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RssQuality Operations Management Professional

15+ years experience in Quality Assurance and Operations Management sectors, with expertise in systems implementation, process/product improvement initiatives, teamwork training, and ISO9001 Standardization. Utilized teamwork approach to facilitate customer satisfaction group that saved $1.2M in warranty costs for a major automotive company. Administered, designed, and implemented all system requirements for several companies to successfully achieve ISO9001/QS9001 certification or recertification. Transitioned skills into government simulation and training facility for United States Department of Defense, implemented system process improvements, improved customer relations, established supplier quality program. Improved operations throughput by reducing internal defects, introducing effective corrective and preventive actions software, which emphasized cost savings. Ensured increased quality efficiencies took place throughout the organization. Currently located University of Central Florida. Will relocate within the State of Florida.

Operations Manager

Oviedo, FL

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Manufacturing & Production


Operations Manager


AWARDS · Customer Driven Quality Award – Recognition for distinguished achievement toward customer satisfaction · Lean Manufacturing Award – recognition of outstanding initiatives toward continuous improvement · ISO9001 Implementation Award – recognition for outstanding teamwork · Employee of the Month – recognition for outstanding contributions to the workplace · Trained over 1000 employees on a range of Quality Assurance topics, from simple generic concepts to improved specific job needs/requirements. Results: Noted improvement of employee’s acceptance of infusing quality concepts in daily activities; employees gained a sense of ownership and empowerment. · Applied expert knowledge of the ISO9001:2000 standards to re-establish, revise, and revamp Quality Management Systems (QMS) processes, products, and documentation for several companies. Results: Re-certification earned by the companies; revamped QMS significantly improved content, inclusive to employee knowledge/awareness of the ISO9000 standards, particularly the documentation they are required to follow. · Utilized several quality assurance concepts to review large quantities of warranty data for a large automotive company. Results: Field fix to major component saving $1.2 million in warranty costs. · Analyzed corrective action returns data and implemented quality concepts to define metrics in a trend analysis, at a small metal fabrication company. Established an effective corrective and preventive action program. Results: Number of defects being shipped to customer reduced 38% within 90 days of implementation. · Conducted hundreds of internal audits for several companies, performed as Lead Auditor, as required by the standards of ISO9001:2000. Results: Identified and eliminated hundreds of quality system deficiencies (nonconformances), as determined by ISO9001. Implemented hundreds of corrective actions inclusive to prevent recurrence to the QMS deficiencies. · Business professional with thirty years of outstanding service to the professional sector has keen eye for talented individuals who may fit the requirements of the business for which I am recruiting. Results: Recruited numerous volunteers for various social functions, all were extremely successful. · Wrote hundreds of levels of documentation for quality management systems, included quality policies, procedures, work instructions, and created numerous forms. Wrote job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, process flow charts, and a variety of quality concept documentation, included technical writing. Results: Significant improvement on every quality management system documentation layout I’ve worked on. · Conducted numerous customer satisfaction campaigns for several companies, clearly defined customer’s requirements by means of developing/implementing customer satisfaction surveys. Results: Increased customer satisfaction metrics to an exceptional level. Installed Supplier Quality system for major company. Results: reduced supplier quality defects 35%. · Worked closely with major customer, determined why shipments were continuously late and quality of product was not acceptable. Results: Identified issues on the shop floor that customer drawings were not clear to enable proper builds. Corrective action included establishing process flow to include manufacturing engineering and design engineering to review drawings, resulted in clarification of drawings and subsequent excellent builds. Raised customer survey from 60 to high 80 percentile. · As Webmaster; created an internet web page design with web team, that presented an imaginative approach to targeted market. Results: Excellent response from targeted market… 80% improvement in response versus poor response from US mailing. · Managed Quality Department of simulation and training company, significantly improved their existing quality management system by implementing several quality assurance concepts. Results: Improved throughput, recertification to ISO9001, established an automated calibration system, saving time and money.

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Oviedo, FL

Work Experiences

4/2008 - 11/2008

Metters Industries


  • Managed quality system that required strict adherence to Department of Defense requirements and specifications. Updated & streamlined ISO9001:2000 procedural documentation & internal audit procedures; conducted numerous ISO9001 internal audits, provided refresher/basic training in ISO principles and goals for the entire workforce. Prepared and led the company through a successful ISO recertification.

5/2006 - 1/2007

Hytec Dealer Services


  • Directed and implemented the quality management system, including written documentation and installation of corrective action, a prevent recurrence system. Conducted numerous internal quality audits, supervised staff of internal auditors, trained entire organization on quality concepts, and continuous improvements.

9/2003 - 9/2006

G&^ Conveyor

Individual Contributor

  • Managed Quality systems, product and continuous improvement initiatives. Conducted numerous internal quality audits. Facilitated Toyota Production System training & implementation, implemented Lean Manufacturing and supplier quality program.

9/2001 - 4/2003

SMT Sanford


  • Championed quality program and Quality Department, eliminating major manufacturing defects. Trained and coached Quality system processes to the floor and all levels of the organization.

5/1999 - 8/2001

Herbalife International


  • Initiated extensive sales and marketing distributorship for healthcare products, inclusive to recruiting key personnel to sell and market products, as major holder of this distribution business. Oversaw creation and implementation of website advertising center with extensive training of key personnel.

12/1997 - 4/1999

Transpo Electronics


  • Established a complete reorganization of QS9001 quality documentation system, with re-certification awarded by Registrar. Managed internal audit staff consisting of 8 internal auditors as Lead Quality Auditor. Conducted numerous internal quality audits. Initiated several process control improvements utilizing control plans and other quality tools throughout the manufacturing floor.