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RssOver 30 years experience in planning, scheduling, directing and executing requisitions for materials.Competent in all areas of staff management and performance. Good communications skills, maintain a good working relation with employees and management.Kno

To acquire a position hta utilizes my experience in logistics and managerial knowledge in requisition and issuing of materials, keeping accurate accountability of property, records, asset management and providing customer service.

Auditing Clerk

Florence, AZ

About Me


Clerical & Administrative


Auditing Clerk

Ideal Companies:

Coca Cola, Pepsi, Southland

Education level:

High School/GED

Will Relocate:



Florence, AZ

Work Experiences

12/2008 - Present


Contractor / Freelance

  • Assist the Client Owned Equipment Administrator in performing record keeping and location tracking functions associated with Client Owned Property Administration such as inventory control,logistics or procurement. Conduct physical inventories in accordance with client and/or government regulations. Calibrate client owned equipment according to maintenance requirements. Collaborates with client and/or Government Property Administrator to resolve prorerty administration issues.

2/2008 - 12/2008


Contractor / Freelance

  • Assumed managerial responsibilities while manager went on leave. I was assigned as Tool Room Custodian. My duties were to act as liason between my Manager and the Property Manager and his staff. Received/issued and accounted for 131 line items of CLSS/DS Maintenance Property. I conducted monthly, weekly, daily and spot check inventories to ensure that all property was accounted for. I made sure that all property was kept clean and in good repair. As a GSE/Engineering Equipment Mechanic, my duties were to inspect defective equipment such as generator sets, graders, forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, Rough Terrain Container Handlers and other pieces of equipment that fell under this category.

4/2005 - 2/2008

Az. Dept of Corrections

Individual Contributor

  • As a Corrections Officer, my duties were maintain physical accountability of inmates. I conducted hourly headcounts to ensure all inmates were accounted for. As a Yard Officer, my duties were to coordinate movement of inmates to the dinning facility, recreaton field, work details, medical appointments, and other daily activities. As Kitchen Security Officer, I supervised 2 Officers, 30 t0 40 inmates and provided security for 3 to 5 Food Service employees. Other duties were to assign daily tasks to the 2 Officers and to the inmates. I was responsible over seeing the loading and unloading of delivery trucks and made sure all items were properly stocked, stored and accounted for. I received, issued and maintained accountability of kitchen utensils. Conducted random and specified headcounts and prepared inmate outcounts to properly account for inmates working in the kitchen during prescribed and special counts. I made sure that all safety policies and procedures were followed by staff and inmates.

8/2004 - 2/2005

Science Applications International Corp.

Contractor / Freelance

  • As a member of an American Team of Corrections Trainers, I worked with Iraqi Correctins Officers and helped to establish universal standards of treatment of Iraqi prisoners Helped to establish policies and procedures for classification of inmates, proper medical treatment and care of prisoners. Helped to establish policies for headcounts, supervision of inmate work crews, key and tool control, supply requisitions, weapons handling and maintenance. Security procedures for entering and exiting the prison complex. Implemented identification cards for staff and inmates. Helped to establish policies and proccedures for inmates' family visitaion. Helped to establish policies for security of prison perimeter.

1/1992 - 8/2004

Az Dept. of Corrections

Entry Level

  • As a Corrections Offier, my duties were to conduct head counts at presrcibed times, conduct security checks, hourly checks and random head count checks. As Control Room Officer, my duties were to maintian a journal of routine activities and any events out of the ordinary and to report and record any descrepancies. Other duties were to maintain security of the Unit's perimeter while friving a perimeter vheicle. As a Yard Officer my duties wer to coordinate inmate movementfrom their dorms to the dinning facility, recreation field, medical appointments and other routine daily activities. As Property Officer my duties were monitor inmates' personal and state issued property. I received and issued inmates' personal property on a dailsy basis. I was also responsible for sending/receiving mail and packages for inmates. I received, issued and maintianed state owned property. I was responsible for 500 to 1000 line items. As Kitchen Security Officer, Isupervised 30 to 40 inmates and provided security for 4 to 6 Food Service employees. My duties were to assign tasks to inmates and to ensure that they stayed in their areas of assignment. I supervised the loading and unloading of delivery trucks and made sure all stock items were accounted for and stored neatly and properly. I received, issued and maintained accountability of kitchen utensils. Conducted head counts and prepared inmate out counts. I made sure that all policies were followed by staff and inmates. I served as Staff Trainer for state employees in Basic Life Support, Van Driver's Course, Staff/Inmate Relations, Gang Identification, Sexual Harrassment and EEO/Race Relations.

3/1981 - 12/1997

United States ARMY


  • As a Field Artilleryman, my duties were to corrcetly identify ammunition, fuses and powder charges. Drive and miantain a 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer, an M548 Armored Personnel Carrier, a 5 ton truck, a 21/1 ton truck, a 1/4 ton jeep, a HUMVEE and a 5 ton wrecker. I received a Secret Clearance and participated in the ARMY's PRP Program (handling, maintaining and firing of Nuclear Munitions). As a Sergeant I was responsible for the physical conditioning, discipline, health and welfare, weapons qualification and job specific qualification of soldiers. As a Power Generation Section Sergeant, I was responsible for maintaing power generation equipment. As an Ammunition Section Sergeant, my duties were fill out requisition forms for ammunition and other supplies needed to keep my unit ready for any and all missions. This ensured that my unit always received an over all satisfactory rating.

4/1975 - 3/1981

Seven Eleven Store Manager


  • As a manager for 2 Seven Eleven stores, I was responsible for training employees on customer relations as well as safety. I made sure employees received 40 hours of "hands on" training prior to being assigned a shift. I made sure employees wer knowledgeable with store safety policies. I trained employees to deal with irate customers and ohter situations that might arise during their shift. I ordered groceries and supplies neede for daily operation of stores. Maintained daily and weekly records ofstore inventory. I was responsible for 2000 to 3500 lines items. I planned employees' work and vacation schedules. Made sure employee payroll was processed, recorded and turned in weekly and on a timely manner. Made sure all local, state and federal laws were enforced by all employees. Always had above average rating on store audits. Kept accountability of store porperty and vendor owned equipment. Maintained professional demeanor with public and employees.