David W

Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement




Corpus Christi, TX

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Upon employment in the criminal justice/law enforcement field I intend to uphold the ethics expected of officers and agents that are entrusted with the power to keep the United States, and the world, safe. I enjoy the law enforcement community and intend on making it my life's career to run a department or agency to insure that my officer and agents live up to the expectations of the community and the government. The military weapons training and training in tactical responses that I received while attending Naval schooling with Black Water, will prove to have a strong foundation on which to build a repertoire of actions and procedures for the demands that the job requires. My leadership experience and training coupled with my Masters of Science in Criminal Justice has allowed me to study the theories and use practical applications and the best possible leadership techniques so that the subordinates and peers that I have, and will have, get the best chance to complete their job properly and excel in the organization. My internal motivation as the driving force, and the motivation that I radiate will ensure that those around me will feel the driving force and only be able to follow my lead.