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RssMachine tool pipefitter/installer/electromechanical equipment repair/machine tool electrician

Seeking position as a Machine tool Pipe fitter,Electrician,Electromechanical Equipment Repairman or Installer.20yrs.exp pipe fitting and hydraulic tube bending,6yrs electrical,26yrs overall mechanical,repair and installation of related automated machine tooling and equipment.Including layout,assembly,installation,repair and maintenance of pipe and electrical systems, supports and structures for related automated machinery and equipment.Will travel out of state for repairs,installs and changeovers.

Boat Builders & Shipwright

Utica, MI

About Me

Work Experiences

10/2007 - Present


Contractor / Freelance

  • Installed complete assembly line at Bowling Green Metalforming 10-07-2007 to 12-23-2007 In Bowling Green Kentucky. Did pipefitting on and off at Paslin in Warren till present.

7/2007 - 9/2007


Entry Level

  • Assembled weld gun heads for robots and ped welders

3/2007 - 7/2007

Great Fit Staffing Solutions

Contractor / Freelance

  • Assembled weld heads for robots and ped welders

6/2006 - 12/2006

Hydro Logic

Contractor / Freelance

  • Worked at Paslin in Warren. Bent tube packages for tool bases. Went to Bowling Green MetalForming for a service work change on existing line.Then went to Smyrna TN. to install new details on an existing assembly line.

9/2005 - 9/2005

Reliance One

Contractor / Freelance

  • Finished screw pipe air headers and pvc water headers for short handed crew at Kuka in Chesterfield.

9/2005 - 4/2006

Allegiance Staffing

Contractor / Freelance

  • Woked at Paslin in Warren MI. Built hydraulic valve stands to feed hydraulic cylinders on tools.Ran 3" victaulic air supply header.Piped drops then to valve packs on tools. Layed out and ran tube packages on tools from valve packs. Hosed to cylinders.Followed Line to Syrna TN. to install at Magna.

5/2005 - 8/2005

Mokum Services Inc.

Contractor / Freelance

  • Piped lines at Utica Enterprises main in Shelby Township.

1/2005 - 2/2005


Contractor / Freelance

  • Worked at Tech Line in Roseville MI. building presses for Lear to assemble vehicle seat rails. Assembled valve packs for cylinder actuation,bent tube,ran hose and threaded and installed screw pipe for cylinder air supplies.Also built 4 dial machines which performed similar functions.

3/2004 - 10/2004

Hydro Logic

Contractor / Freelance

  • Piped, tubed, hosed, fabbed and layed out tools at Paslin in Warren MI. for Bowling Green Metal Forming in Bowling Green Kentucky.

6/2003 - 10/2003


Contractor / Freelance

  • Worked at Kuka Welding Robot Systems in Sterling Heights running screw pipe headers, bending tube, running lube,sweating copper, running hose packages and laying out tools to print and company specs.

4/2003 - 6/2003

Mokum Services Inc.

Contractor / Freelance

  • Lead pipfitter for 12 station zone on Chrysler job at Utica Enterprises plant 7.

10/2002 - 4/2003

Dynamic Resources

Contractor / Freelance

  • Ran pipe and tube on tire mounting and checking lines.

10/2001 - 12/2001

Control One Inc.

Contractor / Freelance

  • Built hydraulic power units of various sizes.

9/2001 - 10/2001

JB Skilled Resources

Contractor / Freelance

  • Installed 75HP air compressor. 4" screw pipe header in ceiling of shop and 2"drops for machinery tie ins at various points in building at Global Tooling Systems in Shelby Township MI.

4/1997 - 9/2001

Modern Technical Employment

Contractor / Freelance

  • Ran screw pipe headers,sweat copper,hand-bench-power bent tube for machine tools.Assembled valves.Ran hose packages.Worked at Stellar Ind,Paslin,Ingersoll Rand,Weldmation and Novi Ind.Went on service to ILL. at Ingersoll Milling Company for Modern.

1/1997 - 4/1997

Skilltech Inc.

Contractor / Freelance

  • Assembled trabon ditribution blocks for lubrication on dial machines at R&B Machine tool company in Saline MI.Hand bent steel tube from distribution block to lube points.

4/1996 - 12/1996

Controls Detroit

Contractor / Freelance

  • Ran grease hose to all lube points on power rol beds and power lifts at Idea Engineering in Detroit MI.

7/1995 - 4/1996


Contractor / Freelance

  • Ran screw pipe and weld pipe.Layed out bent and installed hydraulic tube.Assembled and mounted valve packs and ran hose packages for Dodge Caravan roofer-framer marriage line at Wisne Automation in Novi MI.

5/1995 - 7/1995

Liquid Automation

Contractor / Freelance

  • Sweat copper headers and drops for water for weld gun coolant supplies.Ran screw pipe headers and drops for tools.Assembled and mounted valve packs on tool bases.hosed cylinders.

1/1995 - 4/1995

Modern Systems

Contractor / Freelance

  • Ran screw pipe headers,ran drops to tools and weld guns.Hosed cylinders.Layed out pierce units for hydraulic tubing.Bench bent hydraulic tube to cylinders.Cut hydralic hoses and crimped hose ends to hose.Installed hoses with no rubs.Fabbed all my own brackets for tube routes.Assembled pneumatic and hydraulic valve packs then mounted them on tool bases.

8/1994 - 1/1995

MGW Hydraulic Installations

Contractor / Freelance

  • Ran screw pipe headers for air and water supplies to tooling and weld guns.

4/1994 - 8/1994

Automation Controls Technique

Contractor / Freelance

  • Ran screw pipe for air and water headers.Made air and water drops from headers to supply air to valve packs on tools then hosed to cylinders and water to weld gun heads on robots and pedestal welders then completed water circuits with colored hose.

4/1992 - 4/1992

Mascotech Controls

Individual Contributor

  • Maintained machinery to ensure proper cycle time and functionality.Change over and set up for various customers parts.