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Results Through Leadership


Sales Engineer


Allen, TX

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Results oriented business development professional. Analytical, determined, and decisive in exercising good judgement of the big picture and communicating to that end. Great at levarging relationships and presenting win-win objectives. Get it done and then some!




Served as one of several keynote speakers for a technology conference with industry leaders in the technolgy sector. Talk included network architecture, integration and compatibility with existing software and hardware vendors, along with product demonstration. This served as a sales and marketing forum as part of new product introduction. Talk was instrumental in closing new business resulting in increased revenue. Using communication skills and technical expertise, assisted sales force in interpreting demanding customer requirements document quickly, and assisted engineering and sales with a timely product integration solution resulting in a new enterprise account. Product rollout to end-user was met ahead of schedule. Through relationship building, was able to assist sales and negotiate paid for technical sales support contract with multiple installations of product at different customer locations. Lead team of software engineers in developing voice recognition application to end user. Deliverable included hardware and software APIs. Efforts included extensive coordination and communication with sales, marketing, and engineering, as well as managing technical resources across multiple projects simultaneously. As a result, time-to-market for customer deliverable exceeded expectation. Provided technical pre and post sales technical presentations to assist in closing final sale to customer resulting in significant new product exposure to telephony market.

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Nortel, NMS Communications, Microsoft, Apple, Sony


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Presently responsible for new hire sales training, product overviews, as well as pre and post sales support inclusive of product presentations and training. Prior experience included complete responsibility for Technical Services Sales Support. Activity included Sr. repsonsibility for pre as well as post sales 24/7 support, technical expert in product resolution to customers, as well as managing personell and training personell to operate in this capacity.