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Concierge, Encore Senior Living (2/2006 – Present) • Answered phone calls on a daily basis and maintained cleanliness around all areas. • Greeted customers and nurses when they come to visit and to give service for residence. • Written up work orders for residence for maintenance related work fix. • Called nurses, ambulances and firefighters for residence emergency related situations. Starbuck Baristas and Cashier, HMS Host (9/2006 – 9/2006) • Opened and closed Starbuck at John Wayne Airport in the mornings and evenings. • Prepared all needs in the morning; milk, tea, coffee and pastry preparations. • Refilled all needs constantly; milk, tea, coffee, pastry, paper towels and utensils, etc. • Taken orders, received and changed money for customers. • Maintained cleanliness and speedy service for customers through out the day. • Cleaned everything in the evening and prepared for the next day. Moving Assistant, MetLife Investor, Inc. (10/2005 - 10/2005) • A two-week assignment from Addeco Employment Agency for helped company to move to a new building, packed supplies and documents. Accounting Assistant in Accounts Payable, Pro-view Technology, Inc. (9/2005 – 10/2005) • A three-week assignment from Apple One Employment Agency. • Assisted in pulling and labeling files; filed returning merchandises’ claims and data entry. Door-to-Door Field Collection Representative, OC Register, Inc. (6/2005 – 7/2005) • Traveled to assigned customers’ home and collect payments for their newspaper subscriptions. Accounts Receivable, Waffles of California, Inc. (3/2005 – 6/2005) • Filed customers’ orders and invoices into large cabinets. • Endorsed checks for bank deposits. • Run delinquent accounts reports for collection purpose. • Ordered waffles flour from corporate office via email. Teller Trainee; United Commercial Bank (10/2004 – 3/2005) • Deposited and cashed checks and cashier checks for customers. • Assisted in opening accounts for new customers. • Answered phone calls, filed and typed documents and ordered office supplies. Food Server, Dragon Bowl (7/2004 – 10/2004) • Served food over the counter, taken phone orders and managed cleanliness for restaurant. Inventory Specialist, RGIS, Inc. (4/2003 - 3/2004) • Traveled to assigned department stores and inventory counted products with an audit machine. • Counted all kinds of products from clothes, hardware, toys, foods, to books, etc. • Constantly kept track of counts to improve accuracy and speed for company demand. Retirement Plan Billing, Benetech, Inc. (3/2004 – 3/2004) • Updated clients’ retirement accounts and assisted in sending the bill out to customers. Telephone Sales Order Taker, Valley of Flowers (9/2003 – 10/2003) • Processed orders on phones and walk in. • Assisted in billings and accounts receivable. Telesales and clerical work, West Coast Distribution, Inc. (6/2003 – 8/2003) • Assisted in sales and billing on phone cards. Typist, Ringler Associates Pacific, Inc. (4/2003 – 6/2003) • Typed claim letters and audit review for settlement and release cases. Telemarketing, Mortgage Lead Source, Inc. (8/2002 – 9/2002) • Called customers all over United States to refinance their homes with low rates offers. AP Accounting Assistant, J. D. Lincoln, Inc. (2/2002 – 7/2002) • Endorsed and deposited checks. • Reconciled monthly bank statements. • Posted Invoices with DBA computer system. • Worked with Shipping and Purchasing Departments for incorrect invoices from vendors. • Filed files in alphabetical order. • Calculated time cards. • Called in ADP with recorded totals. • Distributed payroll checks to employees. • Helped with front desk phone works. Food Server, Golden Gate Fast Food Restaurant (8/2001 – 3/2002) • Served food over the counter and taken phone orders and managed cleanliness for restaurant. Unemployed, EDD (3/2001 – 7/2001) Computer System Tester, Canon Computer System, Inc. (3/2000 – 1/2001) • Tested Canon software, computer systems such as Shipping Agent; Warehouse Storage Agent; Backorder Agent; Billing Agent; Financial Agent; Credit Card Agent; etc… & web pages functionality • Tested scripts (Regression O21 scripts, EDI scripts, Extranet scripts and Cambar scripts), filing bugs, documenting bugs, reporting cases and ensuring fixed cases without any complaints. • Utilized window NT & 98, Words, Extranet and Internet. Telemarketing, Marriott International, Inc. (3/2000 - 4/2000) • Called customers all over the United States to come down to Orange County to view the vacation home timeshares and qualify them to received nice rewards packages. Computer Operator, Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc. (2/2000 - 3/2000) • Committed to a training class for all aspects in the position of Computer Operator. Telemarketing, Marriott International, Inc. (3/1999 - 2/2000) • Called customers all over the United States to come down to Orange County to view the vacation home timeshares and qualify them to received nice rewards packages. Technical Account Assistant, Willis Insurance Service of OC., Inc. (4/1998 - 2/2000) • Processed different kinds of construction bonds with IBS software package. • Billed invoices with IBS software package. • Solved clients’ problems and inquiries through Lotus Notes emails and phone system. Receptionist, Singpoli Construction & Decoration (Nevada) Inc. (2/1998 - 4/1998) • Answered phone calls from clients and customers for landlord. • Ordered office supplies and manage coke machine’s inventory and cash. • Booked meeting rooms reservations for clients on hourly basis.


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Encore Senior Living (Confidential) 3/2006 - 5/2007



CSUF MSIS 1998 Bachelor Degree



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