Cheryl H

Sales Hunter Extraordinaire


Computer Hardware Sales Representative


San Mateo, CA

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My personal attributes include leadership and sound judgment, as well as analytical and problem solving skills. I am innovative, resourceful, and original.I have acquired extensive experience in building and leading cohesive, goal-oriented teams of relationship sales representatives exceeding goals in the sale of products and services in the technical arena. These include software solutions, network services, and computer training. I have the ability to analyze markets and introduce strategies to win sales and establish durable and trusting relationships with key accounts. I am known for being able to ignite a sales environment, producing activity and revenues from previously arid ground. A colleague referred to me as a �rainmaker.�




Executive sales professional with experience performing and managing technical sales in large and small business, domestic and international. Effective in developing and carrying out market strategies with strengths in new business. Develops policies and processes that increase productivity and reduce costs. Builds durable relationships with decision makers. Relationship seller. Technical and IT knowledge. Background as a technician and Sales Engineer. Skills in Microsoft Office and Sybase applications. A rainmaker who hits the ground running and produces results. Career history of exceeding sales goals. Experience in managing sales, marketing, operations, accounting, and IT.

Companies I like:

Technical software companies


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Led direct and channel sales in North America, South America, and Australia. Key roles in managing the US office. Served as Board member and Executive Staff member. Functioned as general manager and sales manager. Oversaw operations, accounting, customer service, IT and sales staff. Trained sales staff. Introduced account profiling, multi-tier selling, selling by business verticals, and enterprise selling. Successfully launched new products. Implemented SuperOffice CRM solution and INTACCT accounting solution. Established new HR policies. Established social committee. Implemented web based demonstration solution decreasing travel costs. Increased market share in existing verticals by 200%. Decreased close cycle by 50%. Increased major installs in Fortune 500 by 400%. Increased new business to 50% of yearly revenue. Increased revenue with Fortune 100 accounts during high tech market slowdown. Closed $1.2 million deal, the companys largest transaction worldwide.