joseph s

Sales,and Marketing-- Eager innovative thinker


Grounds Maintenance Worker


Phoenix, AZ

Education Level:

High School/GED

Will Relocate:



Im a musician, who loves to read and learn new things. I have two beautiful girls, and a beautiful wife whom im very lucky to have. I recently started to work in the marketing and sales field, leaving the humbling field of construction. I still love to work with my hands, but would rather use my mind, and intellect of people.. (i'm a self taught Anthropologist)the Art of persuasion is an awesome thing, people love to buy things, sometimes they just need help to make the decision..




I'm 24 years old with many jobs under my belt, because im still trying to find my home with a company. While working to for Odyssey Homes, I turned the closing gap from 3 months to finish off the inspections, to 3 days.. While working for American Alarm I had my first sale in my first hour, and made 1000.00 dollars on my second sale the first week i was there.. With my music career I've had the opprotunity to play on Good Morning Arizona, and Was in the house band at the largest country music club in AZ at the time the Saddle Rack..

Companies I like:

dr horton, shea homes, honda, toyota, timeshare,



The two major areas of responsibility are, representing the company- in any case with any customer, it is very important to be as professional as possible. I would present myself with so much prestige and pride so that it would be difficult for the customer to distinguish who the owner of the company is..- The second major area is to service the customer-where else would any companies image be affected the most, than customer service? I've always put this on my top priorities when doing my job, because if the customer isn't happy for any reason it would, in return put an affect on the company, so if it is in my power, I try my hardest to serve their needs. There has been times i've helped carry in groceries, go to the store, taken out to lunch(on my own dime), I even held a baby before. That kind of customer service has made my previous jobs look very good, it makes people trust you.