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Rssresearch or analysis of semiconductor materials or engineering materials

SEM / FIB lab engineer strong in verifying and isolating semiconductor device failures and physical analysis to determine the root cause of failure. Proven experience in fault isolation, physical / construction analysis, identifying failure mechanisms, characterizing manufacturing defects and new semiconductor materials. Areas of expertise include: Failure Analysis FA Defect Characterization IC Failure Mechanisms SEM / FIB Lab Equipment Failure isolation technique Element Identification Semiconductor Processing Construction Analysis Patent Infringement Deprocess / delayer IC Semiconductor etches Chemistry


Tempe, AZ

About Me

Work Experiences

6/1984 - Present


Individual Contributor

  • • Identified poly stringers on Atlas Ultralight chip-set for automotive applications achieving a 30% yield improvement saving Freescale $100M in 1 year. The failure sites were pinpointed using PEM (Photo Emission Microscopy). • Improved SMOS8 lot yields 25% by discovering tungsten particles from wafer-edge arching causing metal shorts. The failures were isolated using XIVA (Externally Induced Voltage Alteration). • Enabled the MIM (Metal-Insulator-Metal) capacitor team to meet customer qualification date by determining the cause for short lifetime reliability samples were due to shorts from metal veils. Failures pinpointed with IR (Infrared Imaging). • Reduced equipment downtime 20% by troubleshooting malfunctions. Responsible for SEM / FIB (Scanning Electron Microscope / Focused Ion Beam) and sample preparation equipment maintenance, performance, and training. • Performed physical characterization using light microscopes, SEM, FIB, EDS / WDS (Energy / Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy), AES (Auger Electron Spectroscopy), and sample preparation equipment.