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RssJava Developer

Java Developer leveraging the power of Spring to work wonders with web applications. My last project was an internal social networking site for businesses, next to last was for landing procedures for commercial aircraft for the FAA (current DOT security clearance), and the one before that was for a health management system for the Air Force Reserves.


Marshall, TX

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Marshall, TX

Work Experiences

6/2008 - 2/2009


Contractor / Freelance

  • I was the sole Java Developer (in a team of 2) programming a social networking site in Java using Spring Web MVC, PostgreSQL, Apache web server and Tomcat as the application server running on Linux. I also re-built the Linux server and installed all the needed tools, re-installed and configured the existing applications that ran on that server, etc. IntelliJ IDE, JDK 1.6, PostgreSQL 8.3, pgAdmin III and Spring for development on a Linux box at home and VPN into work to set up server implementations and for database administration. The manager for the project wrote the new front-end HTML and CSS based on the old existing PHP site, I coded the rest, turning the HTML files into JSP's and using JSTL and Spring tags, YUI for Rich Text editor, JAI for image uploading. I also created three separate implementations running on the GatherPath server and wrote setup instructions for QA to set up their own server and worked with the QA programmer by email to get them up and running from a scratch Linux box for testing.

8/2007 - 6/2008


Contractor / Freelance

  • Worked at the FAA through Titan/L3 Communications working on a system that flight procedure specialists use to input approach procedures for airports. This application was comprised of various technologies, Spring, XML Beans, Hibernate, and JSP's running on Oracle Application Server 10g, using TOAD for SQL construction, CVS for version control, OC4J for local testing Application Server. I used IDEA's IntelliJ most of the time, but did use Eclipse to try to get others into test driven development. Worked ILS coding procedures designing new XSDs for the XML Beans that we will use to replace older String concatenation methods. Updated and re factored existing code for maintainability and various SCRs. SOAP was used to connect our applications to existing applications. DOT Security Clearance.

4/2007 - 8/2007

Diligent Consulting

Contractor / Freelance

  • Wrote Java Servlets and SQL statements to support a custom Health Information Management program for the Air Force Reserves (RCPHA). The programming is done in JDeveloper 10g, version accessing an Oracle 10g database using Java version 1.4.2 and using TOAD for SQL construction. While there I completed twelve CRs composed of seven NEW SQL procedures, four totally new Java Servlets (each containing their own SQL statements) and four modifications to existing Servlets. I also worked with the open source Java reporting tool iReports and JasperReports to fill in PDF versions of DOD documents that were filled in during the application process.

11/2000 - 6/2002


Individual Contributor

  • My role here was as a Java and webMethods developer using webMethods to connect to various legacy systems and data sources using Java, VB 6.0 and MitemView 5.0. The project was a supply chain management program for Robins Air Force base and started out to be VB 6.0 using MitemView to screen scrape legacy systems and run the data through ActiveWorks to clean it up before going into the Oracle database for the front-end guys to use in the web interface. ActiveWorks was then bought out by webMethods and we stopped using VB and started using Java. IDE's of choice were Sun Java Forte then JDeveloper, code hitting Oracle database on HP-UX system. In 2001 while working here I received my certification in webMethods Enterprise 4.1.

5/2000 - 11/2000

Deloitte Consulting

Individual Contributor

  • Here I worked on a proposal for re-design of corporate web site to incorporate newly added business units and manage communications between the corporation and its many dealers across the country and Deloitte won the contract. I used Dreamweaver 3, HTML and JavaScript for the web pages. While on the bench I made inventory reports and PowerPoint presentations for the business management part of the company and attended webMethods B2B training, XML training and Deloitte's own two week consultant training in Miami.

8/1998 - 5/2000


Individual Contributor

  • Worked on an electronic re-procurement system for the Air Force supply chain management process. I used Bluestone's Sapphire Web, Java, JavaScript and HTML as well as being the appointed Oracle DBA for my group on an IBM s390 (AIX). Another developer and I came up with the idea of putting Sapphire tags into Adobe RDF files to dynamically populate PDF files in web pages that were needed for government engineers to sign off on on each stage of the re-procurement process. This contract was up in September of 1999 so I then transferred to the Warner Robins TRW location where I just documented system designs based on existing ADA code and designed user manuals for those systems for the Air Force at Warner Robins AFB. Here I had a Secret clearance and received a “Directors Check Award” for “Excellent Program Performance in Web Design” both in 1999.



Bachelor Degree

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

  • Computer Information Systems