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RssMy resume says it all if you are looking for experence, someone that is good with people.

MICHAEL L. DIAL 8848 BETHEL BURLEY RD. PORT ORCHARD, WA. 98367 Home: (360) 895-4039 (Cell: (360) 551-9816) E-mail: Experience: 10/68 - 09/71: United States Navy: Boiler Tech, Diesel Engineman. 10/71 - 12/79: Phoenix AZ. Area: Plumbing Union/ Underground mines pipefitter & maintenance/ Security guard/ Painter Helper/ Community College. 01/80 - 08/80: Pipefitting Worker, PSNS, WG-4204-08 08/80 - 08/89: Pipefitter, PSNS, WG-4204-10 08/89 - 09/89: Pipefitter Leader, PSNS, WL-4204-10 09/89 - 09/2000: Pipefitter, PSNS, WG-4204-10 09/2000- 06/2009: Permanent Supervisor 1, PSNS, and WS-0747-10 07/2009-07/2009 J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corporation, Marine Pipefitter 08/2009- to present Delphinus Engineering Marine Pipefitter Team Leader DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: I began my career in Federal service in 1968 when I joined the U.S. Navy. After receiving my honorable discharge in 1971, for many years I worked as a plumberpipe fitter, underground mines maintenance and pipefitter, security guard and painter helper while going to community college, until being hired by PSNS as a WG-08 pipefitter. After working on ships for a few years, I was promoted to work leader and became familiar with the processes necessary for promotion to supervisor. I was also a fully qualified nuclear/radiological worker for eleven years which consisted of mostly building nuclear test equipment and testing support equipment for the ships and the engineer. In 2000 I received my promotion to first-line supervisor, in 2004 I made permanent. During my tenure as a supervisor, I have worked on surface craft and have been the coordinator for the Alternate Work Assignment organization. I have also assumed the duties of zone manager on occasions and have performed the duties accordingly. As a pipefitter supervisor and stand-in zone manager, I communicate technical information as well as convey work instructions both orally and in writing clearly and effectively to employees and first-line supervisors (when assigned zone manager duties) under my cognizance. I have experience in conducting technical briefings and meetings involving various levels of Shipyard management concerning work schedule, manning, and forecasting. In my experience as a supervisor and zone manager, I have gained the ability to convey detailed instructions to personnel of various knowledge levels and understanding. I can organize and express my thoughts both orally and in writing as well as understand what others are trying to convey. I utilize computers when I prepare technical reports, audit responses, memorandums, and other correspondence. My duties as a first-line supervisor require me to discuss and negotiate technical issues involving pipefitting processes. I have considerable experience in interacting with representatives from various organizations including technical codes, ship’s force, NAVSEA, vendors, and private contractors in order to resolve complex technical issues and problems. Through my work experience, I have gained considerable skill in presenting and supporting controversial issues. Whether serving in the capacity of supervisor or zone manager, I am required to make decisions in an expeditious manner with the regards to schedule, or manning changes. I have the ability to direct the correction of deficiencies in order to remain on schedule. I maintain my own records in order to track multiple work tasks and key events that must occur simultaneously. I am consistent with persevering adherence to priorities and take steps to ensure I am informed at all times. I have knowledge of subordinate positions and job descriptions through my work in the resource department. This knowledge allows me the ability to assign work as well as to evaluate and assign personnel accordingly. I have held the position of Pipefitter Supervisor 1 at PSNS since 2000 and permanent Supervisor since 2004. While performing these assignments, I have directly supervised groups of five to twenty-five workers that included helpers, journey level pipefitters, and apprentices involved with non-nuclear shipboard work evolutions. During the performance of these duties, I review work packages, assign work, monitor the progress, prepare reports on the progress, monitor work in progress, inspect the work accomplished, and certify the completed work. I have experience with prioritizing work based upon available resources and schedule adherence. In the planning stages of work, I have acquired the ability to evaluate the requirements of technical, safety, hazardous materials, waste, and other regulatory issues. I have the ability to recognize, foresee and plan for contingencies and anomalies that have the potential to occur. Through my supervisory experience at PSNS, I have developed the ability to evaluate work and select the best manner in which to accomplish it. This includes alternative methods of installation and testing of shipboard systems. I control the work of several people simultaneously in order to complete work evolutions within scheduled time frames. It is a requirement of me as a supervisor to analyze problems that occur and provide guidance on how best to overcome them. I am trained to recognize deficiencies and also to direct and suggest corrective actions. I have experience with building work process teams. Most of the support I receive is the result of my leadership skill and ability to gain the willing support of others. I have developed the ability to identify “root” causes of problems to deficiencies and work stoppages. Resolutions are based upon past practices and lessons learned, which in-turn, allow me to determine effective corrective actions. In situations where my own experience may be lacking, I am able to recognize my limitations and will seek the specific knowledge from other individuals who may possess the information I require. With my experience, I am able to recognize situations where specific training is required. I am also trained to formulate plans for long-range and short interim situations. In my present position, I supervise a production crew of pipefitters aboard the air craft carriers at different times. I have done some pipefitting on submarines so I have a working knowledge of them. I review the progress of the apprentices and monitor their performance and mentor them for supervisor. My duties as a zone manager have required me to make the determination as to when work should be assigned, scheduled, monitored and inspected in order to avoid problems upon completion. My knowledge of surface vessel non-nuclear mechanical systems is extensive. I worked and supervised (both at first and second level) personnel assigned to me in non-nuclear production, test, pre-fabrication, welding, brazing and fit up and quality control. I possess a good working knowledge of Shipyard function, organization, chain of command, operational procedures, engineering, and trade policies relating to Navy ships. My position as supervisor and zone manager has necessitated I obtain a working knowledge of NAVSEA technical manuals, Process Instructions, MILSTANDARDS, and other technical information. I am also required to interpret guidelines for technical work, personnel management, and the preparation of local shop instructions. I have limited experience with interfacing with contractors to identify NAVSEA and Shipyard specifications. I have become familiar with the legal processes of the Shipyard in regards to employee relations, EEO, discipline, and assignments. EDUCATION: High School graduate (GED) Phoenix AZ. Plumbing Union, 3Years apprentice ship consisting of blue print reading, design and fabrication layout and installation of all types of piping system including sprinkler systems. Journeyman Card was issued at the end of apprenticeship. Phoenix AZ Community College: 1) a (40 hours) Machine trade blue print reading, understanding and design and quality control. 2) A (40 hours) Structural steel blue print reading and design, understanding fabrication and stress of welded steel. 3) A (90 hours) Welding, gas and arc, the different types of filler material for each and the heat ranges. The welding of dissimilar metals and the stress factors involved. All classes were satisfactory grade. PLUMBING AND PIPE FITTING IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA: While working in Phoenix area with the plumbing union and underground copper mine as a pipe fitter and mine maintenance I did my own welding on structures I had to build, I worked with various types of piping systems, water, air and gas both liquid and vapor. The piping system consisted of: plastic, galvanized, cast iron, steel, various grades and types of copper, cement (transit), clay, and tile and black pipe for fire sprinkler systems, pipe sizes were 12” to 36”. In the lower pressure system we used fluid tight or ring tight, no hub coupling, compression coupling, saddle tee that bolted on, slip joint, solvent weld, soft solder, braze and vitriolic and vitriolic to weld . In the higher pressure system we used screw or threaded joints, flanged and welded. In emergency we used belly bands and pumpkins for temporary repairs. We worked in commercial, industrial and residential installing air water and gas, in single homes to large housing projects, in high rises and underground. We piped self contained sewer and potable water unites with wells out in the desert of Phoenix for larger housing complexes. We had to encase the pipes in rebar and cement when crossing dried river beds, we worked in trenches up to 15 feet deep. I learned how to run backhoes, forklifts and other heavy equipment for digging and running grade and leveling trenches for back fill and grade work. I learned how to use a transit instrument and a real type plumb bob for maintaining a ¼ inch per foot fall for sewer lines several 100 yards long. I was work leader and running a crew of eight people in the desert pipe fitting work. I was a lead off when I was running small housing projects with a crew of six in plumbing the houses. SHIP YARD PIPE FITTING EXPERIENCE: I have worked on fresh water, potable water, condensate water, and chilled water, salt water, and auxiliary salt water, fire main, salt water and fresh cooling systems. I have worked on high pressure main steam, low pressure hotel steam and control steam systems. I have worked on higher pressure air, low pressure air, control air and oxygen system. I have worked on lube oil, fuel oil, hydraulics oil and waste oil systems. I have worked on main feed and reserve feed system. I have worked on trim and drain systems. I have worked on sprinkler for counter measure wash down and fire suppression. I have worked on all types of gases, liquid and vapors. I have worked on all types of plumbing systems for bath rooms, drains and vents for voids and tanks. The pipe sizes have been ¼”to 36”. The piping materials are plastics, brass and bronze, copper: hard and soft, copper nickel 90/10 and 70/30, Stainless steel or cress 300 and 400 series, Carbon and galvanized steel, Monel, Titanium and aluminum. Pipes walls have been Schedule 40 up to schedule 160, and all series of wall thickness. I have worked outside diameter and inside diameter tubing and pipe, OD & ID. The joint make up have been P1 or P2 with a tolerance 3 to 5 thousands closed root, backing rings, consumable insert, steps rings, slip coupling, sockets and saddle type weldolets. I have used straight thread with ‘O’ ring and tapered thread. I have used all types of flanges and mechanical joints such as triple lock “flared”, ferulock, sweglock, and auto clave. The pressure ratings have been from 0 PIS to 10,000 PSI in the various systems. I have done radiation test or RT, penetration test or PT, ultra sound test or UT, and magnetic test or MT. I have done air groom and soap bubble testing. I have worked mechanical joints from ½ inch to 24 inch with a wide range of torque values from 21 inch pounds to 1500 foot pounds. The gaskets material I have worked with have been rubber, nylon inserted rubber. Cork impregnated rubber, Garlock, blue guard, Teflon, “O-ring, metal or flexatalic 150 PSI to 3000 PSI. I have helped in constructing and set up of staging for the work I was doing. I have also help in rigging the larger pipe and components into position, I have a working knowledge in both to get my job done. When work was slow in the yard I assisted in AWA or alternate work assignment. We did various jobs around the shipyard that consisted of building new class room, remodeling old rooms, removing or repairing old building and other structures, painting bathrooms, offices, sidewalks. Repairing or replacing old systems. General repair and clean up. I had a crew of 20 to 25 people. Or I assisted in overseeing several crews of 20 to 25 people when there was a lot of work throughout the ship yard. I have spent several years in the recycle program both as a mechanic and a Foreman dismantling submarine and surface crafts. I have to take care of hazardous material of various kinds on the old boats while maintaining OASH standards. I had to sort and separate different types of material and equipment. I have had to work with temporary service and support trades to get the boats down to the to the keel blocks while maintaining a schedule and a safe work environment. With 39 1/2 years working in all types of jobs, I have never had an EEO complaint and I have always maintained a safe working environment and always tried to hold to the highest standers called for on the jobs I was working on.

Boat Builders & Shipwright

Port Orchard, WA

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Boat Builders & Shipwright

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