience - Near 17013


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Carlisle, PA

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Summary of Relevant Qualifications Ronald Hess is a highly accomplished Telecommunications Engineer with a background in Telephony dating back to 1998. With an Associate's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and a certification in Avaya IP Telephony, he has acquired the specialized education and skills needed to keep FCC's Customer Resource Center IT help desk) running smoothly. His extensive experience in developing/managing/maintaining/ all aspects of the voice communications function is reflected in his responsibilities at FCC-where he handles telecom programming, configures and administers Avaya systems, oversees telephone equipment and maintenance, and monitors daily operation of the FCC's National Consumer Call Center. Mr. Hess meets regularly with customers in order to ensure that the call center is performing at its best, and that new services harmonize with existing equipment. Ronald Hess was highly commended in 2007 when he was able to connect a secure video conference through various Web connections to a remote laptop using a cellular network connection in North Dakota for a High Level meeting between Indian Tribal Leaders and the FCC within one hour of the meeting when a third party vendor could not setup the connection. Mr. Hess has also documented and mapped the FCC Telecommunications and IT Frame Relay Networks using Visio. Mr. Hess was instrumental in advising the FCC to upgrade their Frame Relay Network to MPLS using his Network Maps to show current vulnerability and waste. Mr. Hess reconfigured the FCC's Avaya Telecommunications equipment to reduce maintenance costs and to implement IP Telephony. This reconfiguration reduced the costs of Dedicated ISDN Trunking between Gettysburg and Washington D.C. while implementing IP Trunking over the FCC's IP Network utilizing VoIP technology. Configured Gettysburg IT Help Desk with IP Soft Phones. Mr Hess was instrumental in installing and configuring wireless phones used in Contingency of Operations Plan (COOP). HP Enterprise Services





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