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RssCertified Nokia Flexi 3G WCDMA BTS,IDN,GGSN,SGSN, MSS, Mini Media Gateway Level 1 Installer

Looking to get intergrator and commisioning for Nokia / Ericsson and Fujitsu and Aclutel & Lucent and Nortel.

Field Technician

Jessup, PA

About Me




Field Technician


Certified on Nokia Flexi 3G WCDMA BTS,IDN,GGSN,SGSN,MSS,Mini Media Gateway Installer Level 1,Certified Nokia/Ericsson SGSN, BTS,RTS,BTC,RTC, Central Office Level 2 installer, Cell Site Radio Equipment Level 3 installer, Fujitsu 4100ES & 4500 With GPS Equipment Level 2 Installer. Nortel 850 & Tiger 1900 Cell Site Equipment installer Level 2.

Education level:

High School/GED

Will Relocate:



Jessup, PA

Work Experiences

12/2008 - Present


Individual Contributor

  • Cable Puller,fiber Optic Cable Installer,Install Nokia Flexi 3G WCDMA BTS,SGSN.GGSN,MSS,Mini Media Multigate,Sew & Lace Cables, RElable Cables

11/2008 - 12/2008

The Marquis Group

Individual Contributor

  • Install Nokia Equipment & Cisco 7600 Routers,Pull Cables,Sew & Lace Cables Measure & cut cables to Length and Relable,Run Power,Transmission,Signal,timming Cables,

8/2008 - 11/2008

One Source Staffing Solutions

Entry Level

  • Package CD & DVD into Plastic and /or Cardboard holders and ship to wrapping department

7/2008 - 8/2008

(UNDC) Universal Network Development Corporation

Individual Contributor

  • FIOS Quality Assurance Inspector, Check for Proper Grounding and Bonding and wires are properly ran

6/2008 - 7/2008


Individual Contributor

  • Nokia DX2 and DX200 Equipment,Pull cables,Sew and Lace Cables,Went over MOP with LEAD to Learn the Job,

3/2008 - 6/2008

Butler Telecom, INC.

Individual Contributor

  • Certified Nokia Flexi 3G WCDMA BTS,Level 1 Installer, Install RF Modules,FPMA,FPAA,FPBA, Transmission Modules,Install Fujitsu 4100ES &4500 with GPS Equipment, Install Bays,Install Iron Work, Ladder Rack, Sew & Lace Cables,Install Fiber Optic Cables,Fiber TRuff, Duect work,

1/2008 - 3/2008


Individual Contributor

  • Central Office Power Technician, Pull 750 Flex Power Cables,Install Ladder Rack, Sew and Lace Cable,

6/2007 - 9/2007


Individual Contributor

  • Cable Puller,Cat5,cat5e,Cat6,patch Cables,Cabinet Cables, Testing with Fluke Meter for Short,Crosses,Mixed Pairs,Opens,Install Jacks 568A,568B

5/2007 - 6/2007

AFL Telecommunications Network Servicies

Individual Contributor

  • Central Office Equipment Installer, Install Tellabs Titan 7700 Fiber optic Dial Tone Equipment, Pulled Cables,Sew and Lace Cables,Iron work, Mount Bays, UMTS Equipment,Learned how to test Fiber Optic Cables

3/2007 - 5/2007


Individual Contributor

  • Pulled Cables,Sew and Lace Cables to Ladder Rack,Iron Work,Mount Bays, Went over Mop's and Sop's

6/2006 - 3/2007


Entry Level

  • Central Office BTS & RTS Cell Site and Central Office Equipment Installer, Nokia & Ericsson BTS,RTS,BTC,RTC,Core Installation, Cable Pulling,Sewing & Laceing Cables,Mount Bays,Iron Work,Fiber Optic Cable Installation,

5/2006 - 6/2006


Entry Level

  • Central Office Power & Equipment installer,Run Power Cables,Mounted Batterys to Racks, Strapped Batterys,Run Ground wires to Main Ground Bar,and cables to BDFB

1/2006 - 4/2006

Raize Solutions

Entry Level

  • Central Office Equipment installer, Install Tellabs Titan 5500 Dial tone Equipment,and Cisco 7600 Routers,Pulled Cables,Power,Signal,timming,transmission, Sew & Lace Cables,

10/2005 - 1/2006

Techedge Corp.

Individual Contributor

  • Field Technician Wireless,Run Extension of T-1 Cables and E911 Lines and Tested with 2310 T-BERD from Cell site back to Central Office

4/2005 - 7/2005

Orin USA,Inc.

Individual Contributor

  • Deinstall Old Cell Site Equipment and Prep Site for New Ericsson Equipment, Remove Batterys,Old Cabinets,and Cables

10/2004 - 5/2005


Entry Level

  • Remove Material Off Loom and Restock Material for next run

3/2003 - 9/2004


Individual Contributor

  • Product Distributor, Unload Trucks and Stock Shelvels

3/2003 - 5/2004

Maui Cup

Individual Contributor

  • Quality Contro; Inspection Technician, Inspect Cups for proper Color,Design,Leak test,sleve count,height count,Lid inspection for color,height, sleve count Day shift job FT while Working HomeDepot at nights

9/2000 - 4/2001

Mastec North Americian INC.

Contractor / Freelance

  • Central Office & Switch Access Installation Install Lucent Dial Tone Equipment in CLEC'S Part of Bell atlantic Building,Pull Cables,Power,Signal,and Transmission,Timming,Mount Bays,Ladder Rack

9/2000 - 4/2001

Mastec North Americian Inc.

Entry Level


5/2000 - 7/2000

Clear Communications

Contractor / Freelance

  • Installer Nortel 850 Cell Sites,Mount Earthquake braceing,mount bays,ladder racks, fiber optic truff & duect,mount batterys,ground cables to main ground bar, run cables to BDFB,Pull Cables,Power,signal,timming,transmission,Run fiber optic cables,

2/2000 - 5/2000

Henkle & McCoy, INC.

Entry Level

  • (Tempory Position) Outside Plant Line Technician,Traffic Control (Flagging),Mount Strand Cables to Pole,Pull 600 Pair Cable and Lash to Strand wire on Pole,Bucket Truck Operation,Pole Climbing,Lashing Machine Operator,Copper Splicer Entry Level,NoN CDL License.

6/1997 - 9/1999

Bell Atlantic Telephone

Individual Contributor

  • installation and maintenance repair technician, run phone lines from pole to demarc,run inside phone lines install phone jacks, smart jacks, 568A and 568B, troubleshoot lines and do maintence on lines, outside plant technician (entry level), ran bucket truck (small non CDL) (entry level), lashing machine operator, copper splicer (entry level), Lineman (intermediate).

4/1995 - 11/1995

Jaflo Tree Service

Entry Level

  • Tree climber, (entry Level Trainee), ground person (intermediate),ran chain saw, trim trees for power company, operate chipper

6/1985 - 1/2003

Winswept Acres


  • Kennel Manager,Groom Dogs, Feed Dogs,and get Dogs Ready for Weekend Conformation Shows, Maintaing Yard, Manage 3 Employees

9/1984 - 1/1993

Howmet Corporation

Individual Contributor

  • Metal Finisher,Operate Bridgeport CNC Milling Machine,backstand grinder,vibortory equipment,dimensional insprction, visual inspection



Trade School Degree

Nokia flexi 3G BTS WCDMA Installation

  • Cell Site installation training


Trade School Degree

Nokia / Ericsson SGSN, BTS,RTS,BTC,RTC, CORE,Installation

  • cell site Level 3 installer training,central office equipment installet level2


Trade School Degree

Bell Atlantic Telephone Installation & Repair & Maintenance

  • Telephone I& R &pole Climbing &Bucket Truck Operation


Trade School Degree

Henkle &McCoy Telecommunication Training

  • 420 hour Telecommunication Course,pole climbing,outside plant Technician Training,Installation & Repair & Maintenance Training