Raigam Koralage Upali D

Quality Assurance Chemist with production and Research Experience


Mechanical Inspector


Buena Park, CA

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My educational background and experience support my sincere interest in a career in Chemistry. I believe my credential would be a great asset to your organization. I received my BS in Applied Chemistry from University of Kingston, UK. Through my 15 year professional carrier in UK as well as in Sri Lanka, I gained experience in QA, testing according to ISO and CPMP guidelines, handling analytical instruments and production etc. In addition to my laboratory skills, I have developed effective communication and people skills as a result of my Laboratory Manager position at the ICI paints




Quality Assurance Executive at Rolex Paper Co. Buckinghamshire, UK. (1984-1985) Development Chemist/Chemical Analyst in Merk Sharp & Dhome pharmaceutical manufacturing company, London, UK (1985-1986) Scientific Extension Officer, Main function was to carry out Applied Research and to develop technology to small and medium scale Industries. (1986-1989) Research Scientist at Institute of Fundamental Studies and carried out work related to synthesis and analysis of peptides to use as a Malaria antibody. (1989-1992) Laboratory Services Manager at Chemical Industries (Colombo) Ltd, which is an associate company of ICI, UK. Main duties include analysis of Agrochemicals product development, Process Technology, Quality Assurance, and ISO 9000 related activities. (1992-1997) Plant manager in poly Vinyl Acetate Plant at Chemical Industries (Colombo) Ltd. Main products include water based emulsions for adhesives, interior and exterior paint binders. These paint binders are used to manufacture world class emulsion paints under brand name of Dulux and Pentalite.(1997-2003) Factory Manager at Chemical Industries (Colombo) Ltd. Main duties were overlooking of production, Quality Assurance, Product development, Maintenance, and ISO 9001 & 14000 activities. (2003-2007)

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Manufacturing, Pharmeceutical, Research


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03 years of UK chemical analysis and product development, in the field of organic chemistry. 15 years of experience in handling Analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, UV-Vis. Spectrometer, Amino acid analyzer. 05 years experience in product development work related to water based emulsion polymers. Served as Management Representative to ensure establishment, implementation and maintenance of the ISO 9001 and 14001 based Quality / Environmental management System