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RssInnovative Security Specialist

My declaration for my willingness to work in this position is quite simple, I am a highly motivated, qualified, organized, well-spoken individual with the utmost respect for the United States Constitution and the Laws of our great Nation. I achieve results to the highest standards, budget will extreme accuracy and accounting, train on a constant basis as the fundamentals of education are perishable and technology is ever growing. I work well with a team and build cohesiveness to create team bonding and relationships. I am a person who leads from the front and will work smart to achieve results. Attention to detail is a great attribute of mine and I instill this trait in my subordinates while mentoring them in progressive business practices.

Federal Government

Pompano Beach, FL

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Military & Government


Federal Government

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Pompano Beach, FL

Work Experiences

1/2003 - 4/2009

Security Consultant - Private Family

Director / VP

  •  Manage day-to-day operations of a local private estate owned by a Fortune 100 family. 1. Maintaining a budget with full accountability. 2. Vetting contractors via license and insurance verification and references. 3. Managing residence staff. 4. Liaise with local Police and Fire Departments. 5. Initiated employee Non Discloser Agreements and At Will contracts to protect the privacy of the Principal Family. 6. Scheduled, supervised, and verified preventive maintenance for all Estate assets to include multiple luxury watercraft and exotic automobiles along with maintaining proper insurance and registration. 7. Cost reduction maximized via crime prevention, preventive maintenance, waste reduction, energy conservation, and disaster preparation. 8. Mentored a younger family member in drug and alcohol abuse and assisted in his rehabilitation and recovery. 9. Managed and facilitated all aspects of domestic and international travel. 10. Protected the principal family via discretion and expert crisis management. 11. Routinely worked with trustees within the parameters of contractual commitment.  Create policy and procedure for private corporations governing Emergency Action Plans (EAP), Continuity of Operational Plans (COOP), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), and Offsite Data Redundancy (ODR).  I am adept in all areas of the Microsoft Suite, Visio, Adobe, multi-platform data encryption systems, risk assessment software, Internet, Intrant, LAN, WiFi, secure systems, firewall, and a host of hardware design and repair.  Advise and educate small corporations of their responsibility and benefits of utilizing the Department of Homeland Security’s “Vulnerability Identification Self Assessment Tool (ViSAT) to conduct self-assessments regarding their security preparedness and reporting processes to the National Asset Database (NADB).  Created custom models for small corporations based on the DHS Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection Program (RAMCAP) that quantifies the key variables that represent risk to (their involvement) in Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CI/KR) in a high-risk infrastructure cluster environment.  Institute guidelines for securing classified information for clients in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).  Consulted as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a four round Delphi Inquiring System to forecast threat and establish baseline protocols involving private corporation’s preventative and reactionary measures to the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).  Provide advice, education, and preventative measures regarding personal protective posture, kidnap and ransom, fire safety, computer intrusion protection, and child/spouse protection awareness.  Establish protocols for workplace violence intervention, high-risk terminations, and developed a Total Quality Management model for identifying managers from within an organization to maximize employee retention and reduce recruiting costs.  Instructed U.S. Military Special Operations Units the U.S. Federal doctrine of Personal Protection, to include all aspects of protection; advance security operations, walking formations, security protocol, communication, fire evacuation procedures, attack on principal, machine-gunner responsibilities, counter-sniper deployment, Remain Overnight requirements, motorcade operations, high and low threat protection posture (domestic and foreign parameters), improvised explosive device detection (vehicle, mail, residential, official, etc.), briefings, and after action reports.

10/1998 - 1/2003

The Steele Foundation

Director / VP

  •  Responsible for the personal protection of two foreign national Presidents and their families.  Managed a 23-man U.S./British/Australian/Danish protection operation, which consisted of a close-in protection detail, Counter Assault Team, and the Presidential Security Training Unit.  Supervised, mentored, and trained more than 1,000 Haitian Secret Service Agents (U.S.P.), Counter Assault Team (C.A.T.), and Uniformed Presidential Palace Guards (U.S.G.P.N.).  Investigated agent weapons discharges, justified officer-suspect engagements, Coup d’Etats, insurance fraud, traffic accidents, and a host of other criminal infractions.  Accountable for a large discretionary fund for escape and evasion, managing paid informants, creating a local intelligence network, and other requisite operations for mission success.