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RssFinancial Analyst

At this critical time of economic recession I am ready to take up any job to prepare myself for future growth. Eventhough I am an MBA with concentrations in Finance and MIS with considerable experience in both the areas I am willing to do anything presently for my survival. So any help will be greatly appreciated. Only thing I cab assure you that whatever job I am given to do I will be able to do to your fullest satisfaction.

Financial Analyst

Tampa, FL

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Accounting & Finance


Financial Analyst

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Tampa, FL

Work Experiences

6/2008 - 11/2008

Citi Financial

Contractor / Freelance

  • 1. Maintained Trees in General Ledger(Chartfield changes/Tree Manager corrections/Audit Tree/Mapping) Participate in maintenance clean-up initiatives on the various financial systems 2. Researched problems/questions relating to systems and system operations. Key source for troubleshooting issues. 3. Assisted in testing process improvement solutions and conversions. 4. Analyzed current processes and provide recommendations to improve processes and procedures. 5. Documented and maintained procedures as necessary. 6. Reviewed maintenance requests and apply basic accounting principles and Citi accounting policy to ensure validity of request. 7. Built New Trees as per client requirements 8. Analyzed System for data design 9. Created/Deleted Nodes as per Customer specifications 10. Mapped accounts for financial reporting purposes 11. Input various data for financial reports 12. Updated desk level procedures 13. Designed Queries for data extractions

4/2004 - 6/2008

Pinnacle Financial


  • 1. Administered Crystal Report(10) for new users and for updating the current user’s roles and accessibility 2. Analyzed the performance of the Lawson system(GL/AP/AR/HR) for the reporting purpose 3. Pinpointed the problem areas of the report to pull correct data from data warehouse 4. Generated daily, weekly and monthly financial reports for corporate use 5. Updated the documentation for reporting processes 6. Analyzed the process flow for the integration of softwares (Lawson for GL,AP, AR & HR; Essbase for Budgeting) and ODBC for best financial results 7. Trained the new users in Crystal Report 8. Wrote new financial report s for use by the Management. Developed and maintained delivery systems(Management roll up) of the reports to the appropriate users. 9. Designed, coded, tested, debugged, documented and maintained systems (Crystal, Lawson,MS Access, and Excel). 10. Used SQL to extract data from Oracle database from data warehouse for report generation 11. Developed and maintained reports using Crystal10 Business Intelligence products. 12. Worked with associated IT groups to ensure data integrity of the data warehouse(s), assisted in investigations and resolutions of data issues(Lawson & Essbase) and problems. 13. Interacted with Marketing, Operations and Accounting users. Investigates application issues and problems and assists in preparing change requests from those users. 14. Trained new Users, management and team members. 15. Prepared process flows and diagrams for report writing. 16. Kept management informed by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information; preparing reports including progress reviews. 17. Ensured compliance with requirements, policies and regulations by enforcing adherence to corporate systems and policies; advising management on needed actions. 18. Used SAS for multiple regression and regression (squared deviations/least square estimations)analysis to determine the price of houses in a particular location. 19. Made use of the scatterplot to visualize relations between dependent and independent variables. 20. Utilized the methods of data reduction/data rotation for generating the subset of large data. 21. Maintained the trees in GL in Peoplesoft 22. Mapped the accounts for FROs 23. Monitored the reports and made needed changes in the nodes. 24. Trained the new users in accessing data in Peoplesoft 25. Analysed the financial data and suggested the client corrective measures 26. Managed the Salesforce database 27. Analyzed customer credit / income to arrive at the DTI 28. Counseled on how to improve credit 29. Administered the users/setting and resetting passwords 30. Managed new projects 31. Analyzed data of the existing operations for decision making 32. Imported data from different data source so that necessary guard is there for data corruption and redundancy 33. Created/Audited reports, marketing forecasts, tradeshow projections 34. Prepared critical data analysis for operational purposes 35. Controlled Salesforce database access as the administrator 36. Oversaw the operation for Salesforce CRM clients 37. Developed new applications for clients 38. Trained the users for proper utilization of the database 39. Provided expertise in campaign management 40. Helped in integrating the CRM in retail mortgage business

11/2003 - 3/2004

Time Warner

Contractor / Freelance

  • Financial Operations Analyst(Contract Position) 1. Prepared accurate and timely month/year end financial statements to measure divisional profit & loss/amalgamate corporate finance 2. Developed cost benefit analysis for projects to assist in optimum capital utilization by the management 3. Distributed and tracked Capital Budgets among different Regions and Divisions 4. Successfully managed account payables to enhance divisional cash conversion cycle 5. Managed the divisional inventory to minimize inventory capital outlay