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Marengo, OH

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Well-educated high-tech professional. Extensive experience in data processing and information technology as a manager, designer, systems analyst, programmer, consultant, and trainer. Adept at formulating plans of action to solve problems. Key skills include: Technical Consulting, Systems Management/Analysis, Technical Project Management, Estimating, Project Management, Program Management, Troubleshooting, Customer Relations, Presentations, Public Speaking, Training/Coaching, Construction, Problem Solving, System Design, Data Processing, Management


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 6/1996 - Present
Eclipse Consulting (Confidential) 1/1990 - 6/1996



University of Southern Colorado English/Speech 1972 Bachelor Degree



PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Prepared and taught class in IMS (Information Management System). Contracted to teach programmers basic IMS application programming. Result: Transition to company’s new systems was accomplished within time constraints, within budget, and with a minimum of confusion. Designed, managed, and implemented a new system for recovering Medicaid fraud. Designed databases, managed programming and implementation. Result: Project was completed on time and within budget. Fixed a bug in a manufacturing system. Deciphered code and made coding changes.. Result: System ran flawlessly. Overall savings of $225K. Persuaded a client to hire the most qualified consultant rather than cheapest consultant for a three- month project. Although one consultant would have cost less to the company upfront, her lack of experience would have cost the company in the long run. Result: The client brought the more qualified consultant in, and she finished the project in less than a month. Saved the company several months salary. Contracted with a company for one year to get rid of what they thought of as an obsolete Data Base Access Method. They were still developing systems using this DBMS, but still wanted it gone within the next six months. Showed company the value that the system was bringing to the company and convinced them to keep it in place until new systems were functional. Result: Saved millions of emergency dollars company would have had to spend if they had gotten rid of the DBMS with proper preparation. Retained to help implement a new system for handling tickets and points. Seeing other needs within the department, convinced managers of the need for additional consultants to help complete other projects. Result: Saved the state over $20 million in federal matching funds by completing all the projects before the end of the year. Trouble shot and corrected a computer program. Recent rate increase had not gone into effect in a particular program. Identified and fixed the problem, which was worse than they had initially anticipated. Result: Insurance program that was performing badly due to computer bug became profitable. Designed a system for a government insurance agency to track fraud and abuse within the system. The system was able to look for abuses of providers or users of the services. Result: Greatest abuses were prosecuted. Tax dollars were saved. Number of abuses dropped due to publicity surrounding the case. Convinced staff managers to allow factory floor workers to help set standards for setups and operations in a manufacturing plant. Result: Within a few weeks, all the parts were being shipped on time and the company was singled out by the pentagon as one of the best defense contractors.

Companies I like:

National City Bank, Ford, Emerson Electric, Dewalt


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Helped with the merger of BankOne with JPMorgan/Chase. Also worked closely with application areas on issues concerning merger activities. Managed all maintenance on IMS systems. Developed curriculum and ran program called zUniversity for JPMorgan/Chase. It was a program designed to bring new college graduates into the mainframe systems arena.