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RssRegistered Nurse

I am looking for job securiy, while balancing time with my family. I'm not willing to relocate but I'd don't mind working a couple of days within a 200 to 300 mile radius from the Greenville Ms. area. I would like to know my weekly schedule at least 1 week in advance. It would be rewarding and beneficial to the company as well as myself myself to be able to offer this type of schedule. I am truly one of the most caring nurses that will provide the best care possible. I am also looking for employment benefits as well as an understanding staff.

Registered Nurse

Greenville, MS

About Me


Healthcare & Medical


Registered Nurse

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Greenville, MS

Work Experiences

3/2008 - 4/2009

Fersenius medical Care


  • Administer Pt teaching on disease process of ESRD ,complications, using medical equipment, and administering peritoneal dialysis to self in Home setting, after going through intence 40 hour or more traing course provided by Rn. Implementing Training to Pt based on company policy as well as each Pt's idividuality and learning ability. Assessing learning ability and administer plan of care and teaching to pt accordingly to benefit pt's needs metatally, physiclly and emotionally. Running and managing Home traing program using skills such as case management, amin meds IV ,IVP, IP, and PO. PET and KT/V testing as well as drawing all routine labs and sending to Lab via fed express or local lab. Resposible for cqi and maintaing PD program within adaquate scoring level acording to FMC policy. Meeting policy deadlines on end of the month reports.Triaging phonecalls and performing in clinc care setting daily Resposible for billing , ordering all suplies and all documentation of pt calls,activities ,change in care and any communication or complication with Pt. Followed pt algorythem and changed medications or RX based on adaquecy test, pt pertineal information and on routine labs. Worked closely with physician to manage pt's poc and held monthly clinic with physician to assesspt's condition and make changes accordingly. Held monthly TOPS meetings to pt With ESRD and their families to further educate them on stages of ESRD and their choices at time dialysis on the different dialysis tx. 24/7 Delivered on call sevices for pt's in need of asisstance.

5/2007 - 9/2007


Entry Level

  • Responsible for setting up c-paps in home enviroment. Making sure pt is sized correctly and appropriate testing is done for adaquate O2. Extensive teaching on disease processes including CHF, Pulmonary Disease, and Sleep Apnea. Teaching on prevention, medications and s/s.

3/2007 - 5/2007

Delta Regional

Contractor / Freelance

  • assessed planned and immplamented care in Hospital setting, Administered med and treatments orderes by md.

3/2004 - 3/2008

Standridge, Inc.


  • Scheduling employees and client appointment. Handled all insurance Claims also resposible for all bookkeping, ordering supplies, and accounts payable and receivable . Experienced in Quickbooks and other specialized computer software programs. Payroll. Administered medical care to all employees and used very critical extensive math skills to calulate chemicals dosages.Resposible formanaging 7-10 employersd.

2/2004 - 12/2004

Pinicle Home Health and Hospice


  • Managed CNA and other health care team members in Home enviroment. Assessed planned, and implemented plan of care for Home Health and Hospice Pts. Titrated medication doses for Hospice Pts and administered holistic care in home setting. Also worked closely with LPNS and CNA to administer quality care to home bound home health patients including but not limited to pt teaching on disease process, medications, treatments, selfcare, diet and complications. Care plan recertification every 60 days. Oasis experience. Direct pt care ordered by physicians. Ordering comprehensive assessments of pts needs for therapy services. Collecting lab ordered by Physician or IV services.

2/1999 - 11/2000

East Feleciana Home Health

Contractor / Freelance

  • delivered home health nursing services on daily basis in Home enviroment, Including direct care such as IV medication administration. Dressing changes. assessments, Planning and implementation of care. Managing LPN and CNA servises, ensureing company policy as well as State and OSHA policies were carried out accuratly. Pt teaching on disease process, s&s, Meds and Complications. Recert eqery 60 days. Thourough RN assessment and ordering other Therapy assessement and aide servises. collecting labs as ordered by md and brought to participating lab. working with md to assure pt quality care.

1/1992 - 5/1998

HomeHealth and Hospital Contract Nursing

Contractor / Freelance

  • General Nursing duties in Hospital setting including Med Surg, Psyc, and Pediatrics. Home Health nursing in Home enviroment including Adults and Pediatrics this entailed working with hight Risk, term, and preemie infants in Home enviroment. I administered PT teaching to low come families and teenage mothers on infant care and possible complications. I also did Private duty in Home settings with pediatric pt's with Trachs and GI tubes, also on vents.

5/1990 - 5/1992


Entry Level

  • General LPN duties working closely with 4 Physicians in clinic and hospital setting.Also Did Home Health nursing working with psyc, Med surge, diabetic and dyalysis pts in home setting.

1/1989 - 1/1990

Earl K Long Hospital

Entry Level

  • General LPN staff nursing in new born nursury administering new born care, assesements, injection , p.o med, and working with bililights. 30 bed unit with about 10 infants in icu step down unit with resposibilities which included ng tube feedings and intense monitoring of preemies and infants with Hepetitis,Hiv,Drug addiction complicationsand and apnea.



Associate Degree

Baptist school of nursing

  • Registered Nursing


Trade School Degree

JE memorial

  • LPN


Associate Degree


  • Graphic Design