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RssEHS Professional for 15 years

As a 15 year veteran of the Safety profession I have worked across a broad slice of various industries which includes professional EHS experience working in Construction; Power Generation; Oil and Chemical Refinement; Manufacturing; Liability Insurance; Warehousing; DOT Fleet management; and Asbestos & Lead Abatement. Several different industries provided me the opportunity to manage the EHS program for major organization that required oversight of several projects at one time. Each EHS program that I have had the fortunate opportunity to manage has seen improvement in the various leading and trailing indicators of their EHS program. The improved incident rates show better trailing indicators, but the improvement in employee Safe Behaviors are leading indictors that are documented through behavior observation programs and show a change in the culture of the whole company from the employee in the field up through the president of the company. For the last 8 years I have managed corporate EHS programs for my respective companies and lead the team of EHS professionals on the staff to improve the work environment for the employees who are the most valuable asset of any organization. EHS programs I have managed include my last position of 300 employees, 3 EHS representatives that were split up between 3 offices in 2 states with 14 manufacturing plants and three fleet maintenance facilities. The largest company EHS program in my past experience placed me in the role of the corporate assistant director of the EHS program; and had over 15,000 employees plus sub contractors spread across the United States and Canada on as many as 14 locations simultaneously which averaged 2500 working personnel. A reoccurring goal in my EHS career has been to work with a unified group of employees to achieve safety excellence through cultural and program development. I am now in search for my next home. My family and I are prepared to relocate and have already started making the necessary arraignments under the understanding that we will probably need to leave Pensacola to find employment. We are looking for a good area to raise my teenager with schools that will challenge him and give me the opportunity to work with a solid organization toward a mutual goal of safety excellence. Ken Blanton

Industrial Safety & Health Engineer

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Industrial Safety & Health Engineer


SIGNIFICANT CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: ? Corrected company annual Claims Cost by reducing it from $1,000,000 dollars the year before I started to $250,000 after my second year and held it there for the following two years to clearly show the benefit of a proactive program to the overall well being of the company ? Achieved the company’s Eagle award for 1,000,000 hours worked with out a Lost Time case with approximately 300 employees over 16 months and was at 1.7 million at the time my employment ended ? Recreated the facility EHS&S training program at a major refinery by adapting the facility safe operating procedures into a training video that also incorporated the basic regulatory requirements allowing the employees to have consistent training, repeatable testing results, and improve the effective efforts of the training coordinators and contractors. ? Over saw the EHS portion for my employer when they replaced another company on a major project in Boston which was badly in need of a change. The frequency of recordable injury went from 4-6 recordable injuries per week to 1-2 per month after implementing EHS program changes and personally conducting the retraining of 1800 of the 3000 employees on the two sites ? Developed a safety culture survey that accurately evaluates the employee perception of the facilities’ EHS program to identify specific areas that are in need of focused attention by the EHS and Management personnel. The information can be easily expressed by positive versus negative charting for clear visual communication of the results and areas for improvement SUMMARY OF WORK EXPERIENCE: Health & Safety ? 15 years as a safety professional successfully managing the EHS programs for several companies. ? Managed as many as 55 EHS professionals for a year in 28 different locations across North America for one company. Last two positions had 4 - 5 direct reports in EHS positions. ? Coordinated the management of multiple locations and multiple states most of my career ? Directed EHS training programs and taught at all levels of a company to create an informed prepared employee ? Developed programs for an overall EHS Company program from policy through training and evaluation and also developed complete EHS programs for different site specific locations ? Present location and project EHS statistical status to corporate level management through PPT and lecture ? Created supervisor and manager leadership program to teach supervision better interpersonal skills and communication abilities ? Analysis of statistical information from locations and projects to calculate the expectation of serious incident in the near or distant future using RIR, PDIR, LWDIR, auditing & surveying information Health & Safety; continued ? Organize group informational meetings for EHS staff convention as a group to communicate company changes, regulatory issues, and statistical status of the different locations and company as a whole ? Developed EHS program evaluation systems that incorporated auditing, interviewing and perception surveying to determine the compliance with company and regulatory EHS programs ? Communicated EHS program compliance to upper management as information to allow them to evaluate the various locations ? Counseled project or location management in corrective actions to correct issues that were found during location evaluation ? Managed industrial hygiene monitoring programs for company that included asbestos exposure monitoring; hazardous atmosphere monitoring; lead exposure and atmosphere monitoring; ? Managed industrial hygiene issues and hearing conservation program at multiple companies and with various exposure levels ? Managed industrial hygiene program for the Respiratory Protection programs and over saw the compliance issues in the field for: asbestos exposure; benzene exposure; hexavalent chromium exposure; carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide atmosphere issues; and hydrofluoric acid exposure plus several other dangerous chemicals ? Organized and managed employee safety committees to incorporate the employees into the EHS program

Ideal Companies:

Large Organizations that are sound financially and will be a supporting organization to to the economy., ex: GE, heavy construction, alternative energy

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Work Experiences

5/2004 - 10/2008

Oldcastle Materials


  • multi-state EHS manager

8/2003 - 5/2004

Shaw Stone & Webster


  • EHS Manager & Training coordinator

1/2000 - 5/2003

Fluor Constructors Inc


  • Safety supervisor/ assistant director EHS/ EHS site manager



Master Degree

Marshall University

  • Safety Management


Bachelor Degree

Morehead State University

  • Health & Athletic training