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great telecommunicator


Retail Sales Representative


Burnt Ranch, CA

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High School/GED

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socialable helps people with understanding the business and give customer service


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mervyns (Confidential) 9/2007 - 12/2007



Pleasant Vallet Sr. High School GE 2007 High School/GED Degree



729 Nord Ave #423 Chicoca 95926 (530)-345-6722 Christina Angrisani Career Objective My Career Objectives : I want to get my Masters degree in Psychology and Child Devolpment Education Jan 06 - Dec 07 pleasant valley high grade 11th chico , California general ed Oct 06 - Mar 07 Butte County Employment In Home Support Service Worker Chico , California In Home Support Service Worker: Helping to offer services in the home for those that need help caring for themselves in some ways. Work Experience *Sept'07 - present Rush Perssonal Chico elks lodge worked as a waitsatff for 2 days when they needed me also went through a orientation with enloe/compass housecleaning position *Sept'07- Present Mervyns > Worked Register, organized fitting rooms, restock shelves with merchandise, give the utmost customer service to the custumers >> July '07 -Sept '07 Sierra Manor Chico ,ca - Helped residents with their emotional and health needs Mar 07 -June 07 Direct Care Staff Northern California Adaptive Living Center Chico , California Help the clients eat healthy , Keep good hygiene , and help them do daily activities. Oct 06 - Mar 07 In Home Supportive Services Worker Ruth Johnsen Chico , California Daily activities that the client has lost the ability to do Aug 06 - Sep 06 Counter Help Chinese Gourmet Express Chico , California served food and greeted customers with a warm smile stocked Skills & Abilities HTML i know how to build wedsites Microsoft Office i know all these programs very well i use them everyday with logging my bloodsugars and everything polaroid photoshop i can use this i know this program very well Self-motivated I have to be self motivated because i am a diabetic to take care of it is my self motivation for everything else in life Good communicator I have a easy time telling people what I think and communicating with them how i feel what i need to get a job done Team Player i would rather work in a team then anything else and i like interacting with people so it is easy. People person i have a easy time talking to people and i avoid people that have done me wrong in the past though Committed i am very committed to what I need to get done. I am a 3.4 gpa student and that shows alot of my committment right there Able to multitask i can do up to 6 things at a time and still not make a mess Independent i have never asked anyone (besides my mom for the simple things) but pretty much I am independant High energy I am one of the most high energy people i know. I get hyper and then I have school spirit Detail-Oriented I pay attention to alot of the details. I have every detail memorized so I don't miss anything Organized I keep my house and my room, classwork and everything else I have control over in order and very tidy Goal Oriented When I have something I need to get done, I don't give up till it is done. I will maybe take a break and ask other people how they would solve the problem and factor it in if it is needed. Problem-solver I take things as I see them then I analyze the situation and start working on the program from there Extracurricular Activities Cooking i have cooked for aloty of people its a art that i love to do Drama when i was in the 8th grade i did a couple plays Music all my life I have been in Music class. Whether choir or band . Volunteer Experience Apr 07 - May 07 cleaning grandparents old house Grandparents my uncle left a big mess and we (my mom and I) cleaned it up so it look presentable Jun 00 - Jul 06 mowed my grandparents lawn grandparents biggs, California i would help them with chores around their house i would get paid for it but i volunteered for it. I mowed their lawn. I have help my mom when she needed it she goes through E.C.T. and she needs some help References on request

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answering services


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Customer service at mervyns and getting customers in and out of the lines