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RssPromotional Specialist

I am looking for job security, health benefits, and a sufficient salary that matches responsibilities. I am looking for a career where I can utilize both the skills I have acquired in the classroom as well as my work and life experiences.

Medical Office Manager

Forked River, NJ

About Me


Healthcare & Medical


Medical Office Manager


While attending Ocean County College I was a member of Alpha Beta Gamma, the business honor society fraternity. I was also a member of Phi Beta Lambda, Ocean County College's business fraternity. As a member of Phi Beta Lambda I won First Place at the 2006 Phi Beta Lambda State Competition in both the Computer Application portion and the Word Processing portion, typing 74 wpm. While at Sovereign Bank I received the Certificate of Excellence awarded by James F Dunaway, Regional Community Banking Manager AVP. I also received the Extra Mile Award awarded by Warren Taylor, President of Sovereign. I am also a proud holder of an FAA Private Pilots License, as well as my NJ Real Estate License.

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Forked River, NJ

Work Experiences

1/2008 - Present



  • I started with Team Enterprise as a part time, Miller Lite promotional specialist. My duties were to arrive at all events 15 minutes early. Set up the table tents, coasters, displays, and interact with customers. The most important part of my job besides for booking events is to walk around mingles with customer. Talk with the customers about the product, tell them about the special or promotion we have going on that day. I caught on fast and before I know it I could talk to anyone about anything but especially Miller Lite. I know the product inside and out. My events were doing great and my sales were awesome. After football season Cait decided to add me to the Miller Chill promotion schedule. This meant two different products, more events, and tons more responsibility. I was now in charge of my own displays, giveaways and prizes. I would meet Cait at the beginning of the week and she would give me everything I needed for that weeks events. She wasn't going to come to as many of my events as before, she would be watching over the other girls. It was all on me! As a promotion specialist you have to be very quick on your feet. Times and dates change all the time, and nothing is set in stone. You never know who you are interacting with, it might be the owner of the bar you are talking to. It could be a rep. from a competitor's beer, an executive from Miller, someone from Team Enterprise checking up on you, or just a regular consumer. Once summer rolled around Cait and Point Pleasant Distributor were very happy with my progress. For the summer they were starting a new campaign for Fosters and they asked me to be lead promotional specialist. Fosters was to be and still is, my baby. I'm in charge of all to do with Fosters, staffing events, training, giveaways, raffles, prizes, uniforms, you name it. The biggest perk of them all they were trusting me with a promotional car, the Fosters Jeep. This means lots of showing up early and being the last one to leave. I was now the one going to the storage facility picking up giveaways, meeting with the girls giving them their giveaways for the week. It is a very rewarding and a crazy job. The best and worst part of my jobs is you never know what is going to happen next. We relay on some many other people to do their jobs. When someone else drops the ball we have to handle it, with a smile on our face. The public sees us not what is going on in the background. One time our uniforms were lost in-transit some were in NJ so I had to improvise and be creative. I drove to the local department store purchased men's undershirts. I know I had temporary tattoos in the Fosters Jeep. So in the bathroom of a bar somewhere in Monmouth County there I stood sticking tattoos to undershirts, cutting and tying. We still wear my tattoo uniforms to this day. There is a lot of trust, honesty, and time management required to do my job. It isn't a 9 to 5 job, sometimes I'm called to work on a day I would normally have off. Everyday is different; I wear many hats. I can confidently say I can handle anything Cait throws at me, and I know she knows I can do anything she asks of me.

9/2006 - 5/2008

Sovereign Bank

Individual Contributor

  • I was originally hired at the Beach Haven Branch as a part time CSR. Sovereign doesn't use the job title Teller. Sovereign uses the title Customer Service Representative or CSR. While at Beach Haven I was promoted to a Senior Customer Service Representative position. As a Senior CSR my cash limit was higher then other CSRs. I also had the ability to error correct other CSR work and sign bank checks up to $10,000. I also receive two awards when I was as in Beach Haven. I received a Certificate of Excellence awarded by James F Dunaway, my branch manager at the time, and the Extra Mile Award awarded by Warren Taylor, the President of Sovereign. I transferred to the new North Toms River office in January. I made the switch because not only was the new branch closer to school but also I had worked with the manager and assistant manager in the past. In October and November the Locust branch was short staffed and I was asked if I would be interested in helping out. I was excited for the change of pass and the opportunity to meet new people. Little did I know when I was there I learnt that Sovereign was closing the Locust branch and building a new one right down the street. Frank asked if I would be interested in transferring to the new branch. Frank was going to be the manager at the new branch and wanted to know if I would like to go with him. It was going to be a brand new building with first time CSRs. I made the switch after the holidays. A typical day for me starts with preparing the lobby. I make coffee and lay out some snacks. Then I open the vault; take out my draw along with the proof work from the night before. Once I have my station situated I open the drive up window and check the night drop. My duties as a teller are as followed: greet each customer as they enter the branch. Answer any questions the customer may have. If I am unsure of answer I'm to point them in the right direction, whether that be having them speak to someone on the platform, an Internet site, or giving them some literature. A typical CRS would process deposits, withdraws, and transfers. My branch was so short staffed I was trained to do some platform duty┬┐s as well. At my window I could open and closed accounts, as well as open and close CDs. At times I am called upon to sell and redeem savings bonds, process mortgage payments, commercial loan payment, and TT&L payments. I also cash checks and handle credit card cash advances. At both branches, I ordering all banking and office supplies, as well as keeping track of the customer referrals from the CSRs. I'm also temporary custodian of the vault and ATM. Besides for my teller duties I answer the phones, take messages, file any necessary paper work, fax new account paper work to headquarters, and create handouts for the customers and team members. Whenever there is a new promotion going on I make new customer receipts with the promotion on it. I also make note cards for everyone at the branch. These note cards are like little cheat sheets. You can quickly look down at your card and see if the customer meets the requirements. The cards are much easier to use instead of having to look thing up on the system. It was my job to do this because I am quite good at using Microsoft World. I enjoyed doing these things. It allowed me to apply all software knowledge that I taught in school also it aloud me to be creative.

6/1999 - 10/2006

Southwinds Harbor Marina

Entry Level

  • I started at Southwinds my freshman year is High School. I started out as a gas dock attendant. As a gas dock attendant I was responsible for direct the boat to the dock, tying the boat up to the dock, and assist with fueling, I loved it! I was outside all day; talking to people it was great. The following summer I was given more responsibilities as a dock hand. I trained the new gas attendant, working the counter and register at the snack/bait shop. I would take the reading for the tank and order fuel when necessary. The next summer I was moving on up. I was placed in the office. In the office I would man the radios, schedule and book transient (overnight) slips. I would assign slips, book reservations, assist in docking, and watch over the pool. Once the summer was over the Marina kept me on to help with office work. I would complete basic things like filing, folding mailers, stuffing envelopes, things of that nature. By my senior year I was an Office Assistant. First thing in the morning I would listen to all the messages, document each one and be sure that everyone received a copy of their messages. During the day I would answer the phones and field questions about the marina and service departments, as well as take reservations for transient (over night stays). I would regularly create and send out mailers. At the beginning of the Winter Season I would draft slip contracts and payment plans of all current and new slip holders. I would collect the mail, process payments for merchandise and the service department. Everyday I would make a deposit at the bank, and biweekly create the employee schedules along with review time cards for the previous two weeks.



Bachelor Degree

Kean University

  • Management


Associate Degree

Ocean County College

  • Business Administration


Associate Degree

Ocean County College

  • Administrative Office Management