Joy James S

A Sr.Manager or Equivalent in CIVIL Engineering


Construction & Building Inspector


Bear Creek, NC

Education Level:


Will Relocate:



Working Experience: - 39+ Years. Good practical working experience in all types of construction activities, Ability to manage a Project with preparation of construction drawings, and accounting with computers for bills, quantity analysis and QA-with technical writing, editing, illustration etc. have used various software tools for development of documents. Have experience in Project management activities including estimation, scheduling, planning resources, monitoring, handling price escalations, and quality auditing etc., and budget forecasting. Works I can do: - 1. Have full hands-on experiences in execution, technical writing, editing, illustration etc., and have used various software tools for development of documents. 2. Have full experience in project management activities including effort estimation, scheduling, planning resources, monitoring, handling escalations, quality auditing etc. 3. Have managed relationship with multiple internal or external teams. 4. Have high ability to communicate effectively and the ability to articulate strategies. 5. Carryout all sorts of Civil Engineering Constructions, Calculations, Estimation and Billing Activities for NH works, Structures, and Tunnels. 6. Do Precise Surveying and leveling with optic Theodelites/Tacheometers and Levels. Have slight touch in total station (not full knowledge). 7. Maintenance of quality control works. 8. Prepare, understand Construction Drawings and transfer them to ground from those Construction Drawings. 9. Plan, Erect, Operate and maintain all sorts of Camp Colonies. 10. The complete tunnel-boring operations. 11. The complete Highway laying operations. 12. The complete works connected to Earth-Dam structures. 13. Hydrological & Meteorological Observations. 14. Maintain all sorts of accounts, offices, files, technical documentation, work plans and programs, billing with price escalations, correspondences, and measurements of all connected works. 15. All computing with MS Office, Auto CAD drafting works, with some hand on Internet, and e-business etc. too, 16. Have the full in-depth knowledge of DTP operations. Web-page design with HTML, MS Visual Studio-2005, SQL Server and ASP.Net.2.0 are being learnt as on date.




Companies I like:

Any Company