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Northbrook, IL

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A highly accomplished, results-oriented and pioneering OPERATIONS / ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE with extensive experience in manufacturer and supplier relations, best practices, cost containment, negotiations, forecasting, P & L, and employee relations. Possesses comprehensive expertise in information technology, purchasing, contracts, financial management and transportation. Facilitates change within the organization to meet goals. Identifies opportunities, resolves problems, and establishes innovative programs to increase profitability, satisfaction and loyalty. Achieves continual improvements throughout the organization by researching and introducing new tools to enhance productivity. Realistic and honest, acts quickly and decisively to provide clear decisions in critical situations. Fosters a positive attitude and strong work ethic within the working environment by leading by example. Quickly learns new technologies and practically applies knowledge-set to accomplish innovative results. Uses business acumen and determination to maintain a focus on short- and long-term goals, boosting morale and securing lasting success for the company.


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Confidential (Confidential) 7/1993 - 11/2007
Village of Lisle (Confidential) 1/1989 - 7/1993



Aurora University Criminal Justice / BA 1988 Bachelor Degree



Operational Efficiency: Identified problems leading to low and out of stock incidents and designed and introduced a computerized inventory control system that assisted in accurate forecasting based upon the transit time of inbound purchase orders, inventory turns and a weighted average of similar products. This model facilitated the inventory forecasting of more than 3,000 unique inventory items. This optimized the warehouse and fulfillment procedures, and an in-stock order fill rate of 98% was attained and maintained resulting in same day shipping for the majority of customer orders, greatly enhancing the ability of the company to fill all orders received while improving customer satisfaction. Information Technology: Reviewed use of IT, determined current and future needs of company and developed plan to implement new comprehensive computer system linking all aspects of organization. Streamlined processes of general ledger, accounting, accounts receivable/payable, purchasing, and sales analysis. Secured more efficient administration of organization, enabling top management to extract customer purchase history and trends, while realizing annualized cost savings of $125,000. Served as systems administrator for all computer systems and related technology. Developed and implemented new system/procedure for daily computer data back-up to ensure data integrity of on- and off-site storage. Upgrades and Automations: Determined need and oversaw implementation for network of shared computers and devices, transitioning company to more functional PCs, increasing employee efficiency. Implemented electronic mail system and new telephone/voicemail system to achieve better communication within organization as well as between company and customers. Conducted needs assessment and oversaw complete computer upgrade to utilize new technology. Ensured continued functionality of systems following Y2K. Streamlined and automated credit review/analysis process from up to four weeks to less than 24 hours, increasing customer satisfaction and allowing new customers to make purchases quickly. Saved $20,000 annually. Cost Savings and Revenue Generation: Streamlined shipping process by automating repetitive functions. Creatively convinced major suppliers to provide hardware necessary to complete task, saving $10,000 by avoiding outright purchase of hardware. Negotiated cheaper shipping rates and rebates with major shipping providers, turning cost center into profit center of up to $150,000 annually. Reduced damage of products in shipping by developing new shipping and packing procedures. Increased customer satisfaction and saved thousands of dollars in replacement merchandise and shipping charges. Maintained company's liquid cash flow. Implemented sweep accounts to ensure maximum amount of funds maintained in interest bearing accounts continuously. Increased interest earnings $25,000 annually. Facility Management: Managed 50,000 square foot corporate-owned facility, including routine building maintenance and cleaning, new projects, needs assessments for incoming tenants, build-out as well as code compliance for newly renovated and created space. Sustained adequate insurance on facility and liability insurance to protect organization. Transportation: Assessed and researched need to implement preferred carrier network of trucking companies based upon negotiated discount structure. Secured cheaper charge for transportation of product as well as arrival of product in a more timely fashion with less damage, reducing replacement costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Customer Service: Initiated customer contact form (CCF) procedure to document customer's request for warranty repair information/service. Verified coverage of claimed product under company's warranty period. Ensured service personnel contacted customer within 24 hours. Made sure service/sales representative remained informed of status of request throughout process. Improved customer satisfaction, reducing shipments of replacement products. Increased communication within organization regarding customer concerns. Ensured company charged for warranty service beyond stated warranty period. Policies and Procedures: Developed comprehensive employee policy manual. Identified and defined exempt/non-exempt personnel, including vacation accrual and other paid time off to non-discrimination sections. Trained and instructed managers of contents of policies, counseling on methods to avoid discrimination claims. Reviewed and updated manual to avoid litigation. Enabled complete management team to devote full attention and talent to growing business. Altered corporate culture to foster positive change, overcoming long-established mentality of employees. Regulation Compliance: Developed strategies to defend company against litigation by adhering to carefully developed personnel manual as well as ensuring fair and consistent application of company policies. Ensured complete lack of EEO/discrimination claims filed against company. Real Estate: Worked closely with realtors to lease out excess space in company headquarters. Wrote and developed leases for review by corporate counsel. Directed leases for benefit of company. Worked closely with employees and tenants to resolve problems and difficulties fairly. Enabled corporate officers to conduct other tasks more aligned with jobs. Achieved retail income generated by leases of $200,000 annually. Financial Management: Oversaw account receivable function with ratio of bad debts to sales at 1.5% or less Committees and Boards: Appointed as one of trustees of profit sharing fund and trust. Invested retirement funds of employees to maximize returns while minimizing risk. Prepared and presented reports to board of directors as well as shareholders at annual meetings. Planned and organized annual as well as special meetings of board of directors.

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Held responsibility for all operational areas of company. Oversaw IT and purchasing needs of company. Managed shipping and receiving functions, accounts receivable/payable as well as overall operation of manufacturing facilities. Ensured compliance with Federal and state EEOC requirements. Developed HR and company policies as well as strategy to defend company against litigation. Managed facility with responsibilities of computer, telephonic and other systems needs of organization. Directed human resources (HR) and administrative functions, including talent acquisition, organizational development, and benefits review.