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The Sun Tzu of Business Growth & Sustainability


Medical or Health Services Manager


Morrison, CO

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Innovative and strategic thinker, anticipates and takes initiative. Kind and empowering leader, perserverance in adversity, engaging and persuasive communicator, crtical thinker, remains focused on high-yield results, ethics and integrity dominate all final decisions.


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Regis University (Confidential) 1/2008 - 4/2008
HMRX Consultants (Confidential) 7/2005 - 1/2008
ACI Network (Confidential) 10/2003 - 4/2008
NACI (Confidential) 3/1998 - 1/2008
Centura Health (Confidential) 8/1995 - 3/1998



Regis University Speech Communications 1991 Master Degree



Founder of International communications/medical device product.Pioneered first ever Audiologist IPA Network in Colorado.Facilitated the successful sale and acquisition of three (3) seperate companies.Co-Chair to State-wide "Patient Experience" CRM and OD project to "better the patient's experience with Centura Health"/(biggest healthcare system in Colorado).Secured 300K in corporate donations to create the first ever K-12 Hearing Health awareness community program nationally/also directed and designed the program.M&A experience with multiple clinical practices.Secured SBA, investor and IPO funding.Managed 60+ healthcare providers, compensation, contracting, regulatory issues, performance, P&L, HIM analytics, dashboard metrics.Adjunct professor @ Regis University/Denver in H605 Healthcare Marketing.

Companies I like:

Covidien, Allscripts, Relay Health, McKesson, Hospital System, Brooks Brothers, Hilton, Specialized, Vail Resorts, Ralph Lauren, Interwest,


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Pioneered the first Audiology IPA in Colorado (ACI Network) to promote a comprehensive Hearing Benefit Plan to Medicare patients. Secured the provider network, secured the payor relationships and secured the supplier relationship-including funding. The company presently is under contract to be sold to an international hearing aid manufacturer-Starkey Labs, (4/2008). Responsible for the conceptualization and eventual development of an in-the-ear, simultaneous communication/amplification/protection device (ESP Inc.). Secured design engineers, national laboratory testing (in compliance with OSHA), face-plate chip suppliers, and monomer-polymer plastics and molding resources. Networked with PhD research engineers, facilities/laboratories and face-plate suppliers/mfgs both national and global (i.e. Singapore, China). Maintained and managed a robust data base of experts, suppliers, writers, developers, capitalists/bankers, and persons of influence. Developed a national distributor network for the sale of the product, including celebrity sponsors/spokespersons, and one notable international client: the Turkish Government. Secured investment capital, SBA loans and positioned the company for an IPO (failed). The company was successfully sold to a private company in 1995. Responsible for clinical practice acquisitions for NACI as part of their growth strategy in conjunction with the company’s exit strategy (successful sale to an international hearing aid mfg.-11/01/2007). Additionally, responsible for the valuation and sale of the company via an asset purchase agreement. Engaged in multiple clinic start-ups (demographic analysis, market analysis, pro-forma, ROI, capital procurement/allocation, lease assessment, etc.). Experience with merging product lines, policies and procedures, facilities-equipment and personnel. Responsible for the creation and successful sale of three separate companies (NACI, ACI Network & Electronic Shooters Protection, Inc.). Experience with patent filing (ESP Inc.) and regulatory compliance (NACI & Centura Health) and securing national laboratory testing/ratings. Duties also included monthly P&L analysis, sales projections, cost/expense analysis, dashboard tracking metrics, patient satisfaction and retention management. Marketing responsibilities have been a primary component in the companies I have managed. My experiences have fostered an in depth understanding, appreciation and utilization of the following principles and strategies: 1. SWOT analysis (specifically the analysis of constraints, vulnerability and leverage) 2. Market Segment Strategies (specifically niche vs mass market approaches) 3. Market Research, 4. Growth Market Strategies (penetration, development, and diversification), 5. Cost and volume relationships (volume vs margin sensitivity, target vs demand pricing, pricing strategy), 6. Product positioning and branding (i.e. Keller’s Brand Report Card). In validation of this skill set I have been asked to teach the graduate Healthcare Marketing (H605) at Regis University in Denver by associate professor Mike Fisher, PhD as an “Adjunct” Faculty.