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RssPrincipal software engineed

A challenging position in the Storage/Data Communications area

Software Engineer

Boxborough, MA

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Information Technology


Software Engineer

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Boxborough, MA

Work Experiences

2/2005 - 3/2009


Individual Contributor

  • Responsibilities include a development and maintenance of a wide set of facilities for the distributed scalable file system in Linux including: • Develop, maintain, and optimize the meta data related file operations • Develop, maintain, and optimize the client-server communications modules • Develop, maintain, and optimize the directory and file replication features • Develop, maintain, and optimize the snapshot functionality • Develop, maintain, and optimize the Continues file replication for remote systems • Design, develop and optimize the distributed file system journaling and data recovery modules This code is written in “C” as a part of the Linux kernel modules. The implementation covers Linux Virtual File System (VFS), distributed file system components and physical file system based on Linux ext3 FS. The VmWare workstation is used to build a virtual file system cluster for the debugging and testing purpose.

6/1996 - 2/2005

Simula, Inverness, Virata, GlobspanVirata, CONEXANT

Individual Contributor

  • • OSPF routing protocol • PPP server and client core modules • PPPoA, PPPoHDLC, PPPoE transport providers • PAP, CHAP, IPCP, BCP protocols • CLI, SNMP and HTML management support. • Voice over IP transport provider and MGCP control protocol; • Complete TCP/IP stack including data forwarding, QOS support, flow control, traffic shaping, traffic policing, resource reservation; • Portable embedded OS and protocol management framework for the control plane

3/1989 - 5/1996

Jato Industrial


  • Developed a callback server for the voice communication and database support. Internet connection and communication access for the remote users. Environment: MSDOS, Windows 3.1, Microsoft ACCESS Programming Languages: C++, Visual Basic