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Westport, MA

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I utilize my leadership skills, knowledge and experience to stimulate a team of operations professionals to seek and implement continuous improvements in operation efficiencies and yields, increase responsiveness to customerís needs and marketplace trends, and reduce costs, defects and risk


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C&P Healthcare Inc (Confidential) 9/2002 - 12/2007



UMass Dartmouth BA 1992 Associate Degree



Training & Workforce Development Created a task force to combat accelerating repetitive motion injuries. By bringing together operators, supervisors, managers and engineers, we worked with insurance carriers to develop a comprehensive program. This included using new technology to reduce repetitive motions by 50%, develop operator training to promote awareness and prevention, management training to promote a pro-active program to identify early symptoms, and an interactive back to work program with daily reporting by the injured employee and their supervisor. These policies resulted in $1,600,000 of annual savings from reduced insurance premiums and efficient labor redistribution. Cost Control / Profitability Enhancement Converted cost controls utilized in a flow-manufacturing environment to meet the needs of discreet job lot manufacturing. Reviewed and restructured the standard cost and overhead allocation modules. Integrated these into a comprehensive business plan with an active P/L. Resulted in quicker reactions to changes in the market and identified problems more rapidly. Inventory Control & Purchasing Planning Assumed responsibility of production and purchasing planning. Reviewing the planning modules, finding gross exaggerations in the formulas calculating purchasing requirements and static forecasting modules. By rebuilding and revising these modules I was able to reduce raw materials inventory by 25% and packaging inventories by 32 %. Logistics & Vendor Management Researched management of vendors, warehousing, shipping practices and service providers. Reduced shipping costs by consolidating shipments and worked with sterilization contractor to maximize our sterilization utilization by standardizing product loading. Worked with packaging suppliers to obtain more favorable contract minimums. Relocated shipping destinations for packaging from main distribution warehouse to production facility, eliminating shipping routes and giving faster response times with lower inventories. These actions resulted in savings of $800K per year. Strategic Marketing & Customer Relationship Management Assumed complete marketing responsibilities division. Developed new partnerships between customer service and operations, creating communication pathways to increase information flow. Created training programs to give customer service and sales staff better understanding of product lines. This resulted in more accurate information given to our customers, decreasing delays, resolving their problems quickly and enabled our staff to take better advantage of marketing opportunities. Recruited team of manufacturer's representatives to expand sales in undeveloped markets. Within the first six months increased sales 4% and establish a growing base in non-traditional markets.

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Process & Quality Improvement Using Six Sigma methodologies, we identified key areas for lean manufacturing improvement. Implemented a new system of controls in batch compounding and raw materials acceptance resulting in a 60% decrease in product defects, reducing costs by $1,532,000. This was achieved by standardizing compounding procedures, upgrading measurement equipment, implementing a comprehensive calibration program, tightening raw materials acceptance procedures and developing a vendor auditing program. Continuous Improvement & Cost Reduction Using Six Sigma methodologies, analyzed production waste, finding that 1% of total production was lost to destructive testing. Enlisted the assistance of the University of Massachusetts staff to study problem. Modified the static method into a dynamic system, reducing the overall number of samples by 60%. This system was eventually implemented corporate wide, saving over $1,350,000 annually in scrap reduction and labor savings.