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RssIT Software/Hardware Tech / Aircraft Avionics (Radio/Radar) Tech

Highly focused, detail and technical oriented specialist with exceptional interpersonal and writing skills to get to the root of a problem with customer interest and company requirements in mind.

Air Force

Ogden, UT

About Me


Military & Government


Air Force


-Made both the President's List and the Dean's List multiple times in college (National American University). -Was instrumental in performing software testing requirements and reporting back to guiding engineers for recent Specification database at both national and site level for manufacturing use at the Intel Corp. -Became team lead in night-shift Call Center for IT/Automation, involving crisis response & creating/updating troubleshooting reports for postmortem meetings, managing software backups, necessary privileged and non-privileged VMS/WorkStream accounts, monitoring critical Automation servers and systems and escalating to product owners when required, taking calls from manufacturing and supervisory level customers for troubleshooting manufacturing tool sets and coordinating repairs by priority, all of which lead me to promotion in the company. -SOx (Sarbanes-Oxley) auditor for the Automation department. I worked with external auditing vendors, local high level management, engineers and peers to set up the initial and following years' audits per SOx Legislation compliance requirements. For my efforts and attention to detail I was awarded a plaque of appreciation from the Intel Corp. -During local Document Control department workflow growth, I helped bring 5 new high volume manufacturing sites on board establishing a call center hub for company Specifications publication the eastern and southwest regions (including the Massachusetts, New Mexico and Arizona fab plants) for the Intel Corp. -Performed "cradle-to-grave" tasks, managing such tasks primarily on my own, during company headcount reduction. Closed out the local Spec Document Control and Secure/Confidential Documents departments for the New Mexico site according to business needs as these departments became centrally located to other regions. Ensured 2500+ Confidential and Top Secret hardcopy documents, media and equipment were returned by customers (including local factory technicians, engineers and managers, and items loaned to Sandia Labs for business coordinated projects) to the library, properly reported and dispositioned such items prior to library closure. Also made sure local engineers knew who to contact for turn-in issues and when in need of updated electronic versions. -In the Sort Department I teamed up with management and engineers to initiate a new voluntary training skill set for supporting the department's computer and peripheral equipment. The drive for this being I worked weekend-nights recognized a problem where too often when my peers made phone calls for repair assistance they had to wait until the following Monday. Information turnover was often faulty by then because a new team replaced the weekend crew and did not always know what to advise the repair person coming in, occasionally the repair person left without doing anything. Also, weekend-nights was required to meet the final manufacturing goals for the week for the department and frequently when a computer went down and could not be repaired quickly these goals could not be met. By setting up a guideline with training requirements and training a small number of individuals across all work shifts this alleviated much of the problem leaving almost no items in a downed-state for later repair. Goals were met and exceeded, individuals advanced in supplemental training increasing their employability, and a team atmosphere developed among myself and the members brought in to build, introduce and enhance a previously non-existent skill set for that department; a skill set begun in 1999 and is still in use in that department which expanded to include a sister department on the New Mexico, Intel site. -Worked with the owning unit and Technical Manual Issuance unit to initiate and build the Technical Manual library for locally assigned H-53 helicopters. Submitted technical and safety updates to manual editors. Managed the library for 2 years. Trained peers in maintaining the library according to Air Force requirements. -Worked with Computers Unit and high ranking Officers to research, purchase and build ALCE's LAN/WAN and stand-alone computer equipment. Upgraded existing computer equipment and software as needed. Performed Risk Assessment of in-garrison and tracked deployed equipment. Established Periodic Maintenance Schedule on automated database for computer, communications suite and aerospace ground equipment assigned. -Troubleshot, maintained, repaired, and upgraded communication/radar equipment on C-5, C-141, F5, T-36 and T-37 airframes according to Mil-Spec and Quality Assurance requirements. Upon receiving older C-141 aircraft I was asked by the Deputy Commander for Maintenance to evaluate what was required to upgrade the old radio equipment on-board to modern equipment in use and how much aircraft down-time would be required - I was an Airman First Class at the time and was known for never having an aircraft come back with a repeat problem (a "bounce") after I troubleshot and repaired something. I was also known for being alert and strongly supported safety of the aircraft and its crew - if I saw something that might ground the aircraft for safety I was firm in pointing it out and grounding it if necessary.

Ideal Companies:

Federal Government, State Government, Intel Corporation, AMD, Aviation, Sandia Labs

Education level:

Trade School

Will Relocate:



Ogden, UT

Major Responsibilities

Call Center Agent & IT/Automation Technician. Assisted customers with problem issues needing to be resolved relating to Specifications Documentation (Technical Database management and Doc Writing); Software, IT Hardware and Manufacturing Equipment type Tool Set Hardware troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrade and repair. Also, in previous Air Force jobs as Radio/Radar/Computers Technician, I set up the Technical Manuals library for H-53 Helicopter Squadron working directly with the Tech Manual Issuance Unit ensuring materials were up to date, correctly posted and reported/corrected technical and safety errors found. For the Airlift Control Element (ALCE), I coordinated with the Computers Unit and high level Officers in researching and purchasing required LAN/WAN equipment and software for setting up the Squadron in-garrison and deployable computer equipment, performed Security Risk Assessment and physical tracking for the computers once set up, set up and maintained computer equipment and approved software, prepared the Periodic Maintenance Schedule on other tool sets within the squadron (communications suite, aerospace ground equipment and vehicular). Previous to that I troubleshot, maintained, repaired, upgraded, evaluated and installed aviation radio/radar equipment for UHF/VHF/HF Air/Air, Air/Ground, Air/Satellite, Weather, Station Keeping Equipment, Emergency Beacons, Interphone, etc. according to Air Force Quality Assurance controls and Mil-Spec compliance.

Work Experiences

4/1996 - 11/2007

Intel Corporation

Individual Contributor

  • I held 3 positions with the Intel Corporation during my almost 12 years there before my position was eliminated for down-sizing: 1) Call Center Agent (Software Technician) for the Document Management Information System (DMIS) group. Manage, configure, troubleshoot, upgrade, test, maintain database and secure computer accounts, & train customers on use of the V.I.S.T.A. publishing program (Virtual Information Specification Tracking Application). 2) Help Desk Agent for the Automation Support Center for the New Mexico Factory Site. Take calls from internal factory customers regarding downed tool set computers and peripherals, install/demo, maintain and repair said equipment, troubleshoot network issues, set up, control and record communications for phone conferencing bridges during crisis situations, report out on routine and post-mortem information pass down to on coming shift of techs, engineers, managers and stake holders, monitor and maintain critical backup systems and network monitoring systems. 3) Shift Senior Equipment Tech for semi-conductor test equipment for the Sort Department. Maintained, installed, upgraded over 75 tool sets involved with the quality and reliability testing of semi-conductor wafer chipsets, trained operators to learn the maintenance portion of the equipment for mutual experience and advancement, led equipment interest teams, reported routine and critical findings to on-coming shift technicians, engineers and supervisors as needed. When the weekend night shift suffered breakdowns and lack of technical support for their computer equipment and printers I worked with key personnel to develop, implement, train and maintain a Computer Maintenance Team across all shifts, which evolved to a skill set that became available to all Sort employees and continued to be a useful certification long after I transferred to the Automation Department.

4/1986 - 4/1996

US Air Force

Individual Contributor

  • • Known certified Airframes for Comm/Nav Avionics Systems: T-37, T-38/F-5, C-5, C-141 & H-53; and Mobile Airlift Reaction Communications (MARC) Suite. o Provided secure and unregulated voice, data and teletype traffic communications coordination between Air Force and Army/Navy/Marines in US Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Forces Exercises and Real-World Operations for in-garrison and bare base/austere environments. o Evaluated, troubleshot, tested, repaired, upgraded and inspected Comm/Nav HF/UHF/VHF consoles and Satellite Communication systems, encryption/ decryption devices and cabling. Repaired to slice and component level. • Risk Assessment Auditor/Squadron Computer Security monitor of MARC Unit’s deployable equipment: o Maintained accurate accounts and physical security of squadron's computer assets: hardware, software, manuals, records and their transport in the Pacific and domestic (U.S.) theaters. o Held Secret level clearance. Ensured equipment, assigned communications' frequencies, and personnel compliance to COMPUSEC (Computer Security), COMSEC (Communications Security) and INFOSEC (Information Security) governmental standards for routine use, deployments, and formal inspections. • Unit Technical Order/Technical Manual Administrator & Editor: o Took initiative to audit, organize and update office and aircraft documents that were five years delinquent bringing them up to currency; any maintenance performed under delinquency had contributed to engine fires. Worked with management and document control to coordinate necessary requisitions and provide urgent notifications to flight line maintenance to rectify the situation.

11/1983 - 4/1986

Nordic House Restaurant, Carson Pierie Scott & Co.

Entry Level

  • Prepare corporate established food items (evaluate, clean, cut and cook/bake as required) for salad bar and desert counter. Set up and maintain salad bar and desert counter through out the day and ensure fresh items for following day/shift. Assist cook and dishwasher when needed. Work with daily delivery ensuring food items were delivered as expected and immediately put away for use. Maintained perpetual cleanliness of work areas. (Note: Restaurant was closed by the company 6 months after I left for military and within the year Carson Pierie Scott reduced its workforce and closed down the Forsyth store.)