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RssHuman Resources Executive – HR, Organisation Development, Employment Branding

***Contributing at the very senior level ***Drawing on multiple streams of strength ***Making a difference ***Currently in Sydney (Australia) with International Experience (ignore the location shown on the site indicator - it doesn't accept my international postal code of 2011)

Director of Human Resources

Beverly Hills, CA

About Me


Human Resources


Director of Human Resources


PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS ***Certified Human Resources Professional, with extensive experience in Senior HR Management, Corporate Training, Organisation Development and Diversity Management. ***Experience as an HR Director, Senior HR Manager and Senior Business Partner for Private, Public, Education and Not-for Profit sectors - including clients in Professional Services, Health, Building & Housing, Risk & Assurance, Information Technology, Media, and Hospitality ***Renowned for working at a strategic level using a consultative and respectful approach. ***Described as a "change agent" facilitating strengths-based change, HR communications, employee engagement and brand management. ***Adaptable to a variety of organisational settings, specialising in translating strategy into workable, results-focused initiatives. ************************************* PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION *** Designated International Industry Expert by the Gerson Lehrman Group’s Financial & Business Services Council, 2009 *** Award of Fellow by the Australian Human Resources Institute (FAHRI), 2008 for outstanding contribution to (and achievement in) the practice of HR and to the HR community at the HR director level. The award of Fellow is the highest level of achievement *** Outstanding employee: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 ************************************* PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS *** New Zealand State sector Employment Attractiveness Toolkit, 2008 (Author) *** Employment Risk for Survivors of Violent Crimes, HR Article, 2003 (Author) *** Equality&Diversity: Guidance for applying the new Public Service EEO Policy, 2008 (Author) *** Working with Your Body’s Natural Design, HR Article, 2003 (Author) *** How to Moderate a Meeting, Human Resources Article, 2008 (Author) *** Can Biology Based Learning Assist Non-Verbals in Employment, HR Article, 2003 (Author) *** Organisation Development vs. Learning and Development, HR PSI Article, 2008 (Author) *** Career Directions, HR Courseware and text, 2001 (Author) *** NZ Experience with the Recruitment and Retention of Māori and People with Disabilities, Paper for Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Conference, 2007 (Co-Author) *** Personal Motivation for Special Needs, HR Courseware and text, 2001 (Author)************************************* PROFESSIONAL OBSERVATIONS Direct 360o performance review quotes from managers, stakeholders and peers: *** “Krisha has a good depth of professional knowledge; she is both an analytical and strategic thinker” *** “I was impressed by her ability to create buy-in to such an ambitious project” *** “Based on my interaction with her to date, I think that she displays all the competencies I would expect of a professional Public Servant and cannot think of any areas for improvement” *** “Krisha has established a solid reputation for delivering well thought out, quality work that is clear, concise and professional” *** “Internal and external stakeholder feedback is extremely positive, and like her earlier review, reveals a well developed skill set that underpins her performance” *** “Worked through issues with me, not just giving me the easy way out or the answer but allowing me to learn as I went through issues with her guidance and support.” *** “I take some of what I see Krisha do and try and adapt it to my work style to lift and improve on my performance” *** “…what has been achieved in 6 months took [her predecessor] approximately 12 months” *** “Thank you for picking the right person not just for the work and the team but to also support me” *** “Krisha builds and fosters relationships based on trust” *** “Krisha listens well, communicates her point of view and takes on advice / ideas that are different than those she had or adds these to her thinking” *** “She is able to develop practical approaches to difficult issues and work out what are likely to be effective solutions” *** “I like your way of working collegially and your skill at dealing successfully with issues at all levels from the overarching strategy to the individual elements of the process design” *** “She was excellent at explaining her approach, accepting feedback and using that as a platform for making refinements to the work.” *** “I felt that I was listened to, my feedback was valued and I saw it being applied as the discussion developed.”

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Recognises that some people talk about what they do, and some people simply do and let their achievements and others do the talking for them.

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Beverly Hills, CA

Work Experiences

10/1999 - Present



  • Request CV for details... CAPABILITY ***Human Resources Manager including: ~~~Strategic Human Resources Management ~~~Research, analysis and targeted development of talent and high potential programmes ~~~Competency models, succession planning, career development, leadership and management development ~~~People review, performance management ~~~HR Communications, Employee Engagement and Employment Brand Management ~~~Managing a Results Driven Team ~~~Strategic Business Planning and Reporting ~~~Group Facilitation and Conflict Resolution ~~~Culture Change and Managing Diversity ~~~Organisation Restructuring ~~~Recruitment and Retention, including Pyschographic Profiling, Compensation and Benefits, Managing Skill Shortages ~~~Industrial Relations, including Collective Bargaining and Disputes Resolution ~~~Health, Safety and the Environment ~~~ Executive Coaching and Mentoring *** Corporate Services Management *** Project Management *** Distance management & remote location CAPABILITY EXAMPLES *** Executive HR / Organisation Development *** National Employment Brand Project Manager *** National Culture Change Project Manager *** National Governance organisation ~~~Leading NZ brand research, and advising 34 chief executives on effective HR/OD strategies ~~~Providing strategic input into the State sector ICT Skills and Capabilities Programme ~~~Developing innovative HR/OD products that enable people to give their best performance, support the organisation in delivering on its brand promise, and provide flexibility in implementation. ~~~ Project managing the State sector Employment Attraction Strategy including marketing initiatives ~~~ Co-leading the creation of the NZ Public Service Equality and Diversity Policy (passed by Cabinet) Senior *** HR Manager / Senior HR Business Partner Health Sector ~~~ Providing strategic HR/OD leadership to 13 sites on Multi-union Bargaining, Restructuring, System improvement and Emergency management ~~~ Coaching managers to improve performance *** HR Director /Senior HR Business Partner Building and Housing sector  Manager for all HR/OD function across 22 sites ~~~ Re-branding and cultural change in mergers ~~~ Developing management capability *** HR, Finance, Admin & Payroll Manager Not-for-Profit sector ~~~ Managing a results oriented team responsible for paying 1,2600 staff ~~~ Managing stakeholder relationships and clearing up 3 years back-debt



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  • Management, Human Resources, Marketing


Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Director, Senior Human Resources Manager, Strategic Human Resources Management, Research, Competency models, People review, HR Communications, Employee Engagement and Employment Brand Management, Managing a Results Driven Team, Strategic Business Planning and Reporting, Group Facilitation and Conflict Resolution, Culture Change and Managing Diversity, Organisation Restructuring, Recruitment and Retention, Compensation and Benefits, Managing Skill Shortages, Industrial Relations, Safety and the Environment, Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Corporate Services Management, Project Management, Distance management, Remote location, Senior Business Partner, Private sector, Public sector, Education sector, Professional Services, Health sector, Housing sector, Risk and assurance, Information Technology, IT, Hospitality sector, Legal sector, Accounting sector, Strategic Agility, Influencing and Negotiating, Developing Recruitment Strategies and Corporate Training Programmes, Diversity Management, including Indigenous Human Resources Development, Human Resources Development, People Management, Improving business performance through Organisation Development, Technical Knowledge, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Navigate Hurdles and Sensitive Issues, Client Responsiveness, Communication, Consulting and Monitoring, Team Development, Leadership and Achievement, Integrity, Honesty and Trust, Professionalism and Self Management, Relationship Building and Working with Others, Relationship Management, Continuous Improvement, International Industry Expert, Policy Development, Appreciative Inquiry, Coaching, Mentoring, Technical Training, Employment Brand Manager, Executive, Legislation, Employee relations, Unions, Fellow, Certified, Outstanding employee, Succession Planning, Career Development, Analysis and targeted development of talent and high potential programmes, Performance Management, Collective Bargaining and Disputes Resolution, Health and Safety, Employee Wellness, Employee Assistance Programmes, Pyschographic Profiling, Not-for-profit sector, Building sector, Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Risk Management, Compliance, Governance, Pandemic Planning and Risk Mitigation, People Capability, Media sector, Advising, Leadership and management development