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Detail oriented, articulate, meticulous organized Customer Service Professional with excellent interpersonal communications skills. Punctual, loyal, long term, dependable, reliable.


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In Touch Today (Confidential) 6/2007 - 9/2007
Various Temp Agencies (Confidential) 3/2003 - 12/2004
Experian (Confidential) 5/2000 - /2002
Aon Innovative Services (Confidential) 6/1999 - 5/2000
Various Temp agencies (Confidential) 12/1997 - 5/1999
TeleTech (Confidential) 12/1995 - 12/1997



California Lutheran College Liberal Arts 1979 Bachelor Degree
Coalinga High School General Studies 1975 High School/GED Degree



Lori J. Flory 501 East 102nd Avenue Apt E-201, Thornton, CO. 80229 Home phone: 303-450-0821; Cell phone 720-260-2356 Email: PROFESSIONALLY PROACTIVE GLOBAL WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: UTILIZING EMAIL MARKETING, CALL CENTER AND OFFICE - ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANCE. OBJECTIVE: Streamlined - Quality Empowerment, Focus, Problem Resolution, Fulfillment and Satisfaction in a Customer Service - Administrative Capacity. Expectations Exceeded. June 2007 to - September 2007 In Touch Today 530 Compton Street Broomfield, CO 80020 303-460-1027 Marketing for Mortgage & Funding Companies/Loan Officers, Banks, Lenders, Real Estate Professionals. Worked in the database department as a database (heavy data entry) coordinator. By Databases I mean client contact lists that come in to Outlook via email both text and Excel format. Clients are mortgage companies, funding - lending companies, banks and Real Estate professionals. In Touch Today handles the marketing of other companies so that they do not have to. Personalized and customized postcard and newsletter mailings for clients to help retain and bring in new business. These clients can choose from different postcard and newsletter formats for these mailings that take place once a month. Team work and coordination is required. This is a fast paced production environment. As a database coordinator I worked heavily with Outlook 2003 and Act Databases. Advanced Excel skills required. I had to utilize advanced Excel skills to format databases according to company standard. I had to format spreadsheets, sorting names and addresses and moving around information in Excel until it fits company standard. I had to use formulas within Excel to combine names and addresses into proper format. This involves borrowers, co borrowers, addresses, record manager and either postcard and newsletter layouts or both that are used by production. I also exported and attached client databases as Excel format to email for clients to view. I had to facilitate changes, additions, deletions and updates to clients mailing lists on a daily basis. I have assisted in end of the month deadlines in which the many group folders in which client files are stored have to be organized before they go to production for products to be printed and mailed. Accuracy is extremely important as it comes down to the accuracy of the printed products. I worked heavily with Excel spreadsheets as well as data entry every day. Fast Paced environment. Time Stamps had to be adhered to. The Database department prepares all work in a proper format for the production department to utilize when it comes time to print products for clients. March 2003 to December 2004 Staffing Agency Assignments: Data Entry, Office, Admin, Receptionist, Filing. May 2000 to December 2002 EXPERIAN - E MARKETING SOLUTIONS (Office closed 9/2004) (Email - Permission Based Subscriber Services) For Experian HR Employment Verification call: 717 17th Street - Suite 400 (714) 830-7000 Denver, Colorado 80202 (303) 675-2300 Professionally focused E mail Marketing; Customer Service/Fulfillment Team Member for SONY - INFOBEAT SUBSCRIBER SERVICES utilizing Experian ContactMail e mail delivery systens. Experian provides Technology Solutions enabling direct marketers to deliver permission based e mail marketing campaigns to their customers & prospects always with single or global subscriber opt out instructions. I provided successful, Global, World Class Customer Service - Proactive Empowerment and Streamlined Problem Resolution for a Nine Million Subscriber Base. Our team processed 70,000 -100,000 e mails per week.. SERVICE BUREAU: I provided detail oriented - meticulous Fulfillment, Customer Service & Administrative Support for 12 Domestic and International Client Account Managers. I consistently went the extra mile and kept subscribers, clients, account managers & upper management happy. Email Customer Service was expediently - effectively handled for 70+ corporate accounts - many large, with unique requirements and a daily - heavy incoming email volume. I additionally handled the multiple accounts of American Express, the company’s largest client. My accounts were Domestic and International - all with their own multiple newsletters, e marketing campaigns, subscribers and frequently changing preferences for processing/handling emails within prescribed time frames. Additional detailed client data compiled during the week from my accounts with Outlook, Excel and MS Word, was used to create weekly reports for my account managers and clients. I frequently backed up the receptionist - almost on a daily basis - assisting the Facilities Department, due to the company being very short staffed. I am team oriented. Fast Paced production environment. HEAVY daily Data Entry. Service Level Agreement adherence - organized - meticulous - detailed - priority setting on a daily basis.. Deadlines and 48 hour turn around Time Stamps. June 1999 to May 2000 AON/INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS (Levi Strauss Consumer Relations Project) 13922 Denver West Parkway Bldg 54 Golden, Colorado 80401 (303) 279-2900 Professional Team Member, Call Center/Fulfillment Customer Service Representative, LEVI STRAUSS & CO. CONSUMER RELATIONS DEPARTMENT. Excellent World Class Customer Service, Sales, Order Entry, Data Entry and Trouble Shooting of Consumer issues as related to 10,000 different products. Effectively contributed a high degree of professional accomplishment in consumer empowerment, problem resolution and satisfaction with a heavy call volume. I am proactively, successfully dedicated to flexibly multi tasking, organizing and prioritizing each individual customer and call. Call Center expectations and QA Standards were exceeded, while additionally contributing to the new hire training program. My customers frequently wanted to speak with a supervisor to give a compliment regarding me, due to their level of fulfillment at the end of a call. Fast paced environment. Daily Data Entry. Service Level Agreement adherence - organized - meticulous - detailed - priority setting on a daily basis.. December 1997 to May 1999 SHORT AND LONG TERM TEMPORARY STAFFING AGENCY ASSIGNMENTS. PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT/OFFICE/RECEPTIONIST/DATA ENTRY December 1995 to December 1997 TELETECH TELESERVICES (CompuServe & GTE Projects) 9197 S Peoria Englewood, Colorado 80112 (303) 397-8100 Professional Team Member, Call Center/Fulfillment - Technical Customer Service Representative, COMPUSERVE AND GTE INTERNETWORKING. Assisted global COMPUSERVE members with customer service excellence, inquiries, trouble shooting, Internet sign up and order entry/Data Entry. With GTE INTERNET WORKING, the online Internet service of GTE, I empowered members with online computer tech support, resolution of system problems; getting them back online and connected. We had a heavy call volume. Focused upon Dial up Networking and TCP/IP. I met and exceeded QA Standards while additionally mentoring and encouraging new hires on their calls. Fast paced environment. Daily Data Entry. Service Level Agreement adherence - organized - meticulous - detailed - priority setting on a daily basis. August 1995 to November 1995 AON/INNOVATIVE SERVICES (Sears Christmas Wish book Project) 13922 Denver West Pkwy Golden, Colorado 80401 (303) 279-2900Professional Team Member, Call Center/Fulfillment Customer Service Representative, SEARS WISH BOOK PROJECT. With 10 Million Catalogs sent at Christmas, I expediently handled Order Entry, Sales, Customer Service, and Problem Resolution. Heavy call volume. Fast paced environment. Daily Data Entry. May 1985 to July 1992 COMPASS TRAVEL (Travel Agent) Denver, Colorado, 80202 (303) 534-1552 Professional Travel Agent. Handled - fulfilled detailed, intricate, complex global travel arrangements, for leisure, corporate, group travel and tours. Itineraries included Rose Bowl Tours, Car, Air, Train, Cruise, Hotel and Bronco out of state games on a non computerized/manual basis. I had a following who would work only with me. MY CORE COMPETENCIES: I collaborate actively, focus, communicate with impact, demonstrate adaptability, flexibility, integrity and courage. I demonstrate positive professionalism, initiate action, learn continuously, make sound decisions and set high work standards. I am responsible, dependable, reliable and self accountable. The customer is #1. Excellent verbal and written communications. Meticulous attention to detail and Customer Fulfillment. Quick self initiated learning. Time management, negotiation and organizational skills. Intermediate command of Word, Excel, Outlook, Act, Word Perfect, Internet Explorer. Internet Marketing experience. Self motivated with Ownership attitude. The things I do to improve myself on the job have been used in new hire training classes. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: * Strong Work Ethic - at Experian we went from nearly 400 employees in 2.5 years to about 60. I experienced 12 lay offs, two mergers, & consistently maintained my job with " then 24/7 Media then Experian", frequently working overtime with permission to keep our team and client service level agreements current. Positive, professional, step up/can do attitude. * With the lay offs, I watched our department go from 15 to 2 people. I handled the work volume of three people. Excellent communications and team building skills: TEAM means "Together Everyone Achieves More". I am meticulous and detail oriented. I was part of bringing in the "FISH" Customer Service approach to Experian. (FISH Customer Service approach) * Windows 98 and 2000, 2003, Windows XP Professional, MS Word 2003 (Advanced), Excel 2003 (Advanced), Outlook 2003 (Advanced), Word Perfect ver.11 (Advanced), Access 2003 (Mid Range). ACT 2006 (Intermediate). Typing 60-70wpm with accuracy. My Data Entry is 9,000 kph. Actively Adept at simultaneously multi tasking. I am detail oriented, organized and meticulous. Positive Professional can do/step up attitude. Also previous versions of ACT, Egain, Power Center, Kana. * Phone systems: AT & T Call Master, Rockwell and Meridian. Professional Multi Line Receptionist experience handling the front desk and multi tasking. I am a people person & team player. When needed I am willing to help another department on short notice as I did at Experian. Contributed to training manuals for Eudora email systems and Telephone Customer Service Skills. * Created our Levi's Call Center newsletter, "The Denim Blues News" and calendar on a volunteer basis, to raise team morale & keep people connected. I was a member of the Fun Club, to provide employee incentives & activities, and in the second week of December 1999 was the AON employee of the week. In addition to being a Levis representative, I contributed materials to the training program, that were utilized with new hires. I am conscious of the delicate balance of accuracy, quality and quantity in relation to QA standards. * Having advanced Customer Service, E mail and Telephone Skills, I frequently received high scores on my QA reports and reviews. Being a people person, as well as a detail oriented conscientious team member, I have a strong work ethic - that demonstrates punctuality, flexibility, dependability and reliability. 360 Reviews, Management kudos on hard copy. * Memorial Day 2001 - while the rest of our InfoBeat Customer Service team had the day off, I came in to handle the office alone and expedited all of the customer service email by myself. I was a one woman show for the day keeping our SLA (service level agreement) of response, within 24 hours of receipt of given e mails safe, processing 950 emails in 5 1/2 hours. Saturday June 9, 2001 - I handled the entire InfoBeat project for the day alone again, processing 1600 emails. * March 2002 - Upon the request of Experian management I learned American Express, the company's largest account and became the back up for the regular agent when he was not there, along with my regular accounts. I am willing to pitch in on a moment's notice and am flexible, multi tasking and prioritizing. In September 2002 when said agent left the company, I took over the multiple American Express Accounts in addition to my other 70 plus accounts. I also assisted the receptionist on short notice as needed on a nearly daily basis. I am a self starter with the ability to work well on my own, as well as within a team. I have the ability to adapt to a dynamic and challenging work environment. Adept with Total, Power Center, and Egain computer systems. I listen attentively and learn new self initiated processes and procedures quickly. EDUCATION California Lutheran College, Thousand Oaks, CA. 91360. BA Degree, Liberal Arts, 1979. Mountain States Travel Training Institute, Colorado Springs, CO. 1985. American Airlines Flight Training Institute, Dallas TX. 1992. Extensive World Class Customer Service and Call Center Training, Aon, TeleTech. Extensive World Class Email Customer Service training: Exactis ~ 24/7 Media ~ Experian. Professional References Upon Request: both telephone and hard copy.

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Companies that value and respect their employees, giving them the tools to exceed for the highest good of all.


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Supported 12 account managers, two in the UK ... handled 70+ accounts - email marketing ad campaigns doing email customer service.