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I am looking for a new career, not a new job. I want to be with a company for as long as it is around. I want to learn all aspects of marketing, from creative to analytical, and I want to help whatever company I am with grow exponentially with my efforts. I am not someone who likes to sit and pretend to work; I like to be busy. I thrive off deadlines and hard work, and I enjoy a work setting where others share that ideal.

Non-retail Sales Supervisor

Trenton, MI

About Me


Sales & Sales Management


Non-retail Sales Supervisor


I spent some time in China and won an award there for Best New Teacher thanks to the new English curriculum I set up. I have been, for the past 4 months, the only salesperson in my jewelry store to exceed her sales quota (admittedly harder in the current economy and harder still located just 10 minutes South of Detroit). I have won numerous awards over the years at various commission-based jobs for my sales performance. I would like to stress, though, that I am NOT looking for a career in direct sales of goods. I prefer a more behind-the-scenes (from a customer standpoint) career, where I can help develop public perception of my company and products. I have also received awards in school on multiple occasions for my various presentations. I found that going just a bit above and beyond and learning to put together short commercials and a few visual aides really manages to wow college professors, who have seen the same powerpoint project year in and year out.

Ideal Companies:

I would love to work for any major company that can truly give me the experience and knowledge that I crave. I have no specific company in mind, however I am naturally more geared towards athletic and retail companies as that is where my personal interests lie.

Education level:


Will Relocate:



Trenton, MI

Work Experiences

10/2008 - Present


Entry Level

  • Assist Office Manager in all areas of the office, accounting, filing, faxing, etc. Invoice and receive and record payments for all multiple-pay pre-arranged and at-need funerals. Maintain in-house flower shop financials and sales forecasting.

8/2006 - Present



  • Oversee all areas of the in-store repair department, Check in all repairs, special orders and new merchandise and maintain quality, Handle all paperwork and ensure proper signatures from customers and management, Claim all warranty work, Maintain A/R and A/P

12/1997 - 12/2005

Plymouth Jewelry and Gifts

Individual Contributor

  • This is a store owned by my family. I have done everything there, including teaching the store's owners how to use a computer. I sell, maintain customer records, file, fax, clean, merchandise, answer phones, and even wrap up everyone's Christmas presents to their significant others. I do not work there anymore because of a conflict of interest with Sterling Jewelers. I was only there seasonally in the first place, though, as it is a small store and has had the same staff for 30 years.