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A visionary graphics/web developer and support engineer


Web Developer


Merrimack, NH

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Highly motivated graphic designer with excellent people skills and a strong desire to learn and grow with the technology used in my trade.


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Cynosure Inc. (Confidential) 2/2005 - 6/2007



Goodbrain Academy of Creative Technology Web design 2005 Trade School Degree
Hesser College Graphic Design 2004 Associate Degree



IT Help Desk Support and Web Designer • Promoted to position of IT Help Desk Support and Web Designer. • Redesigned and built company intranet Website using Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver Pro. • Maintain and repair laptops and PC’s for nearly 300 employees. • Maintain all digital devices including printers, digital projectors, and smart phone devices. • Handle up to 20 internal support calls per day dealing with office software such as Outlook, log-in issues, VPN setups, errors messages; set up and maintenance of mobile office devices, printer maintenance; installation of software, such as Sage Sales Logics, on both PC and Blackberry devices. • Maintaining contact with Dell tech support to aid in troubleshooting and parts orders. • Replace system components on laptops and desktops including hard drives, NIC cards, and logic boards. Installing/updating needed drivers and testing after repairs. • Established a proactive approach in obtaining information, driver updates and other tools to help all employees maintain the highest percentage of uptime on all of their digital devices. • Maintain all company backups: • System backups: Norton Backup Exec, weekly incrementals with full backups on the weekends. Size varies however, full backup has exceeded hundreds GB of data. • Finance backups: full, daily backup of Minx server. All backups stored in specific locations on rotation. Weekly incrementals stored on a shelf for ease of any quick recall. Weekly, full backup stored in onsite safe for one week, then safe-deposit box for one week then back to site and stored on shelf for 2 weeks. Monthly full backup stored in safe for 1 year. Yearly full backup stored in safe for 10 years. • Educate clients on proper PC maintenance skills and keep them up to date with the latest spy ware and antivirus tools. • Leverage Altiris Carbon Copy to use IP address of client’s pc to link and aid in troubleshooting issues or installing software remotely on pc’s and Smartphone devices. Service Training/ Documentation Coordinator • Developed and maintained training and service manuals, miscellaneous training documents, product guides, as well as installation guides, retrofit guides, and other “quick reference” guides and placards. Service manuals consisted of 200-300 page bound documents to aid service technicians in repairing and maintaining aesthetic laser equipment. • Developed and maintained communications between myself and printers in order to maintain development needs and revision status of all documents under my jurisdiction. All print deadlines were met in a timely fashion as I worked closely with my preferred printer to keep work flows on time as well as maintain price point/breaks to save on costs. • Designed and developed the first company Intranet site and promoted its usefulness to the point of being assigned its new development as an integral part of the company. Giving employees access to critical information and allowing the company to maintain a higher level of communication not only at the parent location but also linking the 5 subsidiaries in UK, Germany, France, Spain, & Japan. • Received constant accolades for work done and continued effort in bringing documentation and implementation of intranet along with use of digital media to give the company a more professional presence in the light-based technology arena.

Companies I like:

BAE Systems, Granite State Management Resources, Fidelity Investments, Veritude


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Designed and built company Intranet site, leveraged multiple software platforms to assist and maintain desk top support for all employees, Documentation Coordinator for service department where I developed service manuals and other collateral used in the maintenance and operations of aesthetic laser systems.