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San Diego, CA

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Accomplished marketing professional with a strong portfolio of success in consumer, engineering and scientific markets. Exceptional team leader able to manage, motivate and challenge both virtual and cross-functional teams in order to achieve desired results. Able to adapt quickly to changing business priorities. Skilled in messaging, positioning, marketing strategy and communications. Expertise in marketing communications, press relations, product management, project management, market research, advertising and training


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Hewlett-Packard Co. (Confidential) 9/1981 - 9/2005



Oregon State University Journalism 1987 Bachelor Degree



I started with Hewlett-Packard Co. at the Corvallis calculator division where I worked in communications for nine years. During that time, I worked on internal communications, managed marcom projects and wrote copy for co-op ads, POS materials, brochures, etcÖ and I spent a few years in product press relations. These were the days before we used agencies, so I did everything from writing press releases, directing photo shoots, managing nationwide press tours, and placing articles to maintaining editorial relationships. I also conceived and executed an award wining product placement program that saved HP money while vastly improving the effectiveness of our product donations.I moved to San Diego in 1990 where I went to work for the plotter product line, in marcom. I was there when we launched HPís first inkjet plotters and I managed entire communications campaigns that included producing a variety of materials, sometimes a dozen or more at once, that were distributed worldwide. My marcom plans received notice from upper management for being concise, yet well documented with budgets, schedules, deliverables and owners. In other words, something people could really use!When HP moved the product line to Barcelona, I was asked to train the marcom team there. When I returned, I was asked to go to Germany to help our European marketing center get through a particularly busy time. By the time I returned to San Diego, I had to find another job because mine had been moved to Spain. That is when I was hired as the plotter product line manager for Canada and Latin America. I was a one-man marketing team responsible for the entire marketing mix. This was a great experience because I got to touch all aspects of marketing including advertising, marcom, product management, market research, sales training, customer visits, vendor relations, developer relations, sales and revenue tracking and forecasting and budget management. Then HP reorganized and my job moved to Mexico City. Fortunately for me, I was hired as a product manager for the fledging Home Imaging Division where I helped launch HPís first digital photography products. After a few years at HID, I moved to the Inkjet Media Division where I worked in product management and was promoted to product marketing manager. This position was eliminated and I moved to the North America Marketing Center where I finished my career back in marcom as the US brand messaging manager.After leaving HP, I wanted to take a break and try some new things. I have a captainís license and Iíve done some sailboat chartering and I wanted to put my marketing experience to work in sales, which Iíve done in Las Vegas and back here in San Diego. I think the sales experience has really helped give me a new perspective on marketing that Iím now ready to apply.

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LG, Nokia, jhg-townsend, Jack-in-the-Box, Oxford Group, The Creative Group, Greenhaus Inc.


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I directed U.S. brand messaging, created sales tools, and managed new product launches.