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RssSenior Product Marketing Manager

I have over 14 years experience as a Marketing Manager. I have created internal and external marketing plans using the 4 P (product, price, place, and promotion) format. I worked closely with the Sales teams to meet their objectives by providing sales tools, job aids, web based and virtual training which allowed Account Managers to increase sales and revenues. I've created tradeshow presentation, internal and external collateral and posted content out on both the internal and external websites. I have developed and maintained customer database reports and provided upper management monthly reports identifying sales and revenues vs. objectives. I accomplished all of the above plus more in my last job within a 4 month timeframe of being assigned to the conferencing product line. Expertise in leading teams, coordinating complex/detailed programs and driving initiatives to successful conclusions. Leader in introducing technologies, methodologies and processes that streamline operations and achieve stringent quality, production and profit goals. A strong record of achieving significant sales and business development goals. Capable of substantially improving sales and operations by developing and implementing creative solutions. Provides strong sales support including sales tools, product documentation and sales training. Develops quality market plans/ manuals/ performance incentive plans/ team building/ cost control manuals used nationwide.

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Old Lyme, CT

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Old Lyme, CT

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2/2006 - 2/2009



  • Senior Product Marketing Manager (2008-2009)  Developed and implemented a company-wide go to market plan by working with all departments involving 3 different conferencing services. The internal and external Marketing Plan was approved by management.  Created product documentation for the Sales teams: Service Description, features, how the service works, AT&T value proposition, Why AT&T, Customer benefit and value, customer applications, competitive market place analysis. These documents gave Sales the knowledge needed for selling the conferencing products at customer meetings which increased sales and revenue.  Developed Sales tools including: “When to sell which service” manuals, pocket guides, Services checklists at a glance, Elevator pitches, Pitch book Customer Scenarios, FAQ's These documents gave sales a quick reference when selling the conferencing products at their customer meetings.  Created Sales Kick off presentations, vertical market trends, Target customer list, other services like Telepresence and Unified Communications and how they relate to conferencing. Provided Sales with the sales objectives for the coming year and information they needed to increase sales and revenue.  Developed implementation timeline and processes which provided the Sales teams the next steps/processes after a sale is made and the timeframe for each step, allowing Sales to communicate to the customer what is expected and how long it will take to turn up service.  Created a Web based training program allowing the Sales teams to take this self-paced training class to learn about the conferencing products instead of waiting for an onsite training class to be held.  Developed a revenue tracking document by customer for each month. This spreadsheet provided upper management the ability to report sales and revenue results vs. objectives on a monthly basis.

2/2006 - 6/2008

AT&T Wholesale Segment Marketing


  •  Supported Sales team by providing new products and enhancements while increasing revenue and contribution.  Developed and hosted an AT&T Voice over IP Connect Services (AVOICS) virtual training classes for all of Wholesale Sales. Created pre & post test, feedback form and polling questions. Developed a detailed scorecard showing upper management the results of the training program.  Identified Market demand while conducting highly valuable market research  Received ideas from numerous departments and built new quality products from their individual ideas  Developed Marketing Communications and Sales plans for both internal and external customers. Analyzed market trends and developed promotional offers to increase revenue.  Analyzed monthly billing @ 560 bills from both internal and external vendors for approval and payment @ $12M annually in and updated monthly billing spreadsheet.  Analyzed market base pricing and negotiated price with the ODN pricing group.

8/2000 - 2/2006

SNET Diversified Group, Inc


  • Associate Director Product Marketing Management (2000-2006)  Provided quantitative and qualitative support of product development and management for deregulated switching products and technologies.  Analyzed and evaluated market research data for market pricing on competitors and services.  Conducted financial and cost benefit analysis of products.  Developed cost, pricing and profitability of products. Analyzed monthly billing @ 215 bills from SNET CABS, Vendors, CLEC, Nortel Equipment, Facilities, Access, Usage, Attorney fees and Filing Fees for approval and payment @ $2-3M per month in and update monthly billing spreadsheet.  Prepared Tariff and Regulatory information for filings for the DPUC and FCC.  Developed Access Charges based on Tariff filings for the Super Tandem and extended Direct Connects.  Vendor scheduled maintenance- Analyzed each circuit request to determine circuit and customer risk. Notified appropriate departments of scheduled outage. Created power point drawings and schematics identifying circuit components and vendors for the maintenance department.  Created Circuit Inventory database to manage Prime Axxess service and developed reports showing expiration dates, services and revenues by vendors and by customers.

6/1988 - 7/2000

SNET Telecommunications


  •  Developed Cost Studies and rates for all Custom Business Group (“CBG”) Special Networks.  Analyzed costing data and pricing for competitive analysis.  Filed with the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) Tariff applications for over 500 Customized Special Network Arrangements annually. Prepared testimony and witness backup while responding to interrogatories. Communicated Regulatory issues and new developments to the Department.  Maintained Current Tariff Books as well as creating, updating and maintaining various computerized databases

5/1988 - 5/1995

SNET Telecommunications


  •  Performed market based pricing and analysis for new and existing services based on economic pricing methodologies along with regulatory rating strategies.  Provided Tariff interpretation and clarification to ensure the proper provisioning of exchange services.  Performed Product Management Functions including preparation of long term, annual, and monthly forecasts; managed Product Life Cycle; analyzed and evaluated Market Research; directed meetings with various departments to implement new services.  Performed product management functions by developing a business case for Local Competition. This resulted in the company retaining $10,000,000 of its revenue base. GRI General Rate Increase (1991)  Coordinated the E4.0 schedule during the General Rate Increase.  Provided hands on demonstration with the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control, Office of Consumer Counsel, and SNET staff explaining the Exchange Reprise Model. Articulated the analysis of what was happening with the computer and where the data was on each of the 20 complex steps. This explanation was beneficial for the Departments approval of the General Rate Increase thereby increasing the Company's revenue base by $19,000,000.