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Saint Marys, GA

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High School/GED

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Hello my name is Mikel Bragg. I have 20 years of experience in the Food service area with expertise in Food service management ,FSM system.. ( Records) My strengths are : FSM system, cooking , Supervising personnel, and inventory. I have been recognized for, Getting runner up Ney in two separate commands , for bring the inventory from below standards to 100%. Iím a self starter, energetic, and a leader. I am interested in expanding my experiences into a Better cook, and a better leader My 30 second commercial When I first went into the navy 20 years ago I came in as a culinary specialist, they sent me to A school, to fine tune my skills as a cook also to teach me how to do the basic mathematics that it would take to do my job out in the fleet, as I arrived out in the fleet from the very start I showed that I had the capabilities to feed 250 people with the bare mimiun of help, with in the first six months of being on the ship I had already taken over the food service area, and was made supervisor of my watch ( I was in charge of one other cook and 10 food service attendentants) As time went on I became what the navy called the jack of the dust which means I was breaking out food and in charge of 200.000 dollars worth of inventory. Next I went to my next command which was a hospital where I learned the different kinds of meals that had to be served to patients, while I was at the hospital I went off to the gulf war, and learned how to take care of people in stressful situations all along bettering my skills as a food service worker as I work my way up from there. I kind of took a break and went to Cuba where I work in a housing complex for two years where I also become the lead mantience person rehabbing buildings at a cost of 5 million dollars. From there I went to a air craft carrier where we were feeding in excess of 6000 personnel per meal I work my way up again ( I went there as a squadron personnel and manage to work my way up to watch captain , and I also took over the bake shop. When the lead cook got sick and had to be flown off. Then I went to a C school to increase my skills as a cook I learned how to do more fancy dishes and how to carter to smaller groups of personnel. From there I went to a small command in sc where I help create a menu and build a food service area for a nuke school that was freshly being built, we feed 5000 each and every day. I was in charge of military as well as civilians.


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Wal-Mart (Confidential) 10/2006 - 4/2007
uss navy (Confidential) 6/1987 - 4/2007



kinmundy-alma VO/TEC 1987 High School/GED Degree



Being Overseas and seeing the world, meeting miss tuna in argentina

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I want to land a job that i can help change for the better.


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FSM System, Food service management System, REcords and retuns, Environmental, inspecting SAA, and TCA