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RssChemical Engineer

A challenging position in the Chemical Engineering and/or Chemistry Field.

Chemical Engineer

Atlanta, GA

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Engineering & Architecture


Chemical Engineer


• Created and presented for a mass and energy balance course, a project which envisioned that tropical fruits are delicacies and common cultivars in Puerto Rico and are highly appreciated in Europe and North America, hence a great potential for exportation as added value products, and wines and brandies are excellent alternatives to value added products for these fruits. I pictured that they could open new and exclusive markets for local farmers who would sell these fruits as raw material for such products. However, in order to compete in the wine and brandy market, high quality products needed to be developed. My project led to a granted proposal for a multi-year investigation studying the possibilities of developing high quality wines and brandies from the main pineapple varieties cultivated in Puerto Rico. • Developed and created experimentation around the effects of pasteurization of medium on later yeast growth during fermentation of pineapple juice. I was conducting fermentation trials to evaluate the possible effects of juice pasteurization in aroma of pineapple wines, when I observed different visual patterns related to the formation of phases during the process suggesting different production rates of ethanol and carbon dioxide. I built a poster explaining this phenomena which was consistently repeated through my experimentation and presented it in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Student Poster Session Competition and won the first prize in the Food, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Division, celebrated in Austin, Texas. • Developed experimentation around the technology of Ion Exchange, which encompasses the sciences of thermodynamics, Kinetics, Ion Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, and Economics. The purpose was to create exchangers to maximize efficiency, quality and costs on a project developing methods of reusing everything that could be recycled for when humans embark on long duration missions to space. Being nitrogen the most important nutrient in plant during the growing process, my efforts effort included the removal of nitrate from an inedible biomass, to be consequently removed from a resin as potassium nitrate, as an aqueous solution ready to be used in a hydroponic system (method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, without soil) as a fertilizer, hence, as more plants grow, more biomass is to be used for the next crop. This research became part of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Advanced Life Support Program and the space community to develop systems to produce food, purify their water supply, regenerate oxygen and remove undesirable components of the air. • As part of one my dual major studies, I helped create and develop a program named Chem-2-Chem, which purpose was to serve students enrolled in Chemistry courses by guiding them as tutors/mentors. Statistical analysis performed using official class lists of all Chemistry course sections with the final grades for each student as well as lists of students attendance for the study groups. Tutored and non-tutored students were shown to be statistically comparable in terms of Admissions Index and College Entrance Examination Math Aptitude scores. Analysis of the data was carried out using the Student's T-Test to identify differences between the data sets obtained during the five semesters of the Chem-2-Chem Program. The program participants have consistently shown to have higher success rates (A+B+C) and lower failure and withdrawal rates (F+W). Chem-2-Chem made a difference in the academic performance and personal development of the students. As a General and Organic Chemistry Tutor, the American Chemical Society (ACS) awarded me for my participation and services in this successful program in a Chemistry convention in San Francisco, CA.

Ideal Companies:

Coca Cola, Nike, Exxon, Procter&Gamble, Shell, BP, Colgate, Kimberly Clark, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, CIA, FBI, Amgen, Abbott, Bristol-Meyers, Dupont, Exelon, General Electrric, Southern Company, Kraft, NRC, Wyeth, Xerox, etc.

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Atlanta, GA

Work Experiences

7/2006 - 1/2009

Accenture, LLP

Entry Level

  • Helped clients across different industries perform at the highest levels so they could create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. Identified new businesses, technology trends and develop solutions to enter new markets, increase revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance, and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.