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RssAssistant Manager for hire

I would like to be hired directly by a company full time in a management fast track path. Work with a seasoned manager as an assistant, to learn the style of management, decision makers, company culture and specifics. Then when I have proven my abilities, start with smaller projects/ programs, and work with increasing responsibilities as I perform.


Fort Pierce, FL

About Me


Engineering & Architecture




I have been Who's Who amongst students in American Universities and colleges, nominated by my professors. While working as a senior specifications engineer for Parsons on the Pruedoe Bay, Alaska, GHX II project, as a liaison engineer, the Quality Manager for Fluor Daniel nominated me for the Project Managers Quality Award. This was for marking the blue-prints for field welds, and doing a quality check, prior to manufacturing and installation of pre-fab modules in the field, which were floated from LA., up to Alaska. I worked at Fluor at the Philadelphia Operations Center, in Marlton, NJ.(POC), in the specifications group, think tank. We did the overflow project work in the piping engineering department. I was amongst several who won the Bellringer Award, for being caught in the act of excellence. It was in recognition of quality work doing piping materials and performance project specifications and documents. I created prototype specifications as well as, made modifications to existing specifications. I remember doing the Rohm and Haas underground sewage upgrade specifications, which we had no information of the chemistry to work with. I put the responsibility of the material testing for a material that would be used to upgrade the system back on their chemists due to propriatary chemical information. They found PE3408 to be a plastic I could work with. I researched the plastic and wrote specs for two difference methods of correction, which minimized the underground work, and maximized the correction. Insituform was a method of placing a sleeve inside the pipe, to harden in place, being connected and sealed at the manholes. The other method was also a sleeve inside the existing pipe utilizing butt-welding sections of pipe. Also, sealing them at the manholes, which needed to be replaced. We put them out for bid, and did the fix. Another project I was working on, we had a limited budget and needed to estimate the materials for a project from preliminary, and daily changing blue-prints. Each day they changed and we needed to revise out hand done estimates. I created a computer program outline of steps, which our programmer wrote the code for, and we were able to computerize our estimate, and deal with changes easily. Our accuracy was greatly enhanced and we finished much ahead of schedule, saving the company man-hours. The program was used to estimate other future work. The past ten years I have worked in education as an adjunct professor and educator. I am proud to have helped so many of my students to go on the bigger and better things. Last year my robotics team of middle school students, went to the Florida State Finals, and won two awards. I enjoy coaching, and sometimes get lucky when we needed it most.

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Fluor, Parsons, ...

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Fort Pierce, FL