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Brand / Marketing / BD (All-Round) Leader (MBA) English + Chinese with 7 yrs Experience




Washington, DC

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Challenging environment where I could add value by bringing my 'all-round' skills aquired from today's leading MNC's and SME's. BIO: Michael is a 'people person' leader (very good at networking), trustable and most people get along with him very easily due to his acculturation and people skills. His key strength and value adding point is branding / marketing with a twist of back end management support (an all round business leader who is self-managed). To build his 'all-round' career, Michael has done the following: 1. Worked with today’s leading U.S, European, Japanese, and Chinese firms such as AT&T, APAC, MICC, SONY, IBM, ORACLE, OBC, Seioglobal, in diverse IT / marketing / management silos. 2. His most recent experience as Director (BD / Sales) of one of China's Top10 firms (Seioglobal - Shanghai Seiosoft - ranked 13th in ChinaSourcing's top50 of 2008) and acculturation to China in addition to my global MNCs / U.S work might make his CV worthwhile your glance. Michael has been in Asia for over 3 years (Shanghai 2 years - Singapore 1 year) with China PR ready and his Chinese culture knowledge and language makes me work easily with Chinese in a business setting. 3. He has also done financial reporting functions in his previous two jobs, accounting systems (MIS), and worked with SOX auditing in a global telecom MNC that contracted Ernest&Young - MICC (see his CV job experience #2). As the Chinese say; 所见即所知 "you'll see my true qualities when you meet or contact me." If anything is unclear to you his CV don't hesitate to give Mike a call on +86.135.643.79994 / Skype ID: michaelssg / IM (msn): Regards & qing he wo lianxi :) Mr. Michael S. Honors: U.S & International - MBA & Dual BA (International Business + MIS)


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NUID (National University of Ireland Dublin) MBA (International Business / Sr. Management) 2007 Master Degree
Wartburg College International Business & MIS 2004 Bachelor Degree



I believe other people are always a more trusted source to describe my leadership and branding skills, and they have recommended / described my work in the following ways: * "Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity. Mike worked in SeioGlobal as a BD director for more than 1 year. I am very impressed by his passion, carefulness and hardworking. He has excellent communication skills to attract his client. And our team works more efficiently because he is there. He always likes to dig the details of the facts to reach goals. I really appreciated his work in SeioGlobal.” Mrs. Jialiang Liu, VP & Service Delivery Director - - Seioglobal , Shanghai, PRC (fellow Director coordinated IT delivery) March 28, 2009 * “Mike is one of those rare personable individuals who when pushed or challenged, becomes motivated and inspired to answer the question. He is extremely articulate and stands out among his peers for the clarifty and cogency of his arguments. In short, Mike clearly has the potential to make a difference.” Mr. Niall O'Reilly, Managing Director, Accurate Group (business partner) March 28, 2009 * “Michael is an excellent Business Development Manager. He is always able to give us creative and strategic advice and suggestion on business development.Also he is very easygoing and kind to each member of our team.We did a great job in the past.With his passion and confidence,I believe we would build up our strong team together.” Miss Sophia Xu - Marketing Manager - Seioglobal , Shanghai, PRC (subordinate / provided leadership and managed) April 24, 2008" Michael is a 2 year China resident married to Shanghainese with valid legal PR visa. More recommendations on attached CV (below this cover letter), and on my LinkedIN:

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Apple, HP