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RssAccessibility Compliance Specialist

In the past few years at the Waltham Verizon Labs I specialized in ADA compliance and I feel that I can make a greater impact in accessibility by joining more active players and nimbler companies. At Verizon I distinguished myself for insight and teamwork, creativity and innovation, leadership and passion, for the support and the solutions technology can provide to people with special needs. I led the company initiative to achieve compliance for Verizon products and services, communicating directly with the customer and working with several cross-functional teams to address and resolve the accessibility problems encountered through the order, installation, and implementation phases of company products and services. I'm fluent with WCAG, Section 508 and Section 255 standard, assistive technology (screen readers, etc.) and automated testing, which allow my audits to be detailed, informational and also educational in those cases where accessibility is not familiar to project managers, designers or developers. My experience in web design and authoring, graphic and user interface design greatly contributes to the implementation of the necessary solutions. My fluency in sign language and Deaf culture facilitates the communication between culturally different groups. I advocated the needs of people with disabilities and the aging population by delivering company-wide presentations and training to improve standards, awareness, and involvement. I have been recognized with several leadership and patent awards, which are a compliment to my dedication and innovative energy.

Telecomm Specialist

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Telecomm Specialist


Award recipient for establishing Verizon as the industry leader in accessibility and for gaining the market share of the people with special needs, including the enormous potential of the Baby Boomers population • DIAL (Disabilities Issues Awareness Leaders) President’s Award for User-Centered Design, 2008 • Verizon Leadership Excellence Award for accomplishments in accessibility compliance and awareness on high visibility and market-critical company products and services, 2007 • Verizon Foundation Award for commitment and dedication as a volunteer on behalf of the Blind and the Deaf, 2007 • Special Technology Achievement & Recognition Awards, 2004/2005 PATENTS Patent award recipient for innovative implementations of telecommunication technology • Accessible Route An internet-based service that facilitates the travel plans for people with mobility impairments (wheelchair, blind) by finding the most accessible route • Mobile Braille A Braille strip on the back of a mobile communication device allows blind-deaf users to communicate via a mobile device • Film Bar A three-dimensional interface that facilitates the viewing of television content • Natural Interactive View A technology that allows navigation through television content by moving a remote control • ASL Interpreter The interpretation of content from English to American Sign Language and vice versa is delivered via a human character and a voice/text interface • Video Maps Map directions and travel itineraries provided by movies in addition to maps • Sorting a Mixed Message Inbox by Type of Message When Web mail was not yet available, this invention resolved the administration of messages of different type and media (email, voice, fax) • Remote Ads A small display on the remote control provides context-sensitive and personalized advertisements

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MIT, Apple, Adobe, Google, Nokia, The Math Works, The Bio Labs, IBM, Microsoft

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University of Rome

  • Mass Media Communication