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I have over 20 years of experience working in a public safety environment (with over five years of experience with the Transportation Security Administration) which requires precise planning and execution of assignments that are in the best interest of those I serve. I am proficient in handling real and perceived security threats in a decisive manner which is non-threatening and which complies with stated operating procedures. I am also able to exercise sound judgment in interpreting gray areas while still remaining within the parameters of existing operating procedures.


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 6/2002 - Present
Federal Bureau of Prisons (Confidential) 10/1993 - 6/2002
US Army/ National Guard (Confidential) 11/1979 - 6/2007



Trenton State College International Business 1984 Associate Degree



As Crew Vetting Supervisor for the TSA (12/2003 to 5/2004), I spearheaded the rapid development of a program which required the collection of identifying data on all flight crews arriving from outside of the United States. I created a database using Microsoft Excel and used this as the foundation to generate reports that were sent to investigators, who would then determine if a foreign crew member was on the no-fly list. When such instances were noted, I worked with customs officials in detaining the incoming crew members until their next flight assignment. In my position as a Senior Supervisor, Food Service for the U.S. Army/National Guard (5/2004 to 11/2005), one of my primary responsibilities was to collaborate with the contract manager in planning, ordering and receiving supplies. This required an understanding of the Army Logistical Tracking System system which was used to track incoming inventory and generate reports used to analyze stock levels, supply and demand and costs. By conducting this evaluation, I was able to identify any discrepancies as far as quality and quantity were concerned, which I reported to the contracting lead in order to gain prompt resolution to ensure the availability of supplies needed for all field and local assignments During my employment with the Transportation Security Administration (12/2003 to 5/2004), I spearheaded the development of an agency directed crew vetting program which today is a permanent part of the TSA’s foundation. This program consisted of a lean database which I first created using Microsoft Excel (later expanded into a proprietary program by TSA hired programmers) which housed records of foreign flight crews’ information – names, addresses, birth dates and passport numbers. The database allowed for raw reports to be generated and sent to the investigations department for determination as to which incoming foreign crew members might be denied access into the United States. As the leader of this ground-breaking program, I created and provided training to over 30 national screening force members and temporary civilian contractors specific to collecting the data and inputting it into the existing database, and then generating the reports for further review. In addition to this program, I managed the National Screening Force and civilian contractor screening and badge issuance program using a database to enter and track badge numbers, expiration dates and other key employee data; and I input passenger data into the Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) during high traffic travel periods. During my employment with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (10/1993 to 6/2002), I generated detailed reports to correctional services outlining all inmate security issues, which included theft, escape attempts, insubordination and aggressive behavior. These reports were used to identify behavioral trends amongst groups and individuals, and were used to determine if more stringent corrective measures were necessary within the prison population.

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L-3, KBR, DynaCorp





As Senior Supervisor of Food Services with the United States Army/National Guard (5/2004 to 11/2005), I was heavily involved in planning, coordinating and executing the convoy logistical patrol which delivered perishable and nonperishable items to various divisions within my assigned unit. I collaborated with intelligence and security personnel in evaluating available paths and the existing austere conditions, and devised best practices to ensure the safe and on-time delivery of the supplies as well as the return of the vehicles and staff to base. During my employment with the Transportation Security Administration (6/2002 to Present), I was part of an initial wave of employees hired when the TSA was in its start-up phase. At that time, the available training and equipment wasn’t as sophisticated as it is today, so in the beginning, a screener had to exercise his/her best judgment when facing a prospective security breach.