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Creative Writer - 3 Years of Experience - Near 11204


Creative Writer


Brooklyn, NY

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My Ideal Short Term Goal Would To Get More Orderly.In My Type Of Writing. Editing The Few Pieces Of Work I Have Wrote ,That Relate To Mass Media .I Just In Retrospect Say I Went Threw Lots Of It Personally.With That On The Table .Expansion To Children s Books Is Also Another Personal Passion I Have Each Child Divorced Parents ,Black White ,Poor Rich ,Bullying Is Very Prevalent In Today's Society .With Social Everything At a Young Age .My Belief Backed By Research Is That a Person Who Can Describe A Child's Feelings With Words And Images They Can Relate To .Will Give Them a Good Understanding They Are Not The Only Ones .Open Communication Lines At Home Making Them In There Own Way Empowered .Feeling Less Burdened ,More Happy And The Profitable Side Is The Next Level Of The Books They Will Want To Read And Share .I Have Been In Psychology Treatment Cognitive Freudian Child .Since 9/11/2001 Getting My Mind Retrained On How To Deal With People Life In any Circumstance.I Took Body Language .All Handy In A Deal With a Company business Of Almost Any Kind .That Is Just My Say 5 Month Goal .Have Lots Of Ideas .Would Love To Speak With You Sincerely Christopher Federico