Rudy C





San Antonio, TX

Education Level:

High School/GED

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hello my name is Rudy Campos jr. class of 2008 and i am in Search Of work . i am the age of 19 years old. i really need a job i know in most jobs things they say dont to tell them that you really need the job.i been trying to look everywhere from wal-mart and all the fastfoods but that just not the thing for me. i am know i just got out of high school but i have work in surlean foods on 1545 South San Marcos San Antonio, TX 78207 . while i was going to burbank high i was in the 2nd shift so right when i would get out of class i would walk home and make me something to eat and catch the bus to work. and you know the way most warehouse jobs you dont know what time you are going to get out. so sometimes i would get out work at 3am in the morning and next day was school. but i made it to school about everyday. in surlean i was a packer to learning the scanner and using the pallet jack. i felt at home working in that workhouse. i know all warehouses are not the same but it seem to me warehouse is something i do like. i it is i have a year in a warehouse. and i am looking for a warehouse postion any as a right. if you were wordering what happening to surlean. 2nd shift was only for i could be working while i was going to school . i had alot of sleep less nights. so i wanted my zzz's . but i can work in the moring. if your company has any work for me or knows of any postions of work with anyother place just let me know.. Rudy campos jr.620 south park blvdsan antonio' texas 78204house number: 210-223-4078




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well i am fresh out of high school in need of well paying job i can do anything if i am train well