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CeramTec North America Corp (Confidential) 11/1984 - 1/2007



Univ. of Slippery Rock Political Science w/Business Curriculum 1984 Bachelor Degree



Thank you for the opportunity to apply to your company. I am a seasoned, successful businessperson with a wide range of experiences and accomplishments. I have demonstrated success and leadership in sales, administration, marketing, operations, and senior management.As a successful professional with over 25 years of dynamic experience, I am seeking an opportunity to support and serve a company that needs experienced people that know how to get the job done. I have been serving as President and CEO of a company needing a drastic turnaround. Under my leadership, our team turned a subsidiary with a long history of losses into steady ongoing profits and stability. We maintained sales growth in a market that has shifted offshore. We merged multiple factories into one lean location. We accomplished all of this without a single lawsuit or HR filing. Truly, an outstanding accomplishment recognized by the employees, customers, and the Board of Directors.Our company won two SC State Palmetto awards in 2006 for our active support in the community. I also worked closely with city, county, and state government to enable a large tract of land belonging to the company to be transferred to the city and county for development of a regional park, despite a wide range of regulatory obstacles. I believe this demonstrates the ability to mix business and community.My careful lifestyle and planning enables me to make this change. Please do not be intimidated by my position as CEO of a significant corporation. I seek a change of personal reward, including the potential of higher personal aspect job satisfaction. My large salary is not my primary goal – it is replaced with a goal of high satisfaction supported by a modest reward. Seldom does a company actually have a chance to get more than it pays for. This truly is such a chance. I urge you to consider my credentials openly through discussion with your team.I trust your management team is constantly seeking enthusiastic, skilled people to strengthen your company. I wish to join and serve that team.Enclosed is my resume delineating my successful career. Strong professional references are available.I urge you to consider this special opportunity to add a young minded, widely experienced veteran to your team.Regards,Walt Dollman encs--resumeWalter C. Dollman, Jr.Walt Dollman Phone: 843-476-983591 Harbor Drive at Harbor Island St. Helena Island, SC 29920 waltdollmanmanagement@yahoo.comCAREER PROFILE• Extensive, varied general management and direct sales experience in the specialty materials industry, including successful track record with domestic and international business activities and organizations. Includes general management, direct sales, sales management, purchasing, and division operational management success. • Produced impressive turnaround of converting ongoing loss into ongoing profit.• Ongoing success in producing profits and growth in several different product areas, including technical ceramics, high vacuum ceramic-to-metal hermetic assemblies, and other technical materials.• Proven abilities in sales, general management, and organization. Excellent skills in professional communications, including motivational presentations.• Well-respected and well known in the custom piece parts/specialty materials industry.• Excellent teacher and trainer to enhance staff capabilities to achieve corporate goalsREMTEC CORPORATION, Norwood, MA currentConsulting -- Sales & Marketing• Working 50% in Beaufort and 50% in MA, hired to re-organize this small electronic firm’s sales and marketing effort in order to enhance growth. Successful reorganization of customer service, website aspects, mission statement, and assisted the company’s owner (a long time colleague) in winning a large $1.5 million annual contract from key new customer. Company has stabilized despite being in a strong “China transition” market. Function will require relocation to Boston, which is not desired or effective.CERAMTEC NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION, Laurens, SC 1983-2007President and CEO; Member of Board of Directors 2002-2007• Served as President/CEO since 2002 as a culmination of 23 years with the company.• Implementing full restructure of CTNA particularly Laurens facility in order to eliminate ongoing history and tradition of losses at that facility. On $28M in manufacturing sales, led company from significant loss to over $4M in positive EBITDA. Company experienced month-to-month profitability for over 40 months, best consistency in over 20 years for the site.• Stabilized the $12M of import business activities of the North American facility to the benefit of the European factories. Realigned sales and distribution to stabilize market share and eliminate losses.• Merged four small facilities into Laurens campus over 4 year period to gain efficiency, reduce costs, and strengthen synergy within company.• Restructured including downsizing, full-scale ABC implementation, and Laurens facility improvements and re-alignment resulting in sustained profits• Introduced range of SHE activities. North American plant had best safety record of CeramTec Group in 2005 and YTD 2006.• Based on his leadership, company received two South Carolina Palmetto Awards related to personnel enhancement in 2005, the first time such awards were received by CTNA.• Realigned full management team at senior and middle levels to assure broader capability, improved age histogram distribution. • Divested mature product line to Korean firm to eliminate ongoing product line losses.• Continued to have overall Sales authority for CTNACERAMTEC NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION, Laurens, SC Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing 2001-2002• Re-organized and consolidated sales activities within CTNA • Organized shutdown of Mansfield facility and transfer of operations to LaurensWalter C. Dollman, Jr. Page 2• Implemented initial phase of “ABC” analysis in early 2002• Promoted general staffing changes for CTNA overall, including new Plant Managers• Re-focused sales activities within group, increasing sales of targeted products by 23%DOVER/DLI GROUP, Cazenovia, NY 2000-2001Director, Sales and Marketing• Hired by Dover to reorganize and develop broader based business at this leading specialty ceramic capacitor company. In first year, hired 6 representatives and distributors, implemented new pricing structure, and developed new contract models. Sales increased 15% prior to collapse of telecom market sector. Returned to CeramTec at invitation of CeramTec Board of Directors.CERAMTEC NORTH AMERICA ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS, Mansfield, MA 1983-2000Business Unit Manager, Electronic Applications • Directed and Managed Electronic Unit operations including sales, value-added production (lasering and grinding), and main administration activities of Unit • Led Unit turnaround from loss to profit position achieved through product streamlining, downsizing of excess staff, and re-negotiating supplier agreements to reduce costs. Sales were increased and profitability achieved after previous several years of losses. Result is an improvement in profitability of the Unit from $1KK in loss to $400K profit over two-year periodKYOCERA CORPORATION, San Jose, CA 1981-1983Assistant District Sales Manager• Responsible for Silicon Valley direct sales of $35M/year plus supervision of four sales engineers with $40M/year of ceramic semiconductor packaging. Reported to District Sales Manager.HANDY AND HARMAN ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, N. Attleboro, MA 1980-1981Product Manager, Semiconductor Products• Responsible nationwide for product management of all semiconductor materials, including stamping, plating, and clad metal products. Successfully re-organized unit and maintained sales despite two mergers during tenure. Reported to the Group Vice-President.YOUNGWOOD ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, Murrysville, PA 1975-1980Product and Material Manager• Responsible for product management of high speed metal lead-frame stampings, including sales, customer service, and purchasing at this small company. Reported to Executive Vice-President.MUNICIPALITY OF MURRYSVILLE, Murrysville, PA 1974-1979Mayor• Responsible for Chief Executive function of government in small city. Thrice elected, succeeded in implementing Charter form of government and reduced taxes twice Nominated by both political parties for third term due to popular success of administration.EDUCATION • Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with Business minor• Range of improvement seminars involving management, sales, planning, negotiations, and quality• Effective computer skills: Lotus Notes and MS Windows, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint • Various communication courses have assisted in developing excellent verbal and oral skillsPERSONAL• Married 30 years. Active in various community and church affairs.• Strong professional references available on request

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Merging 3 sites into one site, and thus moving from loss to steady profits. Restructuring product lines to emphasize profits and eliminate losers.